Is Isagenix A Scam? ABC News Review of Isagenix reviews

November 5, 2023 Is Isagenix a scam? Here is a ABC News video that reviews Isagenix products. You will that that the “Isagenix scam” or that Isagenix products actually are successful in helping people not only lose weight (7-15 lbs in 9 days) but people also experience more mental clairty, more energy and promotes a healthier way of life.

If you follow the Isagenix weight loss plan that comes with the product, most people with experience a successful weight loss experience.

You must decide if the Isagenix products are a scam for yourself. We can only give the the facts and that no “Isagenix scam” exists!

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  1. In earlier times when food had less additives and was more natural the body cleansed itself perfectly but in todays current time where food has modifiers and growth inducers the body suffers and struggles to do what it is naturally designed to do so we need products to aid the body to do its job more efficiently. God has designed the body perfectly to work with the nutrients and vitamins He also designed to sustain the body HE created but man has introduced toxins into foods that counteract Gods design for the human body !

  2. I've been using their products for 2.5 years. I def feel better than previously. These products helped my body do a better job of rebuilding itself. Most diets cause you to lose weight but also lose muscle content, which is not good. We need our muscle. The Isagenix system helped me shed the fat around my waist but my arms have nice muscle tone to them.

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    Clef Note Productions November 5, 2023 at 3:45 am

    Obviously you have to see where and why they object. Follow the money. Pharmaceutical companies hate anything that subtracts from their bottom line

  4. Pyramid scam with crappy products

  5. I’m on day 2 and 6 pounds down.

  6. The dude lost 22lbs in 9 days? That is so so SO dangerous. The amount of misinformation in the health industry is terrifying

  7. It definetly works to help loose weight, i used it 6 months before my wedding and honeslt my body looked and felt great. The issue is you can't just have shakes and fake food the rest of your life, so weening off of just isagenics products back to a regular food diet is the hard part. Dont belive the 15 pounds in 9 days though, everyones body is different and responds at it's own pase. So ya if you want an effective program go for it, but its not something you'd want to use the rest of your life.

  8. Isagenix is an MLM and gave me diarrhea. So I guess, yeah, you lose weight if you don't eat and keep having the runs.

  9. one question is isagenix a meal replacement for life so they just drink shakes and no food or just while the cleansing and then what?

  10. As the World's Greatest Athlete and Leading Nutritionist, I can say without question that this product is the only thing you should ever put in your mouth, and anyone who says otherwise should be jailed or put to death immediately.
    Parents should be forced, at gunpoint if necessary, to feed this, and only this, to their children from birth. Anyone who eats "real food" is a dangerous idiot who threatens the public good.

  11. I love this stuff life changing

  12. Any MLM is a scam.

  13. It’s bs I was drinking one of their protein shakes for about 3 months straight and was noticing hair loss but my dumb ass didn’t think it could be the Isagenix, I was loosing over 150 hairs a day then one day I didn’t take it and I noticed throughout that day my hair was falling out and the next morning when usually I’d run my hands through my hair to get the dead hair out barely and came out when usually it would be at least 50.

  14. I did it for 30 days and it works.

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  16. Yes! It is a scam!

  17. Did that doctor really say getting rid of toxins out of your body is not good?

  18. As I read the comments I find them very interesting. In my opinion, isagenix and nutritional cleansing is real. No, you don’t need to purchase a program like isagenix, there are any number of cleansing foods and supplements if you choose that can support your body to shed unnecessary fat and toxins. That being said, it is a program that works if you work it. It’s simple to follow and packed with the nutrients your body needs to thrive. It’s a way, and a fantastic way for many. People say it’s expensive. How much money do you spend on extra groceries in a month? Going out to eat or drink? Most people spend more than they would on this program. As for myself, food is fuel. Putting the right nutrients into your body helps it run efficiently. You can spend time doing all sorts of meal prep, food shopping etc. and take supplements and achieve great results. How is it bad or wrong to purchase a program that makes getting great nutrition easily seen as a bad thing? And of course if we go back to patterns we had before we are going to go back to the way we were. We need to consciously fuel our bodies every day for optimal wellness. Isagenix products is one way to do this with ease and success. Many don’t prefer shakes, and that is ok. It does not mean for those who work it, it’s a scam, faulty nutrition or bogus. People have a free will and a mind. This is one thing you could choose based on scientific evidence that could massively improve the quality of your health with minimum effort.

  19. Isagenix has high-quality products but they're expensive in my opinion.

  20. I sat through an hour and a half presentation with a guy from my workout group trying to sell me isagenix. Although I like the cleansing philosophy and the natural ingredients angle, I feel it's too expensive ($360 for 30 day supply) and can find alternative and comparable supplements that work just as well for less. I also don't like the idea of having to drastically change your entire eating habits. That works in the short term but rarely works in the long term. Remember Slim Fast? I'd like to see what the people in this video look like present day. He also pitched me a multi-level marketing program selling Isagenix. I thought I was just going to buy a few protein shakes, but ended up having to sit through a time-share pitch. Now I got this guy chasing me down, emailing me and texting me to buy this stuff. It makes sense now why these supplements are so expensive…'re paying for the marketing, uplines, people on top of the MLM pyramid. Now I have to see this guy every time I go to my work out group. Do yourself a favor, save some $$$ and do your research, visit a nutritionist, exercise or whatever. There are no short cuts!

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