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Inside Delta Airlines EMBARRASSING Business Class Suites 2022

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Join me on the new Delta One suites, onboard their Airbus A330-900 Neo. In todays straight to the point and honest review I’ll be checking out the ground service such as the Delta Sky Club lounge at New York’s JFK airport. I’ll be showcasing the suites, my recommendation on which one to go for, but also (and unfortunately) showing just how filthy this plane is today. As with all my trip reports, we’ll look at the inflight food service, bedding (and initial lack of) and I’ll give my overall recommendation on whether you should fly this.
Sadly I did find this a disappointing flight given the focus Delta places on cleanliness, just for it to fall significantly short. Please improve Delta, because your hard product is great (albeit a little tight on the A339) and food has returned to one of the better USA offerings.

As always though, let me know what you thought to this experience below? Would you fly Delta One Suites? Have you flown these suites before on the Boeing 767 or Airbus A350, or indeed this very aircraft, the A330-900 Neo?

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