Japan Airlines 787 BUSINESS Review from Taipei to Tokyo 2022

August 20, 2022

Japan Airlines 787-8 Business Class Review from Taipei to Tokyo Narita with the best catering out of Taipei!

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Airline: Japan Airlines, JAL
Aircraft: Boeing 787-8
Aircraft registration: JA828J
Flight date: November 6th, 2019
Route: Taipei – Tokyo Narita
Flight numbers: JL802
Seat: 3K
Contact for general questions and business inquiries:


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  1. I preferred the planes with the tiny screens that hung from above and everyone had to watch the same movie

  2. JAL is my favorite airline

  3. Really like the music with the video

  4. Honestly. U should eat your rice with those foods in the box, however, u didn’t, that’s why u think it was a joke.

  5. OMG “tastes like my grandma” dan: 🤨 😂😂😂 i LOVE watching your videos! I am your biggest fan!

  6. Did JAL crew bowl in the cabin prior to take off ? I was on NRT – KHH and JAL crew did a traditional 90 degree bow before take off. It was most fun and made the flight special

  7. I have always found Japanese meals are excellent intra Asia flights regardless of airlines,

  8. Is this a -8 or -9? I was under the assumption that JAL doesn’t have air vents for each seat.

  9. Reply
    福爺の「学校では教えてくれない英語」 August 20, 2022 at 1:35 am

    Amazing!!! I love it.

  10. Love the pink shoes Oskar is wearing

  11. Dan is so wholesome oml its adorable

  12. Why do you always wear a t-shirt of some sort when your flying Business or First Class?

  13. Oscar : When you expect memory foam lol

  14. Reply
    Daniel in the Antipodes August 20, 2022 at 1:35 am

    I call JAL 'gel'. I don't know if that is correct, however.

  15. Well there seem to be a lot of people asking what the song is.. Including me initially! But after a bit of searching, I've finally found it..


    You can thank me later. 👍

  16. The song is Partical house – I don't mind. You're welcome 😁

  17. I'd be interested to hear your views on how JAL's 2-4-2 economy (787's) compared to 3-3-3 on other airlines

  18. Can we have more Oskar? I love you and Oscar. ❤😍

  19. What’s your view on the environmental impact of all your flying? Does it make you feel guilty at all as it does with many of us who fly a lot less than you.

  20. What did the two of you get up to in Tokyo? Do you ever have a rest from flying?

  21. Those seats use to fly to vancouver with a 787 but they use the sky suite seates now on a 767.

  22. When are you in Australia next?

  23. I noticed they have Just For Laughs Gags. I didn't think that this show existed outside of Canada!

  24. Ewwwwwwwww Do they wash those pillows? They look like they were once white, and now they are gray!!!!! No.

  25. Amazing to see that Kim Jong Un travels on JAL (7:01)……

  26. Hmm, tastes like my grandma.-Oskar 2019

  27. Did you get any bubble tea while you were in Taiwan? When I visited Taipei last year, everything tastes excellent.

  28. Love the background music

  29. 😔 about the music over the takeoff roll instead of the music of the engines.

  30. guys if u could help me out with some subs it would be great thanks at reviewing and recipes 101

  31. It worked again!! Omg thank you sooo much!

  32. I prefer beef tenderloin 🤔

  33. Who doesn’t love a brick of bone dry white rice?

  34. Great music..please tell us the name and artist

  35. Individual air nozzles! My goodness, wow!

  36. I know this is an international flight but compare the catering you received on JAL to that of a USA legacy carrier on a similar timed domestic first class trip LOL

  37. Still in Japan? If so, please allow me to buy you gentlemen a meal if you are around Yokohama! Love the channel.

  38. What's the song name at 3:10 please Nonstop Dan

  39. will you be taking the 767 or the 789 to Jakarta from Narita?

  40. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA 😂🤣😂 OMG Oskar!!! You just got me in trouble with your Grandma comment! I roared with laughter and woke up my girlfriend 🤭 Whoops!!! Love your videos Dan (as always) 💕

  41. What a fantastic video and adventure!!!

  42. Did someone have a little too much to drink . 🙃 hiccup

  43. As allways I enjoyed your review. If you have a chance I would like you to review my favorite airline EVAair Royal Laural Class.

  44. SONG at 3:10 anyone? Thanks !

  45. I like how the JAL crew assemble together at the gate, then bow to the passengers before boarding the plane. At least that was my experience with them flying from NRT to JFK on the 777

  46. Pink shoes from Oscar 😛

  47. One of your funniest videos & serious at the same time. Keep it up! ❤️

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