Jobs Trailer Review: Yoni at the Trailers 2022

January 22, 2023

Yoni reviews the trailer for Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher. Trailers are everything Yoni wants in a movie: they’re short, they’re quick, they’re loud. Watch him review a new trailer every week. It’s Yoni Time!

Yoni Lotan is an actor, writer, and filmmaker living in New York City. He has a BFA in Film/TV from the School of Visual Arts and has been studying improv at the UCB theatre since 2008. He is currently member of the powerhouse sketch group “Bleak! Comedy”.

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  1. Who is the real Kelso? Haha

  2. Yoni! How can I contact you? It'd be really good to hear back from someone!

  3. I'm rather certain that most of this stuff is tongue-in-cheek. This movie probably struck a bad chord with him so he made the review negative, but I doubt he truly cared about the One Direction movie trailer. He's just being silly, even though I am certain that he injects SOME of his opinion in SOME of the trailer reviews.

  4. they ripped of pirates of sillicon valley. hard. And they forgot the other half of the industry. Hell, the Actors don't even look like who they are supposed to be. THAT'S what is wrong with the whole fucking movie.

  5. This is the guy who liked the one direction movie trailer more

  6. all dem haters are apple fanboys.

  7. than,how can you say that windows copied it? doesn't that imply that apple copied it from xerox? there was actually a document that a GUI existed that apple bought a licence of…

  8. The movie was bad so give the guy a break. He was right.

  9. yes, that only states that xerox also used it, what's your point…

  10. apple didn't invent any gui
    " Stanford Research Institute, led by Douglas Engelbart. They developed the use of text-based hyperlinks manipulated with a mouse for the On-Line System. The concept of hyperlinks was further refined and extended to graphics by researchers at Xerox PARC‍ and specifically Alan Kay, who went beyond text-based hyperlinks and used a GUI as the primary interface for the Xerox Alto computer.."
    and if we lived by cli we would have less stupidity in the world

  11. I don't know why you made this comment because DOS has no GUI, the point of a command prompt is that you have to do everything with code, one thing at a time, a GUI made it possible to multitask,

  12. yes indeed what windows has (copied) from apple when they haddent pattented it yet

  13. Reply
    Apichadpong Changruang January 22, 2023 at 1:35 pm


  14. I just f—ing waisted 4:51 mins of my life

  15. This guy is a dumb jerk lol

  16. this guy is a dumbass its not a micheal bay movie, not every thing needs to blow up

  17. He's not criticizing Steve Jobs, he's criticizing the trailer of the movie about Jobs. If you think that not liking the trailer is a personal affront to the late Steve Jobs, then you should hear what Steve Wozniak had to say about it..He said that from the trailer he saw, the movie's portrayal of both he and jobs was completely wrong…Wrong in tone, wrong in style, wrong in dialogue and even wrong in wardrobe! He concluded by saying that if Jobs saw it, he'd be embarrassed and offended.

  18. No they didn't, Xerox did.

  19. yes he was, if not youtube wouldn't exist because all computers were running a version of superDOS, apple didn't invent the computer but they did invent the GUI

  20. Show some respect pal

  21. Reply
    Jesse Thomas Turner January 22, 2023 at 1:35 pm

    and high…

  22. you're trying terribly hard

  23. hey dude, don't insult gay people, gay people have taste, but that guy hasn't

  24. 0 yoni's? I'd like you to compare and contrast the jOBS trailer with the Facebook movie trailer.

  25. Oh yea sorry. I meant Biography, not documentary.

  26. Jobs isn't an action movie, rather an inspiring documentary on the life of an innovator, showing to persist through tough times, so I completely disagree with you, Yoni

  27. real gross comment

  28. This guy… go talk shit somewhere else I don't care how you feel about apple but Steve jobs was a great enough person to have a movie, show me your life movie then talk shit

  29. Its like you are trying to hard to be funny

  30. Fucking asshole i hated this video

  31. Nope, actually this is a pretty poor looking 'Biographical Drama'. This means that, believe it or not, the actor, Ashton Kutcher, is not really Steve Jobs. Check out: Steve Jobs 'One Last Thing' or the BBC Documentary 'Billion Dollar Hippy' if you want a documentary.

  32. i dont understand this shit.

  33. How can you even hate on this? It's a dudes real life, shit really happened. Started an empire from a garage. Kinda sick but ya hate on it to get YouTube views.

  34. the logos were bad this time.

  35. This was stupid yoni is gay because he's slagging a movie that looks epic

  36. Why does he videos ? he should stop doing videos

  37. Typefaces changed the world you VAG.

  38. Wow, dude needs cool numbers on screen. Someone should tell him the meaning of ASCII & its significance in "real" world.

  39. First time watching Yoni, why do people watch him? This was a waste of time.

  40. Does this guy think the movie was supposed to be an action movie. Hate to break it to you, but its actually a documentary. nothing will be exploding. Its a documentary about Steve Jobs.

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