INSIDE Lufthansa's BRAND NEW Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner! reviews

November 13, 2022

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I had the great privilege of flying Lufthansa’s 787-9 Dreamliner on its very FIRST DAY of operations, from Frankfurt to Munich. Join me and discover this new aircraft and Lufthansa’s NEW business class (well, one of its new business classes!) on its inaugural day ferrying paying passengers on this trial route.

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0:00 Intro
1:43 Lufthansa Cityline from London City to Frankfurt
3:20 Sponsor message (thank you to Established Titles!)
4:41 Connecting in FRA, Senator Lounge, 787 overview
7:26 Boarding D-ABPA Boeing 787-9, in Lufthansa NEW Business Class
10:40 Taxi and Takeoff
12:08 My thoughts on the seat, and special service on today’s flight
15:55 Landing, conclusions, thanks and details of the fare I paid

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  1. Reply
    Wingin’ It! Paul Lucas November 13, 2022 at 6:13 am

    Thanks to Established Titles for sponsoring the video! Go to for the perfect gift in their Black Friday Sale – and use code WINGINIT for 10% off any purchase, and help support the channel!

    Follow me on Twitter: @paul_winginit ¦
    Follow me on Instagram: paul_winginit ¦
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  2. 787 is a beautiful aircraft but a350 is better

  3. Beautiful plane, thanks! In April 2022 I was able to fly on an old Lufthansa 747 from BOS to FRA, on the upper deck. It was nice but being old not nearly as nice as these new planes. Aigu, we found FRA to be outrageous in terms of how far we had to walk to our connecting flight and then get on a bus for another 5 minutes to get to the plane. Please keep posting your flights…good vicarious enjoyment. Danke. Grazie. Mahalo!

  4. They have served a snack on this route in the past.



  7. I like the A350 …😒🤗

  8. I LIKE Frankfurt Flughafen…But did it Ever change since I was last there…1992…!!!

  9. Ahh, Woolwich, where Arsenal is from… North London is ours, COYS 😉 Great video!

  10. Paul do you have a new camera for this video? Quality is great in this video

  11. I flew the reverse route MUC>FRA on a return form HND 3 weeks ago.
    When I saw 787-9 on the booking I thought it was a error – Capt. said it was a training flight.

  12. Love the shirt

  13. For what it's worth, I flew MUC-FRA on a bog standard A320 back in September and did nonetheless get a meal on that flight. Tbh coming from the US though anything more than an oreo on a flight that length is impressive to me.

  14. Fascinating back story on whom the aircraft was intended. Where it ended up, and where it might be going next. That's why I find the airline industry so interesting!

  15. Nice quick look at their new dreamliner! The Dreamliner is a great aircraft to fly on!

  16. So nice to see window seats actually face the window, unlike what Virgin did on their 787's and have since corrected. Now only if JetBlue would learn the same lesson.

  17. Thanks Paul, going to get a title for myself and his nibs. 😆

  18. Block the middle seat between three row seats call as business class…?? WTF is that..!! You pay the higher price ticket than economy class just to get blocked seat in the middle three seat business or premium class and get breakfast as complimentary. That's really awful. Why European airlines always like this. It very different compare to Asian Airlines. If you buy business ticket you really gonna get the real business class and plenty of food. Not blocked disgusting seat in the middle. Even in the economy class you still get the meals for just one hour flight…!

  19. For Paul or anyone here, does it make a difference to have a shoulder harness (restraint) for an airplane seat?

  20. Another great one Paul. That chocolate wasn't free.

  21. I guess it would make sense to send these Hainan B787`s to Austrian or other as I note in your vid that those engines are GEnx, & not RR Trent which Lufthansa ordered for themselves, that being an added complication for the same aircraft type they could do without. Nice vid thanks.

  22. Excellent Paul, I filmed this 787 take off on its delivery flight to Frankfurt. She's a beauty. The next 787 is D-ABPD and D-ABPC named Frankfurt AM Main and Kiel.

  23. The windows on the Boeing 787 are the best . Shame that the individual air vent are missing on the Lufthansa Boeing 787.

  24. Paul interesting and entertaining as usual
    Proper business class seats
    Love window dimming hate when the crew lock them in dimmed mode

  25. I love the window dimmer but not so much when the crew dim them for the whole flight.

  26. I am still torn between which is the better aircraft A350 or the B787. I don't like the electro-dimming windows on the B787 (even though I have never flown on one yet). I think the concept of not completely shutting out sunlight is important. But otherwise, coffee or not Paul, your enthusiasm would have carried you through the day! cheers, mate.

  27. Lufthansa updates their fleet and service 10 years to late and their tickets are the most expensive. Well good luck Lufthansa.

  28. Really at improve over their business and premium. But economy still economy in many sense. That thought, the 747-8 it would still be my option if I fly them one day

  29. Finally have Lufthansa 1-2-1 Seating in Business.Great work

  30. Can you fly kuwait airways frankfurt to kuwait

  31. Well done for getting a YT first on this new product! You always make great content and this was an excellent review given how short the flight was.

  32. Great video. Sorry it was short. Thanks Paul😀💚

  33. I agree, Frankfurt is not the best for transferring flights, Munich is actually a much better airport.

    Only flew 787 with Norwegian Air (JFK to Stockholm) and we were in the middle, not at the windows. The dimmer is a cool feature though.

  34. Good evening bro

  35. Great video Paul! Was wondering, how do you and other av geeks find out about long haul aircraft on unusual routes? Especially inaugural flights

  36. Important note: This is not the new LH business class. it's the one from Hainan (as Paul said) of the aircraft who not took delivery. Which really is embarrassing for Lufthansa.

  37. Having never flown on one either long or short haul I can say yes I like them because at least my retina aren't being burnt by the light, that said long haul. over night I would rather blinds to block out all the light so I can sleep.

  38. Great flight. Window dimming is great invention, but the downside is it can be controlled centrally by cabin crew

  39. Looove the 787 windows. Can always see out. Like Aircraft-Sunnies built in to the window! Only bad thing is when the crew take over them. Not cool…

  40. I don't understand why the Frankfurt – Munich flight exists at all. There is a fast and direct ICE service between Frankfurt and Munich (3 hours) which would take about the same time and be a lot better for the environment. Even worse is their flight Frankfurt – Stuttgart, which is just 1.5 hours by train! For me there is no excuse for that.

  41. No individual airvents seems like a pain in the ass for me, I always spend at least a minute setting mine up 'just so'.
    Not looking forward to that future!
    Glorious interior otherwise, though. Surprised they couldn't change the seat settings screen colour, seems like the easiest change!
    Love the window dimming. If you close the blinds you may as well be in a bus most of the time. Part of the flying is seeing that you're up in the skies. Closed blinds are a no go.
    Fun video, Paul! You were obviously having a blast!

  42. 5:36 oops :D.

  43. I've been on the first commercial flight from Frankfurt tu Munich. Amazing aircraft

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