JCB 3cx Coffee Machine Review & 2023 Goals reviews

January 10, 2023
  1. I really like your presentation style. Smart, knowledgeable and authentic. You should defiantly get some sponsorship from a few of the big companies. The marketing guys need to get behind your channel. It seems like us solo works are under represented.

  2. Just take a flask !!

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    Life Behind The Levers January 10, 2023 at 4:05 pm

    Happy new year Ollie lad, always great content mate. Looking forward to seeing what big gunns brings this year πŸ’ͺ

  4. Looking forward to my visit haha , will the coffee machine still work when the digger breaks down ? Or is that so u can make the fitter a tea ?

  5. Hi Ollie love the 3cx ,I used to drive an old 94 jcb good machine but then got a cat 432 what an awesome digger that was now I'm on track machines never liked jcb products we ran them had nothing but problems moved to volvos best machines on market boss just changed my 3 year old 145 volvo for a brand new case 130e with an engcon rototilt full trimble earthworks gps,case worst machine I've been on the cab is cheap very uncomfortable hydrolics are jumpy and seems to have no digging power wish I'd kept the volvo gps is awesome used it now for 3 years ,but really miss the volvo rather have a 14ton jcb than this case and I dislike jcb alot keep them videos coming and pick that tea bag up !πŸ˜… I'm a clean freak and my ocd Is acting up now 🀣

  6. Happy New Year, Ollie. Another great vid. So how many boils to the gallon does it do??? πŸ˜†Really hope to get to Plantworx for a couple of days, too. It's a bit far out to know for sure but I definitely want to.

  7. just need a JCB catheter and you'll never have to leave the cab! all the best for 23 mate i'll be watching

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    Village LLC (Village Earthwrights) January 10, 2023 at 4:05 pm

    I really like your reviews, but I love the coffee maker! Hope to see more of you in the future. I would like to see some good videos on what JCB is doing with hydrogen.

  9. Ollie mate, where's that slanty zipped top from?

  10. Hi Ollie, keep up the good work seeing just vids of you working through your day/projects would be nice to see

  11. Good video Ollie, I'm in a similar position to yourself, running a Contracting business with my Brother, myself as main op and he back room staff as I call it! A few bits of kit, problem is finding the right operator for the kit and unfortunately I can't drive everything at the same time!!
    Good work, all the best for 2023

  12. Cracking feature of that cab! Look forward to seeing what 2023 brings πŸ˜€

  13. Love to see the combine

  14. When will be able to buy Gunns Show merch?

  15. Hi Ollie Happy New Year Thanks again

  16. Superb!!!!

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