HP Dragonfly Folio G3 Review 2022

January 13, 2023

HP’s unique 13.5” pull-forward convertible laptop with a vegan leather top cover evolves in all the right ways. The HP Dragonfly Folio G3 has a 3:2 aspect ratio display, pen and improved cooling. Trend Micro’s Premium Security Suite offers complete device and identity protection for up to 10 devices. Check it out here: http://bit.ly/3QgJPx4 and use code LISA10 (case sensitive) for 10% off your purchase! The 2-in-1 laptop features an uncommon design where you can pull the display forward in front of the keyboard, leaving the trackpad available. It also does tablet and conventional laptop positions. It has Intel 12th gen vPro processors, up to 32GB RAM, PCIe4 fast SSDs, optional 5G and an 8MP webcam with Windows Hello.
** Get it at HP.com: https://tidd.ly/3jYgYS1

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  1. You re the best laptop reviewer

  2. I love the look but prefer a standard flippy two-in-one. If using pull-forward mode, the overall table footprint is the same as normal laptop mode whereas a two-in-one can be used in its more efficient tent mode.

  3. This design reminds me of my old Sony Vaio laptop back in 2014. Flipped the same way like that. I like this design though.

  4. Let’s all please take a minute to appreciate Lisa’s insane t-shirt game. 🔥

  5. if linux runs well on it, I might be interested

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  8. The pleather is nice, something different than all the other plastic/metal laptops out there.

  9. Love the OMG tee.

  10. OMG 😅

  11. Poliuretano , perfect do destroy the environment and your health

  12. I like pull forward 2in1 so much better than 360

  13. I love that laptop, but it's very hard to justify the price.

  14. thank you so much for calling it faux leather because im seriously get tired of the term "vegan leather"…..especially since there is no such thing. When referring to leather its either fake or real. Unless they are referring to the cow itself…..all cows are vegan(herbivores) so its still not needed. Unless they are making leather from a new kind of cow that is an omnivore. So if you have the new breed of omnivore cow and one chooses to be vegan, and you make leather from it, thats the only time using the term vegan leather that it would be accurate.

  15. Looks great. Still amazed by my Elitebook x360 1030 g3, haven't felt any reason to upgrade for the longest of any device I've owned.

  16. This is a direct replacement for the HP Spectre Folio. They got rid of a full inch of the chin.

  17. Lisa Hey Thanks Much!

  18. Love you mam

  19. I love it every time you can bring up the old Sony VAIO laptops. They were quite amazing laptops for their time. I really wish Sony still made them

  20. The Dragonfly looks like it is a competitor to the Surface Laptop Studio. Thanks Lisa!

  21. Just like Microsoft Studio Laptop

  22. i love the replaceable battery. nice to find a convertible ultrabook with a somewhat off the shelf battery that can be replaced with just a screwdriver.

  23. Doncha wana get yer hands on that new Wacom 27"??

  24. Great to see less and less animal products being used in technology.

  25. I had no clue trend micro was on mobile. My school gave us licenses when i was in college. It was pretty good. 'd recommend, but i wouldn't buy it myself tbh lol. I don't go anywhere suspect and windows defender is fine for me right now. And I have my own vpn thing. Im sure itd be useful for other people tho

  26. I'm so happy New Year good to see you in 2023

  27. This one sounds like a pretty good and interesting one thank you my sweet sister

  28. Love your t-shirts.
    And professional review as always.

  29. 2500$ for crappy display.

  30. At least someone is actually Innovating 😊👍🏽

  31. Getting so close to 1 million subs… Woo Hoo!

  32. Big nooooooooo very late to party world is moving towards 13th gen intel👌👌

  33. thanx for review

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    Nook & Cranny Cambodia January 13, 2023 at 2:16 am

    The ergonomics is carefully taken into consideration.

  35. Do a giveaway 😢🎉😂😅❤

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    THETECHBOY Tech News and Reviews January 13, 2023 at 2:16 am

    Hi lisa

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