June 14, 2022

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JURASSIC WORLD DOMINION MOVIE REVIEW | Double Toasted – Today at Double Toasted we have our Jurassic World Dominion review. In this funny video, we look at the Jurassic World Dominion trailer before going in-depth into our Jurassic World Dominion review. We discuss the Jurassic World Dominion ending, the Jurassic World Dominion final battle, and show you a Jurassic World Dominion scene. What did you think of Jurassic World 3? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. 22:38 oh wow that made laugh

  2. It’s a shame they can only recreate variations of previous works and not create their own “moments” …

  3. Legit in tears.

  4. I know how to make the dinosaurs extinct send them to texas!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The dinosaurs were an after thought in this one. Then most of the good scenes were cut from the film.

  6. Accurately summed. These films became theme park rides. "No development behind those ideas."

  7. Dinosaurs in space, let's go.

  8. Not interested in paying to watch this in theaters. Despite the return of Sam Neil and Laura Dern. Guide me Double Toasted…guide me….

  9. This movie was trash way too predictable ending

  10. Y’all forgot that I need to learn sign language to communicate with the terrifying dinosaurs not babbel … but thanks for trying ✋🏻🤣

  11. Reply
    MoonBunnietheBest June 14, 2022 at 9:31 am

    You guys are great! Thanks for all the fun entertainment! Korey’s segues to the advertisements are hilarious every time!!

  12. Here’s what’s great about maverick – as there will def be some possible hits that are duds that come out over the next year, Hollywood has taken notice and I’ll bet within the next year or so we will see some really great blockbusters that will be just as good… it’s not rocket science folks

  13. Wasn't a movie I expected, the ones from the first movies were the best part about this lame movie.

  14. Damn, how did none of the 7 or 8 main characters not die? Missed opportunity for a real moment. No stakes at all.

  15. Opinions on the movie aside, the choices to cut or include some of the scenes at the beginning was strange to me. You guys complement the "Now This" portion of the opening, but all of that stuff was in the Battle at Big Rock short movie (and the allosaurus from Battle at Big Rock was shown from a different angle during the "Now This" portion). So yeah, it was cool, but I had already seen all of it during another movie lol. Then on top of that, they completely cut the prologue which was some of the best "dinosaurs integrated into society" scenes in the whole movie and also works to set up the giga vs. t-rex fight at the end… So it was all bizarre.

  16. The villains in the previous movie were laughably bad, but Dodson… That was pathetic.

  17. Lmao I watched this review before I watched the movie. I laughed my ass off everytime Owen lifted his hand up to control dinosaurs, thinking about what Korey said. I know his arm was tired by the end of the movie. 😆 😂

  18. My 3 major cons for me is the hero armor, dumb dinosaurs, and the evil Steve Jobs clique company villain.

  19. I'm so over this franchise 😒 I don't care anymore I first saw the Jurassic park first movie when I was a kid now I'm 40 smh and I just don't care anymore lol CGI and movies have come a long way since and I'm over it completely like damn shame milk the hell out this franchise after the first three movies I was over it honestly Jurassic world 1 and 2 should have ended it right there

  20. Dinosaurs in Malta, that's the only remarkable part of this movie

  21. Reply
    mondomacabro major June 14, 2022 at 9:31 am

    The monsanto Locust 007 espionage plot was total shite … the dinosaurs and the Park/World cast reunion were a sideline to this moronic storyline… awful garbage script, awful.

  22. I like to compare this movie to the purge. You have this super interesting concept of humans living with dinosaurs and you choose to focus on another corrupt greedy corporation. But I get to explain something as dinosaur bukkake and that makes this movie a 10/10 🥴

  23. Velociraptor leg coordination is equivalent to storm trooper Aim.

  24. I was totally expecting the whole movie to be more like the Battle at Big Rock. Two years of a build-up and it just seemed like they mashed clips together like the 400th episode of Grey's Anatomy. I think everyone has just given up at this point. The parody movie that came out just before this was better.

  25. The original and Lost World, are the only good films in the series. You could have just had the original and left it there. compared to Jurassic World which was meh at best, and whatever Fallen Kingdom was.Lost World felt different enough imo, to be a good sequel even with its flaws. I mean remember the scene when the Compys kill the guy in the river, and the raptors in the grass, More intense then anything in the JW films. that's what's wrong with JW terrible writing, and story even with good to great actors cast they cant save, or carry the film. There is no where to go from here, if they want to make another so dont please!

  26. Let's wrap this shit up and just do the Fast crossover already.

  27. Oh I am ready. I see a bad movie weekend in my future with this, Morbius, and Speed 2. Might even throw on Jaws 3.

  28. Saw the movie after your review. Owen holds his hand up 7 times and other characters 4. Drinking game your end in alcohol poisoning 😂

  29. What's the point in a 2 hour movie where you know that everyone is going to be okay in the end, that's just lazy writing just people running away from dinosaurs where they could of made a cool ass dino apocalypse movie where everyone could have been at risk to die.

  30. I can't believe i just found you guys

  31. Reply
    Omar Alexander Delgado June 14, 2022 at 9:31 am

    I think they should do a mockumentary about dinos fucking around in the modern world, not this dumb shit.

  32. So remember kids, if you ever get attacked by a cassowary or ostrich, just tell them to talk to the hand. LOL

  33. Thank you

  34. These guys are Hilarious! Instant Subscribe

  35. Great review!!

  36. Very boring film!

  37. As good as Top Gun:Maverick was…..Jurassic Dominion was just as bad. Time to make the Jurassic franchise extinct

  38. It's alwaysgreat when a movie that gets a ton of hate makes a ton of money. This franchise doesn't need to make sense as long as it's making dollars. Nitpicking about a guy putting his hand out to stop dinosaurs? To me it's more ridiculous when a purple guy with a colored stone snaps his fingers and half the world population ceases to exist.

  39. Yeah, the hand thing is stupid as hell. The main point is that the velociraptors imprinted on him, and so he could do that with them. But the idea that he can put his hand up and do that to any old dinosaur and make them stop. It's fucking stupid.

  40. I didn't like any of the jurassic world movies. My group of friends wanted to watch it but I put my foot down. I'm tired of these movies.

  41. I have no problem with "turn your brain off" movies like these but please don't make them 2 and a half hours long lol 1.5 hours of mindless fun? Yeah I'm on board. 3 hours? (Taking into consideration the time it takes me to go to the theater and back) I think I'll pass.

  42. I was so hyped for this and everyone shot that down 😂😂😂 I’ll still go see it, o well

  43. I really like this movie, i would love yo see spin-offs with the other characters in the future

  44. Jurassic Park proudly holds a spot in the "Movie Franchises That Probably Should've Stopped After The First One" Museum. It sits right next franchises such as Pacific Rim and Highlander.

  45. Reply
    Henry Mockingbird June 14, 2022 at 9:31 am

    Jurassic World Dominion is like the Spider-Man 3 of The Jurassic Park franchise
    Because it’s so stupid so it’s so bad that is hilarious that it is entertaining

  46. Reply
    Jamie Christy Live Chat June 14, 2022 at 9:31 am

    Yes, the hand thing with the T-Rexes was fucking ridiculous.

  47. This is Planet Of The Dinosaurs but w/o the insight and commentary of the original "Planet Of…" series.

  48. Reply
    Claudia Alexander June 14, 2022 at 9:31 am

    Why does Billy always say Sorry after he speaks 🤣🤣🤣 Billy we love you💜💜

  49. Reply
    iwasanangryyoungman June 14, 2022 at 9:31 am

    My own brother saw it in the cinema and was similarly unimpressed

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