Is gaming turning children into gamblers?: BBC News Review reviews

March 24, 2023

So-called ‘loot boxes’ in games like Fortnite should be controlled. That’s according to The Children’s Commissioner for England, who says kids are becoming gamblers. Neil and Georgina discuss the story and teach you the language in this free English lesson.

The story
Loot boxes in video games should be classed as gambling.

That’s what the Children’s Commissioner for England wants.

Anne Longfield also thinks games need to introduce a maximum daily spending limit for players.

Key words and phrases
splashing cash
spending lots of money on something

• I’m splashing cash on a new car at the weekend.
• My sofa was falling apart. I couldn’t afford it, but I splashed out on a new one!

labeled (American English; British English spelling: labelled)
called or seen as

• Teenagers are often labelled antisocial, which is not always fair!
• Rob doesn’t like being labelled a biscuit thief, but he was caught in the act!

stop or control something that is not wanted

• The council increased fines to curb illegal parking.
• A new police scheme aims to curb graffiti.

Language challenge
Which word means ‘stolen items’?
a) toot
b) coot
c) loot

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    BBC Learning English March 24, 2023 at 5:17 am

    eSports is essentially competitive video gaming. Find out more about it in 6 Minutes English and learn new vocabulary along the way.

  2. Neul is fantastic and polite.i am not sure whether his name is correc or not.

  3. Georgian u are so beautiful
    is anyone he told this for your before. l love u

  4. Well i played game when listening this

  5. Can we interchange the verb labell with the verb stigmatize?

  6. I splashed out on my degree

  7. This programme is very good. It shall be one of the best way for learning English. Now I feel more comfortable when watching English News. Vacabullary is always No I. These programmes made recently (starting around half a year ago) have subtitles. There are no subtitles before. But I am ok now, still can understand thoroughly. Thanks for "News Reiew" has already lifted my English level.

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    cường phạm hữu March 24, 2023 at 5:17 am

    I'm going to splash cash on my birthday in order to have a night together with hh. What a romantic night😍

  9. i agree with this but the other option is just tons of DLC content and thats not much better. (before loot boxes thats what devs did) now most the content is free, and whales (the players your saying spending thousands i am one of them.) actually pay to keep the games they want to play running. win win for all 🙂 the F2P dont have a fair playing field but atleast they can play in the old model they would not play at all as the game would cost $60.

  10. thanks for great podcast 🙂

  11. Thanks

  12. Any body wants to English speaking practice with me

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    Alexander Minchenko March 24, 2023 at 5:17 am

    It was said many times but I can't help saying it, thanks a lot, BBC Learning English is highly helpful! Great job!

  14. Thanks all of you.

  15. Thanks a lot for an another prolific lesson BBC team.But there is a point I couldn't understand is that: It's very logical that you can't label yourself but could you label someone,Is it always necessary using in passive sentence?

  16. Sorry but Georgina speaks too fast that I can't catch up with 🙁

  17. Hi everybody! I am looking for people who like to practice english by skype, I created a group called "jokes and learning" speaking formal topics,etc,to get an advanced level, do you wanna to join us? text me

  18. could i ask please why there is no subtitles in News Review Sessions?

  19. Thank you so much guys!!!

  20. Why have you not given the subtitles? I do need them! Due to lack of them I lost a lot of this lesson. Such videos are aimed to learners, not to fluent speakers. You are speaking quite quickly. And I'm not able to get everything. Greetings.

  21. Please add subtitles in this series of videos because as a foreigner , I am not familiar with accent s, when speaking speed is so fast especially.

  22. Hi, great video as always. When you spell the letters, can you put them in the video? Because is to fast for me🥺🤦‍♀️

  23. Reply
    Marcos Jose Cardoso de Oliveira March 24, 2023 at 5:17 am

    I'm learning a lot watching the videos of BBC. From Campinas, state São Paulo, Brazil. Thanks a lot!!!.

  24. where is Catherine?

  25. A new learner…any help?

  26. She has a very nice voice!!!!!!

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