Inside Delta Airlines EMBARRASSING Business Class Suites 2022

March 18, 2023

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Join me on the new Delta One suites, onboard their Airbus A330-900 Neo. In todays straight to the point and honest review I’ll be checking out the ground service such as the Delta Sky Club lounge at New York’s JFK airport. I’ll be showcasing the suites, my recommendation on which one to go for, but also (and unfortunately) showing just how filthy this plane is today. As with all my trip reports, we’ll look at the inflight food service, bedding (and initial lack of) and I’ll give my overall recommendation on whether you should fly this.
Sadly I did find this a disappointing flight given the focus Delta places on cleanliness, just for it to fall significantly short. Please improve Delta, because your hard product is great (albeit a little tight on the A339) and food has returned to one of the better USA offerings.

As always though, let me know what you thought to this experience below? Would you fly Delta One Suites? Have you flown these suites before on the Boeing 767 or Airbus A350, or indeed this very aircraft, the A330-900 Neo?

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  3. I don't think that is representative of Delta, but rather of JKF. United left that crap airport and the AA terminals are literally looking worse than many third-world airports. I avoid JFK whenever possible!

  4. Yuck! 🤮 thanks for sharing! Not going to fly them anytime soon.

  5. Awful 😖, and don't forget it's a premium cabin used by ….. 😕😕😕😕😕 no further comments!!
    Love Lufthansa, Turkish, and Qatar 🇶🇦 !!

  6. This is the third YouTuber I've watched that showed how dirty it is. I hope Delta takes note

  7. Reply
    Big Meals, Small Places with Sal Governale March 18, 2023 at 2:08 pm

    Since June, Delta has upgraded the way it deals with customers. That doesn't mean you won't come across the type of things you described in your video. A recent experience at Delta's Sky Club on my part was pretty gross with grey mystery meat being served. A call to the executive office, though, usually rectifies the problem. But yeah, for the amount of money we're paying for air travel nowadays, Delta needs to try extra hard.

  8. You gotta try another one, delta one was the best American first class I’ve been on

  9. Ewwwwww

  10. Broken doors on a brand new plane ?

  11. Did you tell you FA about the filthy cabin ?

  12. Reply
    HWC Transgender ministries March 18, 2023 at 2:08 pm

    This is unacceptable!
    And all they had to do is use a vacuum cleaner on it!

  13. I just found you and I’m really enjoying your video’s a lot! So.. next

  14. My parents just flew Delta from Edinburgh to JFK and my Mum got food poisoning..she was ill for 2 weeks. Holiday spoiled.

  15. Unfortunately, I fly Delta frequently, and cleanliness is not something to which they aspire, seemingly.

  16. Thanks for exposing USA to the world, its not the world super power it claims to be, corrupt govt and corporations steal money from Americans and provide crap products and services.

  17. Interesting that as a Brit, you've applied for TSA Pre. Does that mean you're a PR? Just curious. 🍻

  18. Yuck… the sticky floors is probably people's pee. Gross.

  19. everytime i have gone on a delta flight, the bathroom sinks are always overflowing 🤢

  20. Only paid <$1000, what could you complain!

  21. as someone nicknamed delta, I have extremely mixed feelings about this video

  22. Even a small handheld vacuum would have helped get that stuff up. That's just gross 🙁

  23. YUCK YUCK YUCK …. ! Delta should be royally embarressed.

  24. His smiles remind me of captain price from the new modern warfare‘s

  25. Pretty yucky but FYI I think that biscuit was in fact a tiny focaccia, hence the oil

  26. So I follow 3 of you guys ( guys that reviews flights ) and you all say the same about delta

  27. FYI, that appears to be "pink greek dressing". So basically Italian dressing with a little feta and beet juice blended in. A really delicious salad dressing in a non-airline context.

  28. love your timberland shoes where can i buy them and what are they called @trektrendy

  29. I flew Delta just about a month ago and also found it dirty

  30. I have hardly flown at all in recent years, but am surprised to find out about the poor cleanliness of the cabin, given what I have generally heard in the past about Delta's better service reputation amongst the major carriers.

  31. Lounge with no booze? Lounge. With. No. Booze?

  32. Reply
    Metalgear SolidSnake March 18, 2023 at 2:08 pm

    Something i most likely will never try in my lifetime, to expensive… but gret to see other enjoying it.

    great video

  33. 8:42 Daaaarrrrkkk body hair???? would it have been better if it were light body hair. Hair is hair it's all gross. Just say it was hair in the cup holder

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