Is Persona 5 Worth it in 2022? reviews

October 29, 2022

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Welcome back everyone, today we’re doing another RPG review! Is Persona 5 Worth it in 2022? I have a lot of history with this game so I go over the basics. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. I considered buying a console several times just to experience this, so happy it's finally on pc

  2. Reply
    Carlos Alberto Garcia Jimenez October 29, 2022 at 2:30 am

    "The game is over 100 hours long!"
    JRPG fans: Gotta pump those numbers up, those are rookie numbers.

  3. Answer is No.

  4. I play persona 5R for the first time couple month ago and it was an anwsome RPG, wont lied it was the best RPG i play for a long time

  5. What a dumb video title

  6. Never touched Persona games before got bored while waiting for MW2 to release so gave it a shot on gamepass hooked with it ever since

  7. I missed out on this game because I didn't have the system it was out on originally… and just like Dragon Quest 11, my patience paid off finally having it on Switch and I'm enjoying every moment of it for the very first time while being minimally spoiled

  8. i dont see the problem on having an amazing 230509 hour game for 60dollars. just saying

  9. Yes absolutely one of the best games ever and best jrpg

  10. Thanks man, everyone seems to be gushing at the game with no negative criticism, which can get confusing – like, there is literally no game out there that doesn't have at least something that can be nitpicked and may be a dealbreaker for some people. This review more than any other on youtube made me realize that I should probably get the game, but that it is not so good (if you are not oblivious to the shortcomings of the JRPG genre) that I'd be immune from consumer regret if I buy it full price. I'll wait it out and buy it on a steeper sale. Thanks fella, sincerely.

  11. yeah I'm playing this on gamepass for the first time. It's fun and cute but I don't think I'll be in it for 100 hours to beat it that's a bit long.

  12. This IS the best jrpg on the ps4 generation. And one of the best jrpgs of all time.

  13. lmaooo Yeah Morgana was such a simp, Ann's whole character story is that she doesn't want to be judged just off her looks and treated weird and then Morgana is just like "You're so GORGEOUS PANTHER😘" 😑😑

  14. honest not

  15. Is air worth breathing?

  16. do you know dean?

  17. My only disappointment was the graphics tbh. It reminds me of an old ps3 game that’s just dark and gloomy with no life in the atmosphere.

  18. And In 2080 too

  19. “You gotta be an idiot to buy this game 3 times”

    Well sometimes you gotta stoopid, like me when I bought this game for the third time

  20. Royal is abit too long! But I still like it!

  21. Excited for the mods

  22. I hate rpg

  23. imo any game that becomes 1 year old should be avoided! no game is worth NOW!!!!! see I can make good youtube content!!!!

  24. 2:38 "… constantly being assholes to each other, for no reason at all…" Sounds like highschool friends to me. Or standup comedians, they always bust on each other as friends.

  25. Yeah, I feel like Persona 5’s biggest flaw in terms of it’s story is how the characters interact with one another. They all feel like genuine friends with the protag, but not with eachother. Compare that to Persona 4 Golden, I fully believed that group cared about eachother. They would get annoyed, bicker, and argue from time to time but I never once thought they didn’t feel like friends. Persona 5 tries really hard to make you believe they are all friends but they end up feeling like coworkers that are all after the same objective. The best comparison I can make is look at the friendship between Ryuji and Protag vs Ryuji and Morgana. Most of the dialogue between those 2 is bickering and insults.

    I love these characters so much as individuals and think they’re individual interactions with the Protag are the best in terms of writing and character interactions but when you put them all in the same room, it just ends up falling flat to me personally.

  26. Only if you haven't played it yes if you have played it then no save your money for other game

  27. Aye bro please no minor spoilers? Thanks

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