Is Obi-Wan Kenobi Delivering? – Chapters 1-3 Review reviews

June 14, 2022

We’ve already hit the half way point of Obi-Wan Kenobi so now seems a good enough time as any to review Chapters 1, 2 and 3. We’ve seen the re-introduction of Ewan McGregor as the title characters, Hayden Christenson’s’ return as Anakin Skywalker’s and Darth Vader, the live action debut of Reva and the Inquisitors, kid Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker and other Star Wars stuff reckon. Thanks for watching!

0:00 Introduction/Initial Thoughts
2:25 Alderaan and Bail Organa
4:15 Owen & Beru Lars
6:30 Reva & the Inquisitors
9:00 Princess Leia
9:40 The limitations of the series
12:00 Kumail Nanjiani
14:30 Darth Vader
21:20 Quinlan Voss, Qui Gon & Brobi-Wan predictions

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  1. Why do storm troopers have armour if tala can just shoot them with their own blasters. Job done ?????

  2. the biggest problem with this series is: the lack of John Williams

  3. Its defiantly delivering for me but I have to passionately defend myself from naysayers who just can't engage with me

  4. you make some good points that can be wrapped up by this one line @ 16:47

  5. Honestly thought the scene where Leia was running away was a training excessive of some sort for her, by the way everyone was acting. When it was really a kidnapping, I was floored. Such a great character in Obi Wan and actor in Ewan, everyone else I’m sure is great too but really disappointed in the overall series so far. Oh well. People missing George these days probably making him smile thinking “told you so” when the same people complained about the prequels.

  6. There's nothing in the first 3 episodes that's worth watching again. It's alot like Boba Fett. Instead of Ob Wan doing Obi Wan stuff, its mostly just padding out time with things I'm pretty confident most people aren't looking for in a sci fi action series.

  7. I'm gonna make a movie with 100 percent black people. That way everyone is forced to like it, regardless of how shitty it is

  8. Havent watched this yet in case of spoilers. Having fun, but my only problem is that Leia doesn’t run anywhere near as fast as a kid running for their life would. She just Jogs away from flea and positively saunters down that tunnel when The D-Dog shows up . I would be leggin it not pacing myself. 😂😂

  9. Disney has the reputation of minimizing they're black characters for certain audiences(China) they completely head Finn from the posters a photoshopped black panthers mask on. They only act like they care because this isn't having a theatrical release

  10. It’s badly written, badly directed and badly acted. Obi Wan is massively out of character and the story is boring. Apart from that it’s alright 😂

  11. Is "bitch" the biggest swear Mason has done lol? 8:37

  12. Reply
    Your mommak. Kill yourself June 14, 2022 at 12:27 am

    The third episode was the peak of Star Wars choreography even though it was ass at some points they really prove my point with these shitty as shows they are doing.

  13. Obi-Trice, no games no gimmicks.

  14. It would be a super cool twist if they catch Obi-wan and Leia at the end. Then Vader comes in, senses Leia is his daughter and wrecks the inquisitors letting them escape to protect his daughter from the Empire. I think it totally fits with his character as his whole reasoning turning to the dark side is to protect his loved ones with power.

  15. Brobi-wan's about to be an identical twin so they can just use Ewan Mcgregor forever and fill out time where Obi really is watching Luke

  16. I'm surprised I haven't heard anyone else talk about the universe's dumbest Jedi who decided that rather than just subtly flick the knife away from the guys head with a finger twitch he decided to stretch out his hand and hold the knife in the air as though he were lifting an X-Wing out of a swamp. But I guess maybe he isn't the dumbest Jedi since later we see Obi -Wan "hiding" by walking around dressed like a Jedi and just flashing his light saber to any of the thousand people walking through that space airport (which this video and others have mentioned). It's more amazing that any of the Jedi lasted longer than one day after Order 66.

  17. Let me blow your mind guys, omnidirectional treadmills already exist… the actors would have to be harnessed so they don't slip :L :L

  18. I thought the first three episodes were pretty underwhelming, and the first Obi-wan and Vader confrontation was weirdly…. unemotional. It didn't help that all the action scenes thus far have been subpar.

  19. They should have went with an older actress for Leia or wrote her character differently. No child that young would ever be so witty and smart even for Leia. It comes off as being really silly and annoying. It takes me right out of immersion.

  20. The best description of this show is, "Why can't they just walk around?"

  21. This show is the most mediocre piece of Star Wars fiction we've ever gotten. Half of people are saying it's the worst thing ever and the other half are saying it's amazing. I think that means it definitely mediocre at best. Definitely better than Boba Fett… Although that isn't saying much.

  22. Reply
    Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself June 14, 2022 at 12:27 am

    It is most certainly NOT delivering.

  23. The way the inquisitors fight for leadership is ok, but the diologue of “well I talked to daddy Vader and he said im in charge” is maybe the most exhausting thing in film. Good idea, bad execution by the writers imo

  24. I really hope that the Rex tease in part 2 wasn't just Disney synergy being like "Hey look at this actor that plays Boba Fett! All episodes of the Book of Boba Fett are streaming now on Disney+!!!" Like I hope they have something fun planned for him since he was so close with Anakin in Clone Wars.

  25. I maybe wrong, but this is two guys reviewing obi wan on the internet? Sometimes my genius betrays me

  26. they need to bring back the imperial march

  27. I was surprised by the fact that Obi-wan didn’t burn up in that fire, he was in there for a while.

  28. "Cut off from the force" is a stupid idea. One, how? two, why would that character do that? Like the force is supposed to be this all-penetrating primal force like souls or mana, cutting it off would probably kill you. two, why it is always Jedi the most force-y characters who do this, not the guy who think Jedi suck, or a sith. It's just there to show that they now hate themselves, and to explain away decades of not being in the story and it never works. Just StOP, same as we stop with force healing or force dash or force ghosts shooting lightning, and admit it was a bad idea.

  29. Why is the dialogue so generic and predictable lmao. But in general the show is not that bad it’s just really mid

  30. Rat braff

  31. It's fun so far, but it does seem that there is only a plot because everyone in it is grossly incompetent.

  32. Can't believe people are hating on Little Leia. I think that young actress is absolutely killing it. Great characterization too, showing her penchant for making allies and looking for the best in people. You know, the sort of character traits that a future diplomat/senator/rebellion leader might have. Hell, it even reminded me of a lot of the old EU characterizations of Leia.

  33. Isn't Darth Vader's voice so impossibly weak that no one could hear it without his helmet? I assumed he was essentially mute without it

  34. After the last few Star Wars series I’m convinced that Disney is in the pocket of Big Bacta.

  35. "Do you do that for everything? For every show you've ever watched? Are you online just telling people you don't like them for the shows that they're in? If so, your brain is broken, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

  36. Darth Vader doesn't appear to be robotic like Luke does in The Mandalorian because he is already a robot (of sorts) I would imagine.

  37. This might be one of the first times I've really disagreed with you'll, but mates: this is really bad. It's just poorly written, and poorly edited. Sometimes just straight confusingly edited. So many times I felt like: did a child write this?
    This is ground that SO MANY fan-fiction writers have covered, so extensively, so lovingly, and it's like instead of picking through the best ideas from there, they just hired Some Guy (with a not particularly impressive resume) to come up with something on the fly. It's so disappointing given the extremely high level of production values, casting, and everything else that's very on-point for a good Star Wars.

    I still can't get over the TWO scenes in ep 3 where characters literally are shown in wide angle shots as facing obstacles they could just WALK AROUND and instead they are stopped (OW vs. laser gate, then DV vs, some fire). Or Obi-Wan taking out a horde of stormtroopers, including one that has the drop on him plus a hostage, and then just giving up in the face of three/four more coming in on a speeder… who don't even have the drop on him? We spend so much time on weird Imperial protocols for clearance that just make no sense, or a guy who is like I WON'T HELP YOU…. OK, I WILL HELP YOU AFTER VERY VERY BRIEFLY STATING MY BACKSTORY.

    Like, storytelling and editing has moved on. Shows get this right now. This stuff was weird and awkward in the 80s, but it was the only stuff around then. It's just embarrassing to see it now in such a major production. It totally takes me out of things.

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