IMPORTANT Starfield News As We Get Ready For Launch! – Reviews, Launch Times, Updates, & MUCH MORE! 2022

September 7, 2023

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  1. I've been sticking to RogueGold, LtBuzzLiteBeer and you for Starfield news. I trust none of the three of you will play clickbait games or blast spoilers out to whoever clicks.

  2. Havent been this hyped since the release of GTA V.

  3. Watch that Starfield lives up to all the hype.

  4. I'd like to see the spaceship building part of the game. I hope there's custom design and color options.

  5. Ready for launch

  6. Great vid just sub

  7. Does anyone know if we'll be able to pre download the game on Game Pass? I'm hoping at least the night before they'll let us download the game

  8. I didn't know anything about Starfield until a couple of weeks ago when I bought a new amd gpu and received a promo code for Starfield premium. I managed to wade through the verification process and just finished the preload on Steam. It was an 86.4 GB download so I'm not sure if it's the whole game. I have spent the last two weeks just trying to get up to speed on this game before launch. It's been a lot to take in. Your channel has been a big help with that. Thanks! liked and subscribed. 🙂 I'm on the left coast so I may be able to play this evening. 😁 Thanks for the video!

  9. GB has easily become one of my favorite Channels in these past few weeks

  10. So excited for this game, but it was a total shit-tier move akin to horse armor DLC for Bethesda to lock early access behind a $30 paywall. What little good-faith I had in the company is evaporated with this move. Imagine paying $70 for a AAA game but then being treated like a second class citizen as a result. Thanks to Bethesda, I will NEVER pay $70 again for any game.

  11. Am ready for lunch lol

  12. Hope they drop mod support soon I feel mods will make this game what it was truly meant to be

  13. The 1001 Windows are Billboards paid for in the real world, and they want players to take photo's on the subway or the bus in NY City, LA, Boston etc. The Idea is everyone will share the ones they found on their website. By the way no-one wants No Spoilers.

  14. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

    I have a 3 day weekend by default, which is why I preordered the premium edition, but I went and took 2 days PTO for tomorrow and Tuesday. That’ll give me 5 lazy, care free days to play

  15. I'm gonna play an Argonian wizard astronaut.

  16. Nice seeing you covering a new game , have enjoyed your Division content. I wish this game was multi player it looks great but should have at least other players like FO76 if not have been a MMO

  17. Good coverage man 🤙🏻

  18. Thanks for the content, after tonight I am gone to the world, on to our next bethesda adventure and beyond hehe

  19. I can't play it until next Wednesday the 6th obviously, I am happy to wait for a proper polished game.

  20. Everyone who spent money to play this game 5 days early when you have waited how many years? You are the problem. When it costs the games price to play it early remember its your own damn fault.

  21. Is it true that the pc version is going to run like crap? I've started to hear stuff like that?

  22. Should be no delays at all if it is pre-loaded. There's no online component other than for mod support, which won't have anything to download yet. For those that decided to wait the last second though, they may feel the delays or slowdown in download speeds.

  23. The last few moments in our lives before starfield..

  24. It comes out at 8pm in LA right?

  25. When will the only team they have start producing Elder Scrolls 6?

  26. Reply
    Adrienne Hernandez-Garcia September 7, 2023 at 5:13 am

    I just happened to come across your channel just because of starfield and honestly you just earned yourself to use subscriber

  27. Can’t wait to play the game.

  28. Love watching your Division 2 videos, glad to see you’re covering another game I’m highly interested in!

  29. You expect wait times to download?

  30. Let’s go can’t wait to see you space RPG been waiting for this for 15 years

  31. Thank you New Zealand ❤

  32. They allow preload so we should be good

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