Josh Pate On Head Coach Job Approval Ratings – Part Two (Late Kick Cut) 2022

January 24, 2023

College Football head coaches are already busy on the 2023 season with the 2022 season having just wrapped up, and on Late Kick Live Ep 353 Josh Pate took a look across the landscape and offered some job approval ratings. Jimbo Fisher could be facing a make-or-break season in College Station with the Aggie program feeling uncertain right now. Shane Beamer is coming off a season in which the Gamecocks once again surpassed expectations. Neal Brown has struggled mightily at West Virginia with no sudden turnaround in sight. What about Ryan Day at Ohio State? Let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel and CLICK THE BELL for notifications as we bring you multiple live shows per week!
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  1. Horn here and agree with everything said here about Sark and the grade. Losing Neyor was a crippling blow to what Sark wants to do on offense. I feel like he could've adjusted better though. The lack of or poor adjustments in games has been disconcerting as well. He's killing it in recruiting though, so I'm still hopeful. Hopefully he grows as a HC.

  2. Giving Jimbo a C is extremely kind! He had at least two top recruiting classes. Last year was #1. If you have that much talent and you end in the basement with Vandy, you get an F from me, only because I can’t grade lower.

  3. As a Carolina fan, I can agree with the A-, but that is a fans assessment. On a national level, I would say a B. Beamer is making the right moves, but he is still a rookie head coach and there may be growing pangs in the future. The thing about being a fan of the constant underdog is when you get a little bit of success it's had to step back. I think that is the way it is for even the top dogs, a little success, for even one year, makes it hard to step back from a fan perspective. I have been a Carolina fan from the time I could first comprehend what football was and I always will be, but i will be an honest one. I had no expectation of beating Clemson at home this past season. I saw the Tennessee game and thought wow….. that was awesome, but a one off, a fluke. We put up a fight on ND and came out short, but we showed a good game. I'm really excited to see where this goes because TBH, when they hired Muschamp the only thing I felt was dread. With Beamer there is hope, and excitement about possibilities. I think that shows in the recruiting as well, we aren't top 10 yet, but if they keep this trajectory they will be in a season or two

  4. 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓🐓☝🏻🌘‼️‼️‼️💪🏻

  5. Hell yeah. Good for Beamer!

  6. C- is waaaay too high for Jimbo

  7. Day by Buckeye standards is a C at best. Go Bucks

  8. Neal Brown should be fired af

  9. How does Neal Brown get a D- with the lack of resources he had but Jimbo Fisher gets a C when he had literally every resource he could ever want?

  10. If you didn’t make a bowl game you should get an F.

  11. As an Aggie, I agree 100%

  12. Chronic underperformance of ol Jimbo. It's a hard d- only saving grace is the fact there isn't a current NCAA investigation into him

  13. One more loss to Michigan and Ryann day is gone. Hate that guys face too. Buddy is a C+

  14. Fisher is a D, not a C-. When you are getting Franchione or Sherman results for Saban salary. The ONLY reason he's not an F is because he didn't finish in sole possession of last place, (which hasn't happened since 1971) and didn't get shut out at home. (which ALSO hasn't happened since 1971)

  15. im a michigan fan and id also give day a B+ for the same reasons until recently Harbaugh wouldn't have gotten any higher than a B

    at ohio state you have 3 goals, beat Michigan, win the big ten, win a natty, he's 0/6 the last 2 years

  16. You must really have a soft spot for Jimbo

  17. Listen as a West Virginia fan, I give him as low of a score as you possibly can. His slogan here at WVU is "trust the climb". Well we stopped climbing a couple years ago, now all we are doing is a free fall into the depths of hell.

  18. Ryan day would be a B- B at the most. Loses the biggest games… had Cj Stroud and the best WRs in the country 2 years in a row and he has ziltch to show for it

  19. I think a bee plus is a solid grade because we expect so much as a fan base… What is really great about him though is he's not afraid to make changes when needed

  20. Neal Brown should have been fired!!

  21. For me, a "C" grade for Jimbo is maintaining the 8-4 status quo. This year had to be a D-. An F for losing to App St, an F for the mid-season stretch, and a bump up to D- with the win against a good LSU team catching a very small amount of momentum to start the (whispers) "offseason". We had to stick with Jimbo at least one more year due to his contract, but the only hope I'm hanging onto is if Petrino can coax just 7 more points per game out of our offense, we're a completely different team. We could've won 5 more games this past year and been 10-2.

    Also worth noting, no matter the sport, if the Aggies have preseason hype surrounding the team, we always underperform. If we start unranked, we overperform and have our best years. I sure hope we start next season unranked!

  22. Jimbo is a D at best coach. Alot of money for alot of nothing. Sad part is A&M is stuck with that garbage when he stays around a .500 every season coach. Petrino will be his deathnail

  23. How could this year have gone any worse for Jimbo? Not sure how he can get anything but an F.

  24. You shouldn't give Jimbo a passing grade. D at best!

  25. As an Aggie, Jimbo should be fired if he fails to make a NY6 game.

  26. Giving Neal Brown a D- is very generous , massive underachieving to say the very least !!

  27. Reply
    F..................U January 24, 2023 at 4:43 pm

    The leadership at Texas A&M may not want to write that check to fire Jimbo Fisher but they could make his life so miserable that he quits. Hire me to do it and just pay me half of whatever amount I save you and I'll have him quitting before the spring. I'm very creative and guarantee my work.

  28. Jimbo failed
    F period

  29. By Ryan Day's own admission, he only has 3 games that matter, Michigan, Big 10 title game, and the NC game, and he hasn't done well in those games. Shane Beamer is proving to be a top quality HC.

  30. Reply
    Moe The God-King Radio January 24, 2023 at 4:43 pm

    Jimbo Dumbo Fisher should of been fired immediately after this season. He's a overrated coach with a outdated offensive system and a outdated way of coaching.

  31. I would argue A&M’s exodus will be felt in a couple years where their depth will be rough. You lose so many guys and then have a smaller class this year? Depth will be hurting heavily.

  32. Gotta do a pac-12 one of these. DeBoer, Lanning, Smith, Riley, Kelly, Fisch, Dickert all would be interesting to hear you speak on

  33. Reply
    College Football with Sam January 24, 2023 at 4:43 pm

    Jimbo Fisher is the ultimate con man. He is the 12th criminal.

  34. Jimbo gets whatever grade is lower than an F.

  35. Go gamecocks 😜🤙🏻♥️

  36. As an Ohio State fan, I would argue that Ryan Day should probably have a B+, as you said. Ryan Day has so far impressed me and should have impressed everyone out there against Georgia, but then some fans just don't see that as acceptable and rant on social media, making the entire fanbase look terrible. Ryan Day is an excellent coach and I agree with you, he hasn't made any slip-ups against inferior teams like in the Meyer days, but he has yet to get over the hump of Michigan/the CFP. Partially you could blame that on some of the officiating in the 2019 and 2022 games, but he still should be respected.

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