I don’t get it Intel… – New Stock Cooler Review reviews

May 10, 2023

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Intel’s included CPU cooler’s have been function over form for YEARS – but their new line of in-the-box coolers are looking to change that, and they may even offer better performance too.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 The Old Guard
1:45 Intel’s new coolers
3:07 Testing methodology
4:39 The numbers
5:43 Fans
7:14 Beauty over brawn?
7:52 Thoughts

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  1. Ah yes, the things, that are thrown out first, whenever i build a pc with a Intel CPU. I mean seriously, who in their right mind, would use those coolers for longer than a day or two, any cooler for about 10 $/€/£ (or whatever currency you are using) will do the same or even a better job. AMD has better stock coolers, but even those aren't a good solution to cool their cpus down for a longer time without heat issues.

  2. used the old intel one as my main for 3+ years, once i switched to amd the "stealth" wraith was so loud I had to get an aftermarket cooler only a week later. No clue what this video is on about

  3. The best improvement for the stock Intel cooling is it's replacement or stacking. I7 4770S owner here, I used the stock cooler for a while but 80 degress was just too high. Performed a delid and temps dropped to 75 degrees. I wasn't satisfied so I bought Arctic Alpine 12 CO that has 90mm fan and double the heatsink size. Temps dropped down to 60 degrees with half the fan RPM, 55 at full speed. Then I thought what if I put another Alpine heatsink, without the fan? So I stacked two heatsinks on top of each other, with MX-4 in between, and crafted an air duct so the fan sucks cool air directly, and also to make surea that air pushes down through the entire stacked heatsink. Now the CPU goes above 50 degrees only if i let the FAN speed at half.

    In conclusion: stock cooler is bad except if you stack like 4 or 6 heatsinks! THEN it is actually doing a decent job LOL.

  4. My 13th gen didn't come with a stock cooler….guess that lasted long

  5. Intel still makes coolers?

  6. nice ',

  7. We have that with my intel celeron

  8. In vietnamese we said: “this guy has too much mouth’’ – “anh này lắm mồm vl”

  9. The new intel stock cooler looks nice but intel has a terrible reputation of their stock cooler being excessively loud compared to others.

  10. Reply
    AssBeaterGaming xd May 10, 2023 at 11:30 pm

    If you ever feel useless then know that there is stock cooler for i9 cpus

  11. I just buy those Noctua fans lol. They've never let me down.

  12. Reply
    Gilgabro 🟨🟦 May 10, 2023 at 11:30 pm

    Ok who actually uses the stock cooler? I guess it's good to test the machine if you wanna use wather cooling but apart from that?

  13. 8:56 foreshadowing

  14. Can I use in lga 1155

  15. COOLER MASTER makes the Intel Fan Coolers. Never had any issues.

  16. no way that this cooler can cool a i9 12900.

  17. Whatever came with my i5 13500, was such a piece of garbage. Unacceptable even free of charge😑

  18. i got your ad on this video (abc's of Gaming)

  19. I really like these new designs. And I don't care if the mid range model's basically just an aesthetic upgrade. It looks cool and it's good enough for the job, that's all that matters.

  20. I haven't built in years and years but the intel mounting mechanism is soooooo much easier to use than the arctic freezer I just installed with help. why do they have to make it so finnicky and make you feel like you're walking tightrope with screwing in everything evenly. I don't know if it's too tight or too loose. And i guess i'll never know. 13700k still slam to 100C if i don't put temperature limits. But i don't feel safe at 100 so i put some limits on it.


  22. Reply
    你的帳戶再次違反《社群守則》 May 10, 2023 at 11:30 pm

    It looks horrible, it looks it a GPU cooler from 15 years ago

  23. I thought my computer was supposed to be loud cause I was using cheap case fans, and then I swapped out my stock cpu fan that came with my 9700f and was blown away with how it was practically silent by comparison

  24. Its literally half plastic

  25. My old 10th gen i5 had the worst cooler ever, I must've thermal throttled within minutes of using it under stress 😅. Gone with AIO cooling now, 1000× better

  26. Didn't even know that the ARGB one was a thing
    Looks awesome! It should ship along the i7 at least. What a shame.

  27. I literally Switched to AMD because their Stock Cooler is better. I have since upgraded to a Corsair H60 burt yeah Intel can suck a big one.

  28. Will these fit the i7 4770s ect? For extreme overclocking🫨

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