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January 24, 2023


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  1. Mr. Humpkinz is more well-written and designed than the entire Velma series, legit would prefer his arc of how he became a smoking weed gay murder

  2. Who admits to be racist as like a real-talk. Don’t be racist.

  3. Amazing Filthy Frank reference, 10/10

  4. It's just a show where someone mad a fanfic self insert, literally the race of velma is yhe same race of the main writer, just goes to show why you should always peer review work before you allow it to be released

  5. Dammit… I miss filthy frank.

  6. Modern media:
    Women are assholes and men are either evil or incompetent.

    Can't deal, won't watch….they ruin everything these days.
    I really want just good story telling. Is that so hard? Just leave politics out of entertainment.

  7. ohh come on! havent you heard season 2 is comming!

  8. I hate you, you ruined Mr. Humpkinz.

  9. If I'm white then Jesus is white too. Sorry Angry Leftists but you can't insist the people of the Mediterranean are white and then insist Jesus was magically dark skinned. Same Haplogroup. We're olive skinned.

  10. Please don't watch any more, I fear for your mental health

  11. "its like im a rippoff of boxy-"
    adult boxy 2023

  12. From what I've seen, this show reminds me a lot of Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce from GTA 5. The difference is that in GTA they made the show a comedy, a satire, cringy on purpose, parodying the current state of affairs (10 years ago, mind you), and today Velma is reality. It's the same, except it's not a parody, they are actually serious about it.
    Seriously, if you have a little time, I urge you to look up Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce on YouTube, the similarities in vibe are uncanny 😆

  13. Every clip I see from this show just reminds me of one of my favorite replies I've ever seen:
    "This put an itch on the roof of my mouth that only a shotgun could scratch"

    Hollywood, for the love of God, please develop some pattern recognition and stop making these dung piles.

  14. the saddest thing in my opinion is that good shows with potential are getting cancelled and forgotten and all we give attention to is crap like this show, I hope they leave Ed Edd n Eddy alone

  15. 8:47 look how they massacred my boy

  16. If they just change the title from “Velma” to “The Mindy Cartoon Project” the problem’s solved.

  17. Based Youtuber gurl.


  18. ew they turned her into a black person
    why even exist

  19. I wonder if they get surprised when the jokes which get great responses in their twitter bubble completely bomb. They probably feel like they're in the majority with these points of view but hopefully things like this make them realise they're just an overly-loud minority.

  20. Classic background music. 👌

  21. Actually what I want you to do is watch the entirety of that serious dramatic reboot of Fresh Prince.

  22. Is she related to Phillion or is Phillion related to her?


  24. "This is like Tom and Jerry, but without Jerry."
    And Tom is now an unlikeable, stereotype that cracks joke that only he thinks are funny.

  25. I care about race swapping. I think it is racist. I want to see a new interesting character of any race -that i dont care about… but to take an existing character and say it's bad because theyre white is very beligerently prejudiced.

  26. Reply
    Cᴀʟʟꜱɪɢɴ_Mʀ.Fᴇᴀʀ January 24, 2023 at 1:42 pm

    YO 7:26 HAD ME DYING😂

  27. Accurate analysis. It's Scooby Doo with Mindy thrown into the mix.

  28. the animation is bad too

  29. Bro that first bit of the intro where you said "hey there fellow Millennials" almost made me click off, I had to pause the video. 💀

  30. this show deserves to be axed. like the entire staff responsible. hacked to pieces.

  31. Somehow you pausing and looking into the camera in disappointment made me feel ashamed

  32. "The creators of the show wrote this"

    1 minute in and I want to punch the new creators

    Why remove Shaggy and Scooby-Doo on top of it

  33. Lmao me age 23 with a house in a rich surburb in CA 😅 ngl saving 100k as a downpayment wasn't really hard

  34. Velma is white


  36. The fact that it’s such an awful left-wing commentary that people actually think it’s a right-wing troll job is too perfect. Liblarp really can’t compete

  37. Imagine some strange universe where you were offered a job writing for this show to help turn it around, would you take it?

  38. "Chortled"…. haw!

  39. "Everyone loves it when white people play Jesus or a boxer." …….HWAT? Weren't people livid about Jim Caviezel playing Jesus twenty-something years ago can't be bothered to remember when that film came out and what the hell is the boxer bit about…? As a white person I'm supposed to love it — yet I haven't the faintest idea what they're talking about.

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