Kamala Harris: First female US vice-president – News Review reviews

September 10, 2022

Kamala Harris has made history by being elected as the first female vice-president in the history of the US. This follows Joe Biden’s projected victory in the US presidential election.

Georgina and Catherine have the vocabulary you need to talk about this story.

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Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – Story
1:40 – Headline 1: Kamala Harris makes history as first ‘Madam Vice President’
3:39 – Headline 2: Kamala Harris cements place in history as first female Vice President
5:50 – Headline 3: The meaning of Kamala Harris: the woman who will break new ground as vice-president
7:57 – Language summary

The story
Mr Biden was introduced onto the stage by his running mate Kamala Harris, who’ll become the first female vice president. She said she wouldn’t be the last woman to hold that office because every little girl watching her would see that the US was a country of possibilities.

She told the crowd that voters had ushered in a new day for America.

Key words and phrases
makes history
is or does something so important that it will be recorded publicly and remembered

Marie Curie made history as the first woman to win a Nobel Prize.
The Olympic athlete made history breaking three world records in one day.
makes a situation, an agreement or relationship stronger

The president’s visit cemented the relationship between the countries.
The crisis talks will help to cement the peace agreement.
break new ground
do something completely different that has not been done before

Her appointment as the first female CEO breaks new ground for the company.
‘Greener’ car designs will break new ground in future manufacturing.

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  1. We hope you enjoyed that episode of News Review. To watch the episode of 6 Minute Grammar all about the present tenses, follow this link: https://youtu.be/X6LuWwb9whM

  2. 🚖Nightingale made history. The Nightingale School of Nursing in London is the first school of this kind.
    🚖 After born her new baby, she cemented her relationship with her husband.
    🚖 Dr Magdy Yacoub broke new ground, after he got the sobering 'sir' from Queen Elizabeth ll.

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  5. This woman on the screen, she's not black, and does not look particularly Asian, a Greek woman, rather 🙂 Kamala Harris doesn't look black either. Looks more like a Hindu woman, and Hindus are Arians, whatever her self-identification is or could be.

  6. This isn't even a history lesson! They aren't even reviewing Kamala Harris??? They just keep reading titles and giving buzz words. Don't take the click bait folks

  7. Makes history as a lair and a ruthless aggressor. Let's do better, let's get a female president with a sound heart AND mind.

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  18. She's not the 1st, nor is she black she's not black and no she's not 1st Indian either how dam sad lol good lord learn ur history she is the 1st madam meaning whore in vp if she wins 😆

  19. You can not decide who will be president in The USA.

  20. I can not trust BBC as they do not provide us with true news.

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  24. Why gender & race are, in this 21st century, more important than their past deeds, good and bad?

  25. 1.make history ; 2 cement 3 break new ground

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