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July 12, 2023

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  1. Gland Pharma
    Piramal group ke bare mein bataye.

  2. ❤ any fall in IDFC FIRST Bank would be an opportunity…for fresh buyers❤❤

  3. Idfc first bank का फ्यूचर अब अंधकार में जाएगा अब idfc first bank का शेयर होल्डर 1000 करोड़ हो जाएगा ये सही नही है शेयर अब बहुत धीमी हो जाएगा और नीचे जाएगा। बहुत गलत तरीके से मर्जर करके idfc Ltd share होल्डर को बेनिफिट दे दिया गया। मेरे पास 6000 शेयर है मैं अब इसे बेचने वाला hu।

  4. Can you please share how a retired person should invest his retierment corpus.

  5. What is the corect price to invest in idfc first bank…

  6. Kahne ka matlab kya nikla.??

  7. 🎉🎉🎉Nice information sirji

  8. The merger will take atleast one year .hdfc announced merger in 2022 And somedays back only they official decalred so its a long process

  9. ग्रेट माहिती

  10. Bhai idfc Bank pe kyu itna analysis dete hai , kuch nhi hoga isme😅

  11. Hello I have 50 shares of IDFC limited so am I eligible for share swap or should I add more ?

  12. Sir I think you should ask people with 1 year view to invest now in IDFC instead of IDFC first bank , as 10% additional return can be made once they will get share of IDFC first bank as per swap ratio

  13. If Nifty specially Bank NIFTY fall or crash too much then only IDFC first'Bank will fall to 70/72 otherwise not that much but will inch towards 80/85/90

  14. HALLO Parimal Sir , I have only 10 shares of IDFC Bank LTD what will happened to my holdings will it be eroded or it will be , i mean what will happen if someone have less number of shares of IDFC BANK LTD . please sir clarify it

  15. HALLO Parimal Sir , I have only 10 shares of IDFC Bank LTD what will happened to my holdings will it be eroded or it will be , i mean what will happen if someone have less number of shares of IDFC BANK LTD . please sir clarify it

  16. Reply
    jamal ahmed Siddiqui July 12, 2023 at 8:49 am


  17. HDFC copy, not work.

  18. Reply
    Mr. Bachubhai Bhigona July 12, 2023 at 8:49 am

    Sir, why do you cover this stock so much? Do you get paid or what? 😂😂😂. Just kidding.

  19. For sure next 2-3 sessions 69

  20. राम राम सर

  21. My suggestion is to sell idfc first bank as it is too high.

  22. Kindly start post market analysis

  23. I wish this information of swap ratio and after effects was covered yesterday evening. I go through all your videos. This one is,I found must be shared with you

  24. youtube video banani thi isliye girwa ! abe u think u ll really get to know ki ku gira ? 😂😂

  25. Koi bhi stock ko gir jane ke baad vo kyo gira kese gira stock gire oske pahle apna news dena chahiye girne ke baad gallla fadhne se.matlab nahi 😅

  26. If I have idfc first bank stock then do I get any IDFC LTD. stocks?

  27. Hello Parimal, can you please explain this : post merger the number of outstanding shares of IDFC First will increase. Since new shares from reserves of IDFC First will be generated at face value and given to IDFC shareholders. So what will be the total percentage dilution of IDFC First bank ?
    This will really help in clarifying the implied price between IDFC First and IDFC.
    The share swap ratio is a rather simplistic and incomplete calculation

  28. Reply
    Ramkrishna Chakraborty July 12, 2023 at 8:49 am

    Worst share. Loss is sure.

  29. Parimal sir
    Is they have declared any record date or anything ???

  30. Reply
    Rahul Mukund Jagtap July 12, 2023 at 8:49 am

    धन्यवाद 😊

  31. Pan card is linked with my aadhar card and its showing linked.
    But as per my Deamr account its stick not valid and my demat is locked.

    Please iske barey m v kuch jankaari dijiye

  32. In the long run idfc first bank will be an multibagger , but hdfc bank will give good returns because it is a grown up elephant in the sector.

  33. Pls make vedio on chemical stocks

    Your team is not including this sector till long time

  34. If i buy 100 shares of IDFC Ltd. right now, will I get 155 shares of IDFC First Bank after the merger happens?

  35. Very relevant video

  36. I have 400 shares of IDFC Bank. Bank ke share sell kar ke (at 79rs) IDFC Ltd ke share buy (at 111rs) kare to?

  37. Pta tha. Ye to hona hi tha after merger news

  38. Some one tak advantage of arbitrage opportunity 😊😊😊 am I correct????

  39. Reply
    The Arabian Surfer Amol July 12, 2023 at 8:49 am

    For me idfc first bank will goes Rs. 225 in two years frame

  40. Reply
    Sanjay Chiplunkar July 12, 2023 at 8:49 am

    There will be dilution of shares right. Holding company shares will get converted to Bank shares

  41. Thank you 😊

  42. Thank you parimal Sir

  43. sir,

    reagrding IDFC first, we believe in you more than Mr. IDFCfirst.😂

  44. great

  45. Thanks for sharing your input

    I believe it’s benefit to accumulate IDFC ltd if person is planning to fit long term .. so actual cost price would be 71-72 of IDFC first bank (post merger)

  46. Sir do you see IDFC first bank cross 100 in a year time. Your views please.


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