January 29, 2024
  1. so a unnuh just waana be somebody go suck unnuh madda times 10 and leave we..mi a ghetto youth and mi at uwi so that mean say mi fi look down on others because mi 'THINK" mi reach? suckk unnuh madda again..Trust mi if u a man or woman a nuff things unnuh can learn from thse "uneducated ghetto people"

  2. Firstly the thieves and criminal comes from every where including fact majority of them is from that side of the society. check the politicians and members of parliament. Ghetto people make the national flag go up in beijing , Germany etc, bob marley from the ghetto and many more influential individuals that take it internationally..

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    @readoutloudwithTavia January 29, 2024 at 10:13 am

    U dont deserve tht rite or freedom because u wud hav argued tht the slaves shud settle for wat their owners say n do 2 them!!! after all they paid their hard earned money to hav them. i knw u not from d ghetto because if u were u wudnt like to b used as a synonym for uneducated. They had months 2 pay n declared from day 1 tht they wud not b able to pay d money as UWI wud want n UWI accepted them on tht basis! u r d one who is pathetic n selfish n talkin bs.

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    @readoutloudwithTavia January 29, 2024 at 10:13 am

    NO ONE destroyed school property, I was there becuz i had an exam in d tent. Whether or not u were on a plan u could not do d exam if u owed 30,000 or more. As for scholarships, there are not enough for every student and mite i add that i applied for a scholarship last year and the girl who got it drives to school and had a lower GPA than me U n i both knw scholarships have a lot to do with the ppl u knw and who u are its d harsh reality so dont try n sympathize with UWI cuz they r not d victims

  5. But destroying school property is still not the answer. We all tryin to find excuses I went and got a payment plan. Y is it so hard for others to do so? And if u doing law n medicine n cant afford it then apply for a scholarship, look at Tuesday Youthlink there r so many scholarships offered., do sumn do disrupt other ppl exams. I hear people a give nuff excuses for the protestation but at the end of the day many of them waited until it was wen it was too late. I have seen it many times before.

  6. i guess uneducated uptown ppl alryt then

  7. they had no right to disrupt the exam and blah. However, the word "ghetto" wasn't necessary then making them seem like the worst set of ppl……..Ghetto ppl are considered, poor ppl, right? So where do they get these "expensive guns" to commit crime? I need not to ask another question!!!

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    @readoutloudwithTavia January 29, 2024 at 10:13 am

    no matter how poor u r u want to b involved in society n a part of wat is goin on…nothing is wrong with wanting good stuff, not every student will b able to get a job while in school, the law and medicine students who this was affecting do not have the time to work n come to scool. The fact of the matter is tht some ppl have been doing their best to pay their fees n UWI fails to work with those who r tryin. They treat us like we r just numbers on their system instead of individuals.

  9. dwl…you've only reiterated my point….. I said an 'uneducated ghetto gyal' seeing that's his only view is that ghetto people only react with violence….U r so Smart for pointing out the obvious….. Sigh

  10. I didnt own a computer for myself, i went to the library, i would eat a banana chips and walk to skool. i never wore any nice clothes i made sacrifices and I would never dare to protest if was prohibited from taking exams when i kno i didnt pay my fees, ntn in Life is free…… and dem need fi realize that….. this happens all over the world y dem need fi destroy the skool????

  11. wat i mean is that we place more value in havin the latest technology and forget that things need to be done. I couldn't afford my skool fee so i went out there found a job and enrolled part time. I was not privileged to have a rich mummy and daddy, a ghetto me come from. My mother is a helper but guess what when student loan deny me i found a way. I'm in final year, i went to the bursary and set up payment plan and if i kno i cant afford full tuition then I would enroll part time.

  12. @MsTee208 plz get a grip it is not….maybe u should go spend sometime in the ghetto smh

  13. @RachiBee87 really did u hear what the guy said he said they had many talks and emails with the school and nothing was happen so they got a out of had sometime u have to do things that persons dont expect to get then to listen abd wake up… what they did was not wrong and it will allow other persons who dont have it to come up with the money that they dont have

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    @TranceSephiroth1986 January 29, 2024 at 10:13 am

    yeah. you're right, the man dem that BANKROLL the murderers, rapists, thieves and druggists, are from uptown, the actual footmen are from the ghetto, so yeah, those kind of criminals almost never come from uptown.

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    @TranceSephiroth1986 January 29, 2024 at 10:13 am

    So don't assume becasue he's at UWI and apparently educated that he's making intellectual arguments that make sense and are not dunce or race and class biased. *SMH*

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    @TranceSephiroth1986 January 29, 2024 at 10:13 am

    Hmmmmm lets see, what goes with uneducated? well, ghetto ppl are uneducated, so that goes well with it. Sigh, as someone who personally knows him, he is DARK, the man has some of the dumbest views ever, you could basically call him racist toward black ppl. Man all get ban from the computer sci. lab for looking at "anal sex orgies", I all hear him get ban from the library….how di rass u do that? The Library? for watching porn…..dem all call him redtube to bbrc.

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    @TranceSephiroth1986 January 29, 2024 at 10:13 am

    You realize that ppl claiming that he is not genaralizing and calling all ppl from the ghetto uneducated, need to rewatch the video and understand how ppl talk. When he said uneducated, he took a reasonably lengthy pause between uneducated and ghetto, (in fact, if you watch his eyes, he looks to the side), indicating that he was looking for a word to pair with uneducated, so to him, uneducated and ghetto are the same thing.

  18. you couldn't have said it any better!!! ha I wonder if I am uptown!

  19. Seriously you sound very stupid! I am not from the ghetto but what you said it utter gibberish! There is no justification for what he said! So basically he is saying that only "ghettos"are uneducated? Education and stupidity is relative and certainly not limited to any one level of society…

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    @readoutloudwithTavia January 29, 2024 at 10:13 am

    u must knw darksas…tht half of d students weh did a protest paid all their fees as well as had exam that mornin. But everyone in dis world is not self centred and selfish like u so they believe in advocating for the rites of others.

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