Irma Hits Florida: BBC News Review 2022

February 13, 2023

Nearly 7.5m homes across five US states are without power as the tropical storm, which hit Florida as Hurricane Irma, continues inland.


hits several times with force

sadness; hopelessness

in something’s wake
after and as a result of an event

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  1. Really love all member but specially three member cathrine dan neil.

  2. Excellent explanaation of the word pound.
    I really thought about money before the explanaation done by catghrine. Reallly enjoyed

  3. The torrential rain pounded so hardly that the connection between villages was cut off and in the wake of that rain there were many destruction of dirt roads and even tarmac.

  4. In the wake of pandemic crisis, the local businesses got financial problems and many of them were forced to close

  5. Words also Give in written form please

  6. OMG, Kat is such a good explainer, love her so much

  7. Shine some light on the idea

  8. Why I can't go into the links that you suggest for information .

  9. We really enjoy this channel as well as add more to our knowledge of English

  10. Reply
    Abdelbasset Saadaoui February 13, 2023 at 4:38 pm

    Thank you for these beneficial videos

  11. Goddamn thank to BBC!

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    Gamingwithkattyandbella Scout February 13, 2023 at 4:38 pm

    Thanks for your videos this is very helpful

  13. Great show!! Please keep going and get more people interested in the show to benefit from your great work.

  14. Isn't British currency called "pound " too?

  15. Please add your subtitles for me to follow all of those words :"((

  16. 😘😘😘

  17. Love this channel

  18. but what exactly means "in something's wake" …I got confused….:(

  19. neil voice phenomenal

  20. Can you publish more video?thanks you very much ,it is useful

  21. I love Catherine's explanation about words.

  22. I love their acent! 😀

  23. Thank you so much for all information you give us

  24. Thank you for that!! It's really good to learn english with you!

  25. I have just checked your weekly schedule and realized that there is no "learner's question" section for any day , i very much like Dan's presentation though and Sian's too , and also what about the Teachers' Room ? I enjoy watching those two collaborating and telling tips , they're so much fun , bring Dan and Sian back please ..

  26. How fast are they speaking? Is it a normal speed?

  27. Pronunciation please

  28. Reply
    Виталий Слонов February 13, 2023 at 4:38 pm

    The car left clouds of dust in its wake.
    Hunger and disease followed in the wake of the war.

  29. Thanx Britishs

  30. good job i like this channel

  31. In next time, Would you please to turn on atuo-generated … Sometimes, I can't listen some words, Thank you!

  32. Thank you BBC!!!

  33. Very well, I loved it

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