How to Develop a Quarterly Business Review (QBR) reviews

May 30, 2022

All-star panel from Pulse 2014 discussing best practices for managing a Quarterly Business Review, or QBR. Panelists include Stephanie Stapleton, Director of Customer Success at Gild, Nina Bankar, Senior Customer Success Manager at Pulse, April Oman, VP of Customer Success at Zuora, and Helen Valentine, Director of Customer Success Operations at Workday.

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  1. Really good information for those serious about customer success.

  2. Was general examples of how companies interact with their customers not how to develop QBR. It would have been great if you had shown the slides. We are missing most of the meat of this presentation. Ugh.

  3. Summary of key points:
    QBRs are interactive customer success conversations with executive sponsors designed to:
    1. Confirm/update goals (incl. measures of success) customers are trying to achieve in the upcoming period (a) in their business broadly (b) with your product
    2. Discuss past quarter usage/value & satisfaction framed in the context of the customer’s goals
    3. Discuss use cases/options that would add value (either complementary or upsell)
    4. Share product roadmap
    5. Summarize next steps / action items
    6. Schedule the next QBR
    a. not all panelists were conducting value reviews quarterly; sometimes 2x or 1x per year); some exploring trigger-based value reviews driven, for example, by executive sponsor change or a significant drop (or increase) in usage
    b. Workday: 600 customers supported by 40+ customer success managers (ratio of 15:1)
    c. For some organizations, customer success = customer service; for others, customer success = account management
    d. Segment & prioritize your customer base in order to serve high current & high future value customers preferentially
    e. QBRs are time-consuming to prepare; find ways to automate common tasks

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