iPhone 14 Pro Review – 3 Months Later! reviews

January 4, 2023

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  1. Great phone but i have my doubts, so its better if i win and i can try it myself 😀

  2. TOP CLASS !

  3. Just ordered an iPhone 14 pro as my cell provider had a promotion on. Going to be upgrading from a 12 and I’m looking forward to the camera upgrade and shooting in action mode! @ingridritz

  4. Still on android but not can't skip iphone video's 😭😭😭

  5. iPhone 13 Pro here, using a cheaper spigen case as the official MagSafe cases are too expensive for my budget

  6. Got the iPhone 14 pro. @taylorliou camera is a gamechanger

  7. I phone 14 pro caydenmartin__

  8. love your videos Justin! I also got the iphone 14 pro in space black and I'm loving it. happy new year btw

  9. I just bought an iPhone 14 pro and its coming in the mail tomorrow. I really wish I could win a case. 🙂 good luck everyone.

  10. Samsung s7 to iPhone 14 pro 256gb.

  11. 14 pro max

  12. Mattmills0093🎉 I have a 14 pro max. Hope I win! Thank you Justin!

  13. Still 13pro is good enough.

  14. Do you think 128gb is enough or need at least 256 for photo/video strorage?

  15. Switching from android to 14 pro max very soon. Cant wait to finally be in te apple eco-system @Tinnevds_

  16. iPhone 14 Pro! @andrewcarreiro_

  17. Hi fabulous review and my first iPhone 14 pro, looking forward to giving the camera a run for its money ❤

  18. Came here for quality!

  19. I’m still not sold on the dynamic island. I’m rockin the 13pro until something significantly better comes out.

  20. Regular 6.1!

  21. XR to 14 Pro here. The entire experience has been phenomenal, At first I was fascinated by the Dynamic Island and 120 hz pro motion.
    Now that I've grown used to this phone, I have to agree the camera is the gamechanger for me, ProRaw is so nice to take pictures with

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