How to Stop Promoting Incompetent Men (Quick Study) reviews

October 6, 2022

Are there fewer women in management because we can’t discern between confidence and competence?

The popular explanations range from women just aren’t capable of being leaders to women just don’t want to be leaders. According to author Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic however, the absence of women in leadership roles has less to do with women themselves and more to do with how we interpret leadership traits. Confidence – a trait more associated with men – is often misinterpreted as competence. As a result, charismatic, but incompetent men have fewer barriers to reach the top than women. Individuals in positions to promote and hire managers should think more critically about what seems like a leadership trait versus what is an actual leadership trait. They will find that arrogance and overconfidence – the characteristics that get men into management positions – are also the characteristics that cause poor performance.


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  1. Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Your article about "incompetent men" published August 22, 2013, is trending now on LinkedIn, more than nine years later. Still, so much work yet to do!

  2. No time to spare for such biased presentations.Shame i watched this even by accident.

  3. Nonsensical.
    Why would you define incompetence with the attributes of competence? And why is it men and not people in general? There exist women who are incompetent too.

    The worst part is when he told leaders not to trust their instinct. Instincts are inborn impulses or motivation to action typically performed in response to specific external stimuli. Do you really think someone who can't trust their instinct is qualified to be a leader? If you believe it you are the incompetent man you have been talking about.

    Is there incompetence in managerial roles? Yes. Are men the reason behind this? Absolutely not, but it is easy to point fingers because of the prejudices induced by Western feminism propaganda that demonizes men instead of giving women a voice as they claim.

    If you are going to talk about leadership you need to set gender aside, because the data you claim to trust has proven anyone capable can lead regardless of their gender.

  4. Very important and touchy topic. One effective way to address is this is to have 360 degree feedback. More weightage to the feedback from direct reportees (team members) and one level below.

  5. Thank u for this video.

  6. Agreed

  7. Why bias such a great article by pointing out men are incompetent? I would suggest talking about incompetent leaders, no gender in between. I have struggled with both incompetent women AND men…

  8. Reply
    Gabriela Ruiz Rivera October 6, 2022 at 4:33 am

    2:10 absolutely agree with you, my friend! I'm amazed that A MAN pointed out this, Thank You!

  9. Interesting, what I have seen in my industry is the women who are leaders ie VP, director, dept head, supervisor and lower are easier to get along with and depending on if she is comfortable being a woman has a sensible leadership style otherwise if she is trying to be like her male perceived counterpart she is the worse kind of leader to deal with..

    Men as you describe incompetence is widespread in the industry and nepotism is normally hand in hand, the oddball is men of two categories that are easy going: 1. For the reason they won’t say anything to the uppers as adding to the betterment of policies and processes they go along to get along 2. Super rare, the competent man leads well by supporting those under him, listening to feedback and when warrants will argue in good fashion needs and ideas up to see lasting change

    Of the two decades I have been working it is rare to come across men and women who are great leaders

  10. What if the person evaluating competence is incompetent?

  11. The whole system of "leadership" ultimately leads one to become misanthropic. The problem isn't the leaders, it's the people who put them in positions of power.

  12. 360 degree reviews seem like an easy way to reward competent leadership.

  13. Sexism and Indoctrinated Gender equality

  14. I have seen shit float to the top during my career in the corporate environment. I have also seen the same shit fall when subjected to time and efficiency evaluation by outside specialists.

  15. Overdose sexism

  16. Very insightful.

  17. If women are better leaders, why aren't there any self made women in the top echoleon of entrepreneurs or sports coaching or sciences. Just bullshit

  18. If women were better leaders, then throughtout history women would be the majority of CEO's, military general's and country leaders. Since Larry Summers exit from Harvard, the university is transitioning from the greatest academic institution in the world, to a liberal playground full of feminists and beta males.

  19. One reason that incompetent people get away with their incompetence, is that there is poor monitoring and evaluation of their performance by their peers and "superiors", which of course is in itself incompetence: incompetent people are being allowed to get away with it. Incompetence rewards incompentence.

  20. Reply
    Gabriel Allen-Batieste October 6, 2022 at 4:33 am

    Unfortunately this gives fuel to incompetent men and women to label the competent as incompetent. Dangerous rhetoric. Vicious cycle.

  21. This is a great video, but let's not forget that data can be manipulated! These people love to cheat.
    I think the single best shortcut that we can take to avoid such leaders is to read about Narcissistic Personality Disorder, especially Covert Narcissists. Incompetent leaders are either overt narcissists – the boss who is a jerk, but most often, they are covert narcissists. They are manipulators. Most people will have big, big aha moments!

  22. Great work. This is pure gold for us young stars

  23. How about incompetent PEOPLE you sexist bigots

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