Is Battlefield 2042 Still Trash? (Season 3 Initial Review) 2022

November 24, 2022

Is Battlefield 2042 worth your time after Season 3? Is it even worth the SSD space?
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CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 5950x
CPU Cooler: ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 420mm
Case Fans: Noctua NF-A15 HS-PWM
Power Supply: EVGA SuperNOVA G3 850w
Ram: 32GB G.SKILL Trident Z Neo Series DDR4-4000 CL16 (2×16 GB)
Motherboard: Asus ROG X570 Crosshair Hero VIII
Case: Fractal Design Define 7 XL
Storage: Samsung 970 Evo Plus 250 GB + Sabrent Rocket 4.0 1 TB + Western Digital BLACK SERIES 1 TB 3.5″ 7200RPM (x2)

Mouse: CryoMods Custom Wireless ZA-13
Mousepad: Artisan Ninja FX Zero XL (Soft)
Keyboard: Custom build by @Cyktanic on twitter | YMDK Melody96, Gateron Ink Blacks V2 Lubed & Filmed, Drop MT3 Black-on-White Keycap Set, Brass Plate
Monitor: HP Omen X 27 (1440p, 240hz)
Headset: Beyerdynamic DT 1990 Pro
AMP: Schiit Magni Heresy
DAC: Schiit Modius
Microphone: Shure SM57
Audio Interface: Scarlett Solo 3rd Gen
Facecam: Logitech BRIO
Chair: Herman Miller Aeron (Size B)

I play on between 25.4cm and 47cm per 360. No higher or lower. Find what YOU like! I’m not you!
Currently I play on a 33.5cm 360. 1600 DPI & GstInput.MouseSensitivity 0.002444 in the PROFSAVE_profile found in documents for BF 2042.
How to set sensitivity in PROFSAVE files, how to make a config file, and more:
Uniform Soldier Aiming: OFF
I do not touch any zoom sensitivities.

Graphics Settings:
BF 2042: All low, Future Frame Rendering: OFF, DLSS: OFF, Nvidia Reflex: Enabled + BOOST (HEAVILY PC DEPENDENT!)
BF4: All low except mesh, textures, and effects are all on ULTRA
BFV: All low, GPU memory restriction: OFF, Future Frame Rendering: ON
BF1: All low, GPU memory restriction: OFF

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  1. No place to wing suit from, hardly any destruction, crap skins for Sundance again, hardly any verticality.

  2. Yes it's blurrier cause I think they finally got DLSS working properly

  3. Tried it yesterday since I have game pass. It was actually not bad. I refunded at launch and it was more enjoyable. I just wanted a casual fps experience and it fit the bill.

  4. Playing with a controller in pc is a nightmare.

  5. Games better than it was a year ago. Just sucks that any potential content the game could've gotten had to be put on hold to get this game outta beta stage. Maybe they'll do more after season 4. But it wouldn't surprise me if that's the finale.

  6. Well better than cod for sure

  7. It's completely fair to say the game is getting better, but still has fundamental flaws. This update I've also noticed some weird hitreg issues, and that compounds on all the other stuff that's wrong. Input delay, lack of a server browser, lack of input based matchmaking, these are all glaring problems that dice will never fix.

  8. The game was bad at launch but still LEAGUES better than MW2022.

    Although MW2022 has a better extraction mode.

  9. Everyone jumping on the BF bandwagon

  10. Sony said something I been saying for a long ass time now and that is the battlefield Franchise can not keep up with cod 😂😂 battlefield is not a threat or will ever be a threat to cod the only reason ppl actually Cares about battlefield when they don't like the new cod game perfect example bf1 the only reason it was that popular is bc the hate cod infinite warfare was getting 😂😂😂 the battlefield Franchise is the most overrated shooter franchise ever created it's time for you idiots to wake up

  11. Absolute junk with the worst netcode in gaming history

  12. The most baffling thing about 2042's controls is that it doesn't feel good on controller OR KB&M… practically every other game you can tell which input device it's made for… 2042 I genuinely have no clue and that is almost impressive tbh lol

  13. I just hope this new team at DICE have learned their lesson in terms of balance and map design. Who knows, maybe the next installment might actually be decent if they don't forget everything they're doing here. Fingers crossed. Exposure, Stranded and Spearhead are great maps. Orbital rework is amazing too.

  14. for every feature that is missing, I want to break a bone in the responsible EA/Dice executives and the Candy Crush guy is first in line.

  15. Maybe in another year or two we will see if its on par with past releases

  16. This is a great game now! People who talking crap about maps and so on is same people who play warzone with like 2 maps haha very funny.

  17. I started playing this game for the first time since the open beta and I am very sad they removed the slide that wasn't just a cosmetic mechanic

  18. havent played battlefield but the blurrier part may come from tweaking of the LOD (level of detail) quality soo that it doesnt have to render far away trees as much but in order to mask the lower quality there may be some blur added to it

    this is just a theory cause i havent played the game but could be it

  19. That new xm launcher is so annoying. So shitty to have a good gunfight then get blasted by someone who can’t even see you

  20. Absolutely hate the graphics
    Can’t separate grass from rock from solider everything just bends together and it’s absolutely terrible
    I’m on ps5 with a 4K telly and soldiers are just dark blurry spots

  21. Sorry but this game is still hot Garbage and a COD copy cat. This is not BF, this is BF trying to be like COD.

  22. 2042 has a great future especially with the game pass launch 😀

  23. you're a cheating turd you deserve nothing ! you just breaking the experience for everyone……..GARBAGE !!!

  24. 2:25 i feel like that could be like put in a battlefield friends 💀

  25. I'm happy that you said the new map is good because its now my favorite map. Also the performance and movement have a big improvement but there is still room to make it even better.

  26. Could anyone tell me: How is it on PS4 ?
    Is it decent after this last patch??

  27. The game is OK for a few sessions but gets stale somewhat quickly. I come back like every 2 months or so, at least for the next season, but I just play for a week or two before I'm bored again. The lack of choice which map and stuff you play ends up in playing the 3 maps over and over because that is where you get joined every time. Just no rotation, you cannot stay on server to get several different maps in a row. The downtime between matches sucks. And still the game is ok at best. Still lacks basic squad functions. Still just has a few really viable or different feeling weapons. I agree with your statement, it has enough stuff to keep you happy and engaged if you are new, and the game is fun for a while, even more with friends. But don't expect to grind it nonstop for 3 years

  28. I don't know why you still hate on the base maps 😆, many of them are fun to play in.

    Also the new map is too chaiotic, I liked exposure more, it had the a much better conquest experience.

  29. The new season map is good and fun but once the 24/7 playlists are gone people will get their reality check. They changed Stranded breakthrough which now has vehicles and I find it funny how they didn't tell anyone.

  30. I alt f4'd cuz I died shooting the invisible shipping container door extension. You have to peak super far around them. So I have yet to go back and try it properly lol

  31. steam is also running a sale right now, 67% off

  32. Foliage is always going to look like ass in high movement, forced TAA games. I don't know why they continue to force this as on 1080p, it's just a "looking through a screen door 24/7" filter. 1440p with some sharpening helps but please just give me the option to turn it on/off IF I WANT IT down the road.

  33. It was never trash

  34. The game really does feel like complete shit. I play on controller and it's probably the worst feeling FPS game I've played. I hopped into 2042 after a couple weeks of MW2 and was blown away at how shit 2042 feels in comparison.

  35. Ya its blurry to me Idk why

  36. I played on all low settings. Switched some to medium because things did seem blurry. Now medium looks like my old low settings. Weird…

  37. New map is phenomenal imo. The game plays pretty good on PS5, I think a lot of the gameplay feel issues are on the PC side.

  38. battlefield is on gamepass for xbox dudesters

  39. You are not the only one with the blurry visuals thing. I have it too.

  40. Absolute on point analysis, as expected;) And yes the blurriness seems to have going up with this patch / season.

  41. I bought it yesterday. Mouse input felt horrendous so I refunded it.

  42. Really hate how if you have a mew gem console and a friend has an old gen. If you wanna play with them you have to download the old gen version. On any other game it's not like that, only this one. The old gen version obviously because it's old gen runs like shit. It literally plays like bf4 compared to new games. I should mention bf4 is my favorite battlefield to date. You'd think for a new game though it would be so much smoother but it's not on old gen. When I played the new gen version it played WAY smoother.

  43. And u are surprised that u did not get invited for early play?

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