January 15, 2023

#hyggercleaningkit #hg038m #hyggeralgaescraper

Review of Hygger’s cool 4 in 1 cleaning kit. Wasn’t sure at first but think it’s ace. Would make a great gift for a fish keeper.

Get it on Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0B9LY8PXV/

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  1. 대단하네요. 좋은 영상 잘 봤습니다. 행복한 오늘되세요. 🤞🤞👏👏😍😍

  2. Thanks for the review … but I have to say it's all pointless overkill. Set up bioactive tanks, no vacuum just an occasional cleaning of the glass. The best tool for cleaning glass is still a razor blade and they make long handled holders up to 18". Nature will handle itself if you allow it too.

  3. What an awesome kit Daniel…..great review sir!!

  4. Great equipment i myself are old school but this could sway me

  5. Excellent review! I really like how the head pivots and you can lock it in place. The blade attachment looks like you can get it into some very skinny and hard to reach areas. Might be able to use the brush attachment on glass tube style heaters, too. Very well done, hope you're having a nice week Daniel! 🙂👍

  6. Wonderful crispy ear review.
    Typo…(Crisp n clear)👽🔨…🤣
    I also have thought about what I leave behind. . I'm donating my slippers

    Great review.

  7. Reply
    Lee and Mandy Battersby January 15, 2023 at 10:10 am

    loving this the amount of plastic ones i have snapped being heavy handed 😂 think this is going on my list

  8. 12.99 that's a steal. I like it. Great review Daniel

  9. Lol Daniel does ASMR🤣🤣

  10. 👍

  11. Dear Daniel:
    In the United States, Amazon lists this product as:
    hygger Small Fish Tank Cleaner, Aquarium Cleaning Tools Kit with Handle, Seaweed Scraper, Fishing Net, Sponge Brush,Wall Brush (S)
    It sells for $11.99. You said that in the UK, this product sells for £12.99. This is equivalent to $15.78.
    For me, filter floss; a credit card (or handy, plastic scrapper, which came with some, other aquarist hobby item I bought); and a toothbrush do the job. But, it might be nice to extend my reach, with this kit.
    As for cleaning the outside of the aquarium glass, I find that a paper towel with window-cleaner is the only way to go.
    Thank you for sharing your, terrific review of this, fine product.
    All my best,
    E. J. Brinegar

  12. Reply
    Ultimate Fish Keeping January 15, 2023 at 10:10 am

    Hi Daniel.
    How are you, Sir?

    That is a phenomenal review of those products. Very professionally done.

    The Algea Scraper that has quite a bit of flexibility, I have the same One, which was a cheap One I found on Amazon, but I do like it.

    Out of appreciation to you for taking the time to produce this film, I have granted your video the #10th #like to say thankyou very much for sharing.

    Take care, Sir. 👍🙂👍❤️

  13. That was some review Daniel, I've been thinking about getting one of those for my piranha tanks so I don't have to put my hand inside the tanks anymore, looks like this will work for me.

  14. Reply
    Fish Keeping Jamaica January 15, 2023 at 10:10 am

    This was a really informative share Daniel. Thank you.

  15. Love the air stone..
    I have a very similar Hygger cleaning kit..
    I actually really like it.
    Did a review a few weeks back.
    You will like it my friend.
    The smaller one you have is great.. I have the larger kit .
    Mine doesn't have the brush …
    Great job

  16. Great job Mate , enjoyed the review on the different attachments and the comparison with other products 😁

  17. It incredible the timing of this video Daniel! I was thinking of ordering the magnet but I’ve been afraid of scratches. Excellant review Daniel!

  18. Reply
    DeFreese Aquariums (Aka Rob) January 15, 2023 at 10:10 am

    Very nice

  19. I always go for a good old kitchen sponge m8 great upload by the way m8

  20. Nice Daniel 👊

  21. I’ll comment at the end

  22. 1st mate🙂👊🏻

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