iPhone 14 Pro Max Long-Term Review: Not what I thought.. reviews

February 27, 2023

Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max has been out for almost 6 months, but should you WAIT for the 15 instead?!
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  2. I am staying with the 13 Pro Max and waiting on the 15

  3. I have an iPhone 8. Should I upgrade or wait longer? Right now my phone has been on its last legs and it’s so tempting to upgrade

  4. Where do I get the fuzzy mic tho?

  5. It hurts me that i just bought an iPhone 14 Pro Max TODAY-

    like 6 hours ago- oh the pain

  6. Switching from a Samsung S20 Ultra… I'm scared. I've never had an iPhone. I also got a iPad Pro 12.9" (2022)… never had one of those either. I must be having a life crisis.

  7. I thought your panel of photo judges picked a different brand camera phone as best over all.

  8. After your reviews on photos I’m not sure you would get another Apple. Because of the panel. No way will I even think of getting another Apple. Thanks for making a hater.

  9. Nothing special 🥱

  10. That b-roll with a gimbal though?

  11. Esim is trash
    USB 2.0 is trash
    Large bezels and dynamic turd is trash as well

  12. 0:09 what are those!!!!!!!

  13. But have you seen the S23 Ultra???

  14. "Iphone 14promax has only subtle updates" ?? Coming rom the same person that said it had major improvements in the "iPhone 14pm vs S23Ultra – Finally an iPhone killer" video. What!!!!

  15. Lol I still have iPhone 8 so I may go ahead and get the 14 then trade in later this year or whenever the 15 comes out.

  16. Reply
    Sergio Sainz Zamorano-Monde February 27, 2023 at 2:37 am

    For me the camera is a huge step backwards. A lot of times I take a phone and it’s blurry and a lot of times the dynamic range is wayyyy of. My biggest issue with the camera is sometimes the colors. It’s show beautiful colors on the viewfinder but when the foto is taken the colors are way of and very different from what I was seeing on the viewfinder. Never had that problem with my 13 pro max.

  17. If things goes well, maybe by the end of the year I can buy the iphone 13 hahaha I wanna try IOS. Thanks for the great video!

  18. First iPhone I've had since the iPhone XS, so i can't say I've had any complaints but I definitely understand the points made. I'll probably stick with the 14 Pro Max for another couple years.

  19. every youtuber wait until the next phone every year lol dont buy this lol

  20. I love this phone! Upgraded from a 2nd hand Iphone XS max.

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