Kawasaki Z900RS SE Ride Review – Cycle News 2022

July 24, 2023

We take delivery of the 2022 #Kawasaki Z900RS SE and put some first miles on this retro looking ride. See our previous project Z900RS: https://www.cyclenews.com/2018/07/article/2018-kawasaki-z900rs-project-bike/
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  1. Yeah it’s way overpriced.

  2. Super..

  3. I put a QS on mine for $325.

  4. I'd rather have center stand then quick shifter but you're right bike is quite expensive.

  5. Mate, don't mind the Missing Links claiming a QS it's overkill and unneeded.
    Let them waste brain power timing clutchless upshifts and rev matching downshifts that would be better off used on staying upright and alive.
    P.S: C.C it's the cat's meow when you have to crunch mile after mile for any extended period of time and at this price point seems like a cheap bastid move by Kawasaki not making it standard equipment. 😒👎

  6. I agree. Why do you need a quick shifter for street and highway. Race track maybe.

  7. Yeah… Lake Elsinore

  8. Mate brought this bike on this reveiw happy now

  9. Kawasaki got it right – ABS and TRAC. is enough, you don't need a quick shifter for this bike. Big old school bike. With a 900cc, LC inline 4. Nice chassis. The 900 RS SE is the top spec. model.

  10. Reply
    hulkhatepunybanner July 24, 2023 at 12:04 pm

    The latest CB1000R and XRS900 are off the list because the classic styling is gone. Honda and Yamaha says it's not but I don't see anything classic on it. The Z900RS is the only Japanese modern classic left by attrition. I'm hoping it's worth the price.

  11. Thanks dude great reviews

  12. I reckon Kawasaki made the right decision by not having a quickshifter on this bike, a quickshifter is not the be all and end all of a bike, there’s a time and a place but this bike is renowned for its build quality and a quickshifter is just one less hassle when your crunching thousands of miles with this bike, if you still think quickshifter are great ride a KTM you will change your mind any model will do 690,890,1290 there all junk

  13. Is this more fun than the z900 SE to ride?

  14. Hello, very nice video. I'm wondering to buy one but it seems very compact bike for my 6 ft tall. Can you tell how tall are you? Thank you, kind regards

  15. U can have heated grips put on and a windshield would b great for the freeway ,ecu flash ,it's a bike that will last a lift time no matter how fast u drive

  16. Get the ecu flash

  17. It's brake pads that make brakes feel wooden the most. Manufacturers consider plenty of things when designing motorcycles, and brake feel is one of them. It's a relaxed retro cruiser, so no, you don't need quick shifter, or track rated brak pads. Easiest way of changing how transmission shifts is by changing engine oil. Try different brand of oil of same weight and it'll feel different. I know when to change oil based on how my transmissions click…

  18. I test rode one of these today. My 2022 Triumph T120 Bonneville is so much better of a bike, not even in the same league. I did miss the cruise control for sure, cheap not to have it

  19. La Z900 RS nasce nel 2019 con componenti studiati per dare un perfetto equilibrio alla moto non credo sia stata una buona idea sostituire le sospensioni con le ohlins(primo perchè è aumentato il prezzo della moto con sospensioni,accumulate nei magazzini ohlins, e poi sarebbe giusto consegnarti le sospensioni originali ma non lo fanno! (vedi il pacchetto performance in cui ti montano la marmitta akrapovic ma ti consegnano la marmitta originale!)Stessa cosa con i freni brembo!

  20. Make Shure u get tubeless tires so u can plug them if u get a nail and keep going with tube tires u pick up a nail or what ever u are fuc

  21. Type of bike u can run hard and fast in the heat all day and they never brake down handles super, with 110 hp 0 to 60 3 sec. 1/4 mi.low 11s perfect bike for u and will out last any bike except for some Harleys like my 1999 1200 sportster 150,000 mi. Still driving it and once in awale change the regular oil and plugs 🧝⚡🏴‍☠️🌴🌟🇯🇪

  22. I'm a 73 year old rider. Lack of Quick shift and cruise control are absolutely no issue for me.
    Kawasaki makes wonderful bikes.

  23. Z is a letter. ZED is a word. It’s a Z900. Not ZED900.

  24. Love my Jaffa.

  25. up to 2020 it was euro4, 2020 was euro5 ready and from 2021 it is euro5, so its not the same?!

  26. Why not the dark blue and gold? Seems like they stopped making what I feel is the most beautiful colour combination I have come across, but I know this is not the SE, just the RS. Sure would be nice if Kawa gave you a choice.

  27. Loved the video, thanks for sharing 🏍️

  28. Nice bike but over priced by a wide margin for what you get.

  29. Bang on with the sentiments in your review. I have the 50th anniversary which looks quite similar to your 2018. Had the ECU flashed, performance header but kept the stock silencer, added a UJM style front fairing and this is one of the most perfect simple motorcycles with the benefit of modern tech. Same as you, I wish it had electronic throttle so you’d get QS, cruise and maybe two riding modes but I will say once the ECU was flashed, you get buttery smooth shifts. Even the 2022 50th had a on off throttle. It’s always fun to hear others enthusiasm with this bike. They really made a wonderful motorcycle

  30. I don't understand the obsession with quick shifters…

  31. Reply
    Aprilia SkreetRider July 24, 2023 at 12:04 pm

    Great review. I think this is the street bike ive been looking for. Love the classic style without having the thruxton rs reliability worries or bmw r9t cost. Id bet this is perfectly capable of some spirited backroad fun while also looking great and having kawasaki reliability.

  32. Good review. It is definately one of the bikes i'm considering. The Trriumph Speed Twin 1200 is it's main competitor in my book.

  33. Having trouble picking between This and the Triumph speed double. I keep things forever, so quality is high on the priority list.

  34. Great review thx. Re your 2018 red/Orange one, was that with black or brown?

  35. Quick shifter 😂🤣😅 these bikes don't even NEED it they change gear clutchless so easy anyway due to the redesigned clutch basket that stops backlash and missed gear mistakes. I think myself a quikshifter would make it TOO smooth and it'd be jumpin in an out of gears. Cruise control ??? Man are you a lazy rider or what ? You might as well buy the vfr 1200 honda, a 1200cc automatic, so boring to ride it's brain numbing. Ridings a physical thing and that's part of the enjoyment. If you just want comfort and not have to do anything might aswell buy a car 😲

  36. It's got ohlins and brembo and you can't naturally ride it hard? Why pay extra for that jewelry then? It is a very pretty thing.

  37. Check new Kawasaki Z900RS SE MY2023: https://youtu.be/rNvVeHrEVn4


  39. Great vídeo, thanks. I own a 2018 RS se candytone..i've mounted a puig small smoke windscreen and puig small round sliders and thats it, the throtle is really snatchy, but the induction sound os something that no other bike does. The suspension doesn't filter very well and after 4 hours of contínuos riding,you end up with some fatigue. Now my question regards This new ohlins suspension, does it filter better than the first edition? You see , i ordered This new One and i wanted her to be my only bike

  40. Maybe they just had the throttle cables adjusted better on the SE. speaking of throttle cables, probably the reason they couldn’t do a quick shifter or cruise control.

  41. Reply
    John The Accountant July 24, 2023 at 12:04 pm

    I keep looking at this Kawasaki Z900RS and the Honda CB1100RS.
    I think the Honda looks a lot more retro because of the more flat bench seat and the twin rears springs.

  42. Nice review, & for those cats who don't think a QS belongs on a new bike than just go by an old one.

  43. 2021RS. the quick shift we didn't have in 76 , It comes with a tool kit . Makes me feel like I've gone back to the 70s it a good copy, I have the green one it's a Monster
    after listening to you wondering if Kawasaki will offer an computer upgrade but here again my 76 was jumpy maybe keep original . Maybe it's more retro than you know .

  44. Personally, I prefer less tech. Less to go wrong. Less expense. And, in the long term, easier to fix.

  45. i loved my original Z1 in fact if i could choose to have one bike back again i'd choose my old Z1 and that's even over the GSX-R1100 i used to have however, with that said there's no way i would pay $13k for a naked 900 no matter how good it is…….

  46. If there was a choice for only one option between the quick shifter and cruise control – I’d have the cruise control.

  47. Great bike, $1000 too much😊

  48. Love this bike, but…..waaaaay overpriced for what you get! I went w/ the XRS900. Couldn't be happier!

  49. great review my friend!

  50. I ordered an SE in January. Terrible Dealer to Customer service. No updates on Possible delivery, always had to make contact with the sales dept. 8 months and No Word. Cancelled my Prepaid ordered Z900RS/SE. (Nash Powersports Kent Wa.)

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