Inside Job Season 2 Is Pretty Great (spoilers) 2022

November 29, 2022

Finally after a year of anticipation, Inside Job season 2 is finally here and is unsurprisingly as good as before!

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  1. Just me but dont they look abit rellated Reagan and The boi also who is rand son

  2. I just hope Alpha-Beta gets his arm back and such.

  3. yeah… i found it so odd that project reboot didn't have any build-up, especially because the show usually pays sm attention to detail :/

  4. I feel like they had 2 more episodes they wanted but Netflix cut them down to 8 instead of the normal 10. They could have built the finale more and even had an episode just dedicated to anomalies.

  5. made very good points and i really agree with what he said, its an adult cartoon that is gonna have its ups and downs no show will ever be perfect but, and its not trying to be its just trying to help people distract them selves after a long day at work or school. id love to hear his thoughts on CyberPunk Edge Runners, i think he'd have some really good opinions about the show.

  6. I think the first season was better. The second felt kinda rushed, even though both only had 8 episodes. Mainly because they introduced a new character as a love interest then having Reagan literally shout out everything wrong in the relationship instead of showing it naturally. Only for them to end it makes it feel like a waste of time but it could see it effect later seasons. I did end up liking Brett more but everyone else except maybe the president were kinda bland. Everyone else kinda just felt they were just waiting to say their jokes and that’s it. I didn’t even know JR was there was until he gave the dolphin guy a pizza. The ending was the biggest example of it being rushed. Most of it you covered but I think I would’ve been better if this was a backdrop of the season.

  7. I really did feel like the side characters felt a bit off a lot of the time. It seemed like they weren't really written consistently. Project Reboot where they all leave reagan felt mostly fine to me because yeah, most of them were just assholes. The one that didn't really make sense to me was gigi, because we kinda already had an arc with her in the first episode about her wanting to stay with her friends.

    Personally though, the ending of the show had me in tears. I think the best part about this season was Reagan and Ron's relationship. It felt built up enough where I was unsure on if they were just going to end the show and actually have Reagan go with Ron. I think it really earned the ending.
    The stuff with the anomalies seemed sorta like a time constraint thing. It probably should have been shifted to the first episode of the next season (though they might not have had confirmation a season 3 was going to happen yet). I really like how they subvert Brett getting a character arc by having him find his own solution (though whether it worked is questionable). I wish it got more time, but I think it was enough to set up Brett becoming more of a team leader while Reagan works with the robes.

    Overall I definitely think this season was better than the last, mostly because reagan and rand's characters are so good in this. I hope they fix the character issues and give them more depth so we don't just see everyone as assholes.

  8. I was hoping that the anomalys thing will be a hole plot in the next season… But I hope they have something incredible for the 3 season


  10. I absolutely loved this season, this show is just perfect

  11. they're nt supposed to be friends, they're literally just coworkers. Besides, I'm personally tired of seeing only characters that are either "good" or "bad", people are people, most of us are exactly the type of selfish person who will stay in the timeline where they are their best self. In fact I wouldn't trust anyone who claims they would have done anything else.

  12. Someone tell me what Reagans costume is i really don't know

  13. I have been really enjoying the show ngl. Same with Lower Decks. Also the team's betrayal felt pretty in character tbh. I feel like every now and then they call eachother friends but we know that they arent. They're co-workers. Brett and Reagan are actual friends, which is why he stays.

  14. Okay but is nobody freaked out by Regan and that one dude looking so similar? I thought they were siblings

  15. I really enjoyed this season! Definitely felt like an improvement over the first season with some missteps here and there.

    The way the end of the first season was setup I thought season 2 would have Rand be more of a main villian and was kinda weird when he was used for more comedy until the last 2 episodes. The characters are still really good but I did wanna see more of Brett and Raegan interacting because I feel like they barely talked to each other until the second half of the season. And honestly I just wanna see more Brett, he's a main character but more brett is obviously a good thing. One final thing that annoyed me more than it should have was Stadler and his voice. While a great character I can never get over how weird and monotone his voice was and he never really sold me on his performance. Might just be a personal thing though idk.

    Otherwise a great season! I really hope it gets greenlit for a season 3 because I don't see a lot of people talking about it online.

  16. I'm calling it right now the robes are dog people that's why they had Air Bud thing

  17. Idky but I feel like Stadlers gonna be back

  18. Its strange because e10 eps were ordered but we only got to see 8! So there may be multiple little plot threads lost in all tht shuffle

  19. The main problem with this season could've been solved if Netflix ordered more episodes

  20. I cannot be the only one that thought Regan and Ron would be revealed to be siblings just cuz they got together really fast which meant they wouldn't stay together for some reason both very smart with same nose, eyebrows and even eye shape and hair colours I can't be the only one
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