JOBS – ReThink Review 2022

November 9, 2022
  1. I am in the IT industry also. You don't think that Jobs had some impact, given that he and his team pioneered a GUI interface that made computers easier for users to operate? I mean the concept of having an easy to use intuitive interface for users to interact with, revolutionized the computing industry, which, before Apple introduced its desktop machines, was confined to a small niche of users who were willing to memorize lengthy command lines. He made computing more accessible to the masses.

  2. I'm sorry Jonathan but your fan boy is showing. Jobs, and Apple had virtually no impact outside of the relatively small Apple fan bubble. I'm in my 50's, and have been involved in the cutting edge of computers, and technology since I got a degree in programming in 1982. I never touched an apple product until the Ipod. If Jobs is "famous" for anything it's getting suckers to pay 3 times the price for a slightly better quality product.

  3. A movie must really suck to be comparatively worse than one that doesn't exist yet.

  4. I have to go find what jobs looked liked before 2010 lol

  5. When you play an iconic role – whether it is a real figure, like Steve Jobs, or a fictional character, like Batman – it is best to cast an actor that is not well known. When you cast an actor that is well known, what audiences to tend to perceive is that actor, and not the role he is supposed to play. Hence, what people see, regardless of whether Ashton Kutcher did a decent acting job or not, is Ashton Kutcher and not Steve Jobs. The same will probably go for Ben Affleck, when he plays Batman.

  6. under 10 view club. yolo.

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