InMotion V8S Review – Best 15 kg Electric Transport? 2022

June 23, 2022

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Hi and welcome to my channel! I’m Adam Malicki (aka mr. Wrong Way) and I test small electric vehicles for a living. My job is to show you pros and cons of Electric Unicycles, Electric Scooters, eBikes and other Personal Electric Transport in a entertaining and unbiased way.

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  1. Acceleration test peak values – 32.46 amps (fuse is 30 amps, but since it's a blade fuse, it's spec'ed to run at 33 amps a minimum of 100 hours). 2441 watt peak. Battery pack only sagged about 7 volts, from about 82 volts to 75 volts. How did you get a PWM percentage (peak was 71%)? I'm thinking the V8F doesn't provide this, but maybe the V8S does?

  2. The trick you did in 2:56 was my first ever trick I learnt on my wheel 😁

  3. The original Inmotion V8 EUC is the biggest selling wheel of all time internationally. The V8S adds more range and bigger pedals. I have a V8F and upgraded to a V11. I recently pulled out the V8F to visit some community garage sales. It was such a great choice. It's easy to maneuver in tight spaces even when using the trolley handle to shop and it's light enough to carry without straining. I often put it behind my driver's seat when i'm taking my kids to appointments and ride it while I wait. You may outgrow this wheel as you progress but you won't want to get rid of it.

  4. Thanks so much for this video! How might one compare this to the 16S? I'm looking for a newer wheel to commute around the city but am still pretty satisfied with the specs of the 16S.

  5. Would high discharge cells be beneficial on a 3600wh battery like for the ex20s c30?

  6. Keep it up!

  7. V8s v mcm5

  8. The Inmo answer to ks16s did not make us wait long, just for a 4 years 🙂

  9. Great review Adam… I have an MCM5v2 (840Wh) which is a great little wheel too… how would you compare the V8S and The MCM5? Is one a winner by far?

  10. Come on Adam, disappointed you didn’t setup the wheel side LEDs to blue/yellow to match your “I support Ukraine” sticker!

  11. Honestly I've been commuting on the V5F since February (my first wheel) in Paris, and it's very nice… but the top 25Kmh and max ~20Km range are barely enough to, say, visit a friend who's at the other side of the city. And most streets in Paris are limited to 30Kmh for cars, so if you're in a streets without bycicles tracks, you're slower than the cars, which I experienced to be dangerous even if it's not by a big margin. So I wanted to upgrade just a bit and the the V8S seemed to be the perfect answer while watching your video! Pretty much the same wheel but with just the upgrade of top speed and range I needed, a better trolley, and all the same features I'm used to and like a lot on the V5F!

    But then I looked at the price, and saw around ~1.5k Euros to get one in France too. As your pointed out, for the same price I could get a KingSong 16X which boasts, at least on paper, legit twice the speed and range upgrades (and allegedly better weight tolerance, which is nice since I'm 96Kg and often wears a heavy backpack). I got my V5F for 550 Euros, the difference in prices with the V8S compared to the gain in performances just feels ridiculous, so I feel a bit lost… =/

  12. 7:14
    I really like how i stood up from falling there 🙂

  13. Can’t wait for EUC manufacturer’s to start innovating in this size range again. I want a mini V12!

  14. V8 is great for shopping one basket load as you push it you can lay the basket on the edge.

  15. I still love using my Ninebot One E+, I know that is an old wheel now, but it's useful in precisely the ways that makes this wheel good. If I was to replace it. This would be the wheel I would buy.

  16. You can unlock to 40kph bro

  17. That's an absolutely rubbish wheel. Mcm5 is cheaper and far better.

  18. Good timing! I'm having issues charging my v8. I've put 6k km on it. I find myself having to push extra hard the mains cable into the charger for the LED to turn red, and even then, increasingly, the LED will revert back to green quickly and the wheel will stop charging. Is it an issue with the charger or the wheel? I've tried several mains cables. Stock charger.

  19. I think it's very disputed the fact that three is no passive balancing here. Seem some one source and some lost in translation stuff from a Russian shop is the origin of it? It probably had untraditional looking balancing and I'm guessing the older IM has as well. Or how are they the wheels with least reported fires and the like but very high buy rates. Seems unbalanced cells would been more of an issue there

  20. Very good review Sir! Riding a V8F as my second (third?) wheel and I really love it. I bought it for my wife, as she is a small person and the larger wheels would be too heavy for her, but I ended up using it myself more than I use the other (bigger) wheels I have. I love to ride it a bit in the evening when I come from work and I am too tired to wrestle with a larger bear. I already put over 500 km into it. The only difference compared with V8S is the smaller battery size/range, for the V8F I get only close to 30 km riding near to max speed (80+ kg person). But that make V8F even lighter and easier to handle, and if you occasionally need range, then you use a bigger wheel. I would like to mention that it is quite easy to add a BT adapter to it, you can buy a receiver for two bucks on aliexpress, the quality is not great, but for a wheel you don't need Hi-Fi. Also, one peculiarity with it is the fact that the screws on one side of the wheel will open/unscrew while riding (CAUTION!), and they need periodical tightening, while the screws on the other side are always tighten to max and you can't move them a micron (there are 12 screws on each side holding the motor lids, there was no loctite or thread lock on them, and I didn't add any, yet, but this phenomenon does happen, I don't know why, maybe some gyroscopic or coriolis effect due to wheel rotation, screws on one side tend to rotate left, and unscrew, while on the other side they tend to rotate right and tighten themselves – this is real, not a joke, you need to add thread lock, or tighten them every 100-200km or so – edit: this is easy to do by lifting the small lid under the foot plates, you don't need to take the wheel apart).

  21. The wheel looks fun, but JUST underpowered for how I ride. The Tesla is the smallest wheel I like to ride as I find myself going 25 or 30 mph easily and comfortably. On top of that, I have never ridden Inmotion or King Song wheels, so I don't know what I'm missing. Thnaks again for a very thorough review of such an old wheel. I think we need both big/fast wheels and small/nimble wheels and I really enjoy seeing channels review older wheels instead of only paying attention to the newest ones.

  22. I’ve been waiting patiently for this review! The InMotion V8s is my first wheel, and even though I now have 3 other wheels (these guys have a way of multiplying quickly!) I still ride mine on a daily basis. Pound for pound this wheel has amazing range and just enough speed to get around at commuter bicycle speeds. I still ride my V8s because because this wheel is so nimble, it keeps my balance true, and my senses sharp. I do have a few long hills on my commute, and so far, no overheat problems in the Pacific Northwest. I can squeak 32 miles out of a charge with conservative riding (165-170lb rider). The only thing I would change is the pedals, and switch the stock pedals with some Nylo Noves (if you can actually get the darn things) I’ll likely keep my V8s for life (after a few battery pack replacements I’m sure!) I'll be sure to keep it wheel! ◉

  23. what is range on this one?

  24. Impressive intro Adam! How do you think this compares to v10?

  25. Awesome review of the V8S, my friend recently bought one as their first wheel!

    Btw, how are you liking the new helmet? How is the airflow compared to a motorcycle helmet? I'm feeling that my motorcycle helmet is too heavy/cramped these days, haha.

  26. The handle/trolley handle is so good on these, my biggest disappointment and turn-off from V11 and V12 is their new terrible handle

  27. This wheel is the best. I got a used V8F with only 200km on it for $700 CAD. I love how light-weight it is. It's easy to throw in the trunk. I have a KS-18XL, but I find it too heavy for short rides. Oh I should mention that my handle is getting stuck now for some reason. So I put a sponge in the way so it can't go down all the way. I'm not sure why it's getting stuck, but it sucks using it when I don't have a handle and I'm indoors.

  28. Good old Begode MCM5 V2 is much better option in my opinion

  29. Thanks for the review.

    I wish reviewers would separate off the original V8 in discussions. It is not the same wheel as the F & S versions. The V8F and the V8S are not a V8 with bigger batteries.

    I've had my V8F since may 2020 and 400+mi, all urban roads no intentional abuse. It has been perfect as an occasional run-to-the-store PEV. I'm a 270lb rider using 45psi.

    Tail light is a big deal, I'm not interested in a better headlight. It let's me be seen, I'll carry my own light, at night, if needed. I do wish the tire was wider.

  30. Reply
    Phoenix1982PL Phoenix June 23, 2022 at 1:36 pm

    I still hate the fact that I live in a ultra contra-productive country like Germany and just can dream about driving such a thing like this legally on a street…

  31. Currently riding a V8F for a year now for daily commute. Did 5000km with it and still no noticeable battery efficiency drop

  32. ⚡🤙🏼⚡

  33. I respect your work!

  34. So when I charge to 100% not all cells are fully charged (balanced)?

  35. What I can say is that I'm opposite of impressed because V8 battery had silicone inside battery department. Also BMS had a black motherboard and better soldiers

  36. SICK INTRO!!

  37. 2:54 Well that was the best thing I've ever seen. That one is going straight into my riding arsenal

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