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May 29, 2022

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Hey everyone, welcome back to Strike First Finance! Today’s video is actually a follow-up video to a tutorial I made earlier this year which was “How to become a sole proprietor”. Hopefully, you guys have been tracking your expenses and claiming your DBAs because at this point you’ve probably outgrown yourself, gotten a few retainer clients, and are ready to pursue your very first…LLC.

Now for those of you who don’t know, an LLC (limited liability company) is a type of business structure that helps protect external players from acquiring your personal assets in the event your company gets sued, bankrupted, or dissolved.

For example, if you were a sole proprietor and someone started a lawsuit with your company, there would be nothing that would stop that entity from targeting your company’s assets, your personal bank accounts, and almost anything else you own!

Here is the link to the database to check your LLC’s availability!

Free LLC Name Search

Here is the link to the Trademark Database:

When I secured my business name, I used Zen Business’s starter plan which costs $40 a year. They did all of the following:

– Secure a business name
– Appoint me a registered agent
– Sent me a template for an operating agreement.
– Filed the Certificate of formation for my company’s LLC.

I actually decided to create my EIN number for free on the IRS website, just to save a few extra bucks.

The Articles of organization LLC Texas is a document you are required to file if you want to form a limited liability company (LLC) in Texas. Similar to articles of incorporation, articles of organization provide the basic information needed to register your company with the Texas secretary of state. There are several other names for this document, depending on which state you’re in.

In this document you have to establish the following:

Article 1: Entity Name and Type

Article 2: Confirm your registered agent. (Form 401-1, $15 filing fee)

A registered agent is required for every LLC in America. Essentially your registered agent is just someone who receives and manages mail on behalf of your company. Some notable things about your Registered agent you should know about:

The agent must have a physical street address within the state

The agent must be available at that address during normal business hours.

The agent can be an individual who is at least 18 years old, or it can be a company that provides registered agent services.

Zenbusiness’ 1st Tier plan for LLC’s includes a registered agent to act on behalf of your company. Anytime you get new mail it’ll be sent to their office and you will be notified

Article 3: Governing Authority

You are also required to list the names and addresses of people who will be making business decisions in your LLC, which can be the members or managers. At least one member or manager must be listed, but the person does not have to be a resident of Texas.

Article 4: Purpose

The purpose of your LLC must also be stated in your articles of organization. It depends on the type of business you will be operating. For instance, if you are starting a for-profit business, you can say the purpose of your LLC is to do business lawfully in Texas. A professional or nonprofit organization, on the other hand, should provide a convincing business statement that can help it obtain a grant or favorable tax status.

Congratulations! You have learned everything you needed to get your LLC filed. Now there is a manual way to send your certificate of formation to your secretary of state, but that process is a little lengthy and I didn’t file my LLC this way. Instead, I used to file my LLC. For

$339, all of this was processed and completed within 3 weeks! I highly recommend their “Starter Plan” Tier to help launch your first LLC.

Comment below if you have any questions about the process! I’m always looking to help those in need!

Operating Agreement Template:

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  1. Reply
    Craft Cannabis Culture May 29, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    Does going through Zen Business still require you to get a business license

  2. I live in NYC and I have used zenbusiness. So far so good. I'm in the process of opening a business bank account. However, NYC banks are confusing for new businesses. Any suggestions?

  3. Great video! I was wondering if there are any recurring fees after the formation of an LLC. If I would just like ZenBusiness to help with creating my LLC and I plan on acting as the registered agent, is there a way to only pay the state fee and the $39? Thanks!

  4. I have a question about order of operation after the formation. Would you be willing to take a shot at answering them?

  5. Reply
    She's Pretty Nerdy May 29, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    Great video! Simple and straight to the point!

  6. yesterday i paid $599 on the premium LLC package this Zenbusiness offered…today when I checked my account, i realized they give me a BLANK operating agreement!

    FYI, I did form a LLC before with another online business formation provider for about $570(approximately)…and they give me a CUSTOMIZED operating agreement stating the percentages of the owners, the managerial roles etc.

    When I called Zenbusiness customer service to inquire about it, the representative was very rude and hanged up on me when I asked her to give me a second as i look through that blank operating agreement. So I called back spoke to another representative mentioned that the previous person hanged up on me & if i can file a complian about her atitude. She replied: yes, but it will be an internal affair which means you will not be acknowledged of any possible resolution if there is one.

    So far, I am not impressed about this business to say the least. Hopefully nothing will go too wrong down the road with this business as they just told me there is NO REFUND.

  7. Should my registered agent be my official contact ? Or should it be me at my business address?

  8. Hey bro I will be starting a business pretty soon. Everything is going to be done through me in person and potentially some online. Since I do not have specific hours will I still need agents? Please let me know highly appreciated.

  9. Reply
    RASHEN JAYAWICKRAMA May 29, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    Wow Look at you having the stock option chart on your background. How is it going? I did stocks for 1 year and did not get any reward now im at a loss. hows stocks going on for you? Are you making any profits?

  10. How long did it take to get your EIN number?

  11. what if you set a s-corp but wanna be taxed as a LLC?

  12. thanks 🙂

  13. Great video thanks for sharing!

  14. Say if I start my Llc today but my business doesn’t make much income how do I cover the taxes and how’s that work

  15. Used the middle tier and I'm now trying to get a business bank account but I don't see my articles of incorporation on my zenbusiness dashboard. Where can I find them? I got my EIN and zen business already processed my entire business just not sure where that part is.

  16. Really helpful video, thank you!

  17. Can one person own an LLC?Please how can l get grant? Thank you

  18. Hi there, thanks awesome video very helpful. Today is January 1,2021 and Im excited to start this new year off as a official business owner!! Going to get the process started.

    Have you applied for any start up grants/loans out there now especially since the second stimulas check has been passed?!!!

    Could you please make a video of applying for the grants and loans and really prove to us viewers how easy it is to get $10,000+ business credit as a minority or start up business owner?!!!

    Please thanks so excited to see your progress! Blessings to you and much victory and peace to come in this New Year!

  19. Reply
    ZTBM (F.A.N.C.Y. Lifestyle) May 29, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    Aye you need more subscribers, really appreciate the knowledge!!!

  20. Thank you for this video this really helped me alot

  21. Super useful and informative – thanks man! Keep it up!

  22. Reply
    Strike First Finance May 29, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    0:17 "What is an LLC?"
    0:59 "Checking Your LLC's Availability"
    1:44 "The Articles Of Organization/The Certificate Of Formation"
    3:18 “Zen Business Review”
    4:20 "After LLC Formation"

    Hey everyone! It's been many months since I released my "How To Start Your First Business As A Sole Proprietor", so to appropriately follow up, here is an in-depth tutorial on how to start your first LLC!

    Long story short, I mainly used's "Starter Plan" to get my first LLC live and ready! They are a great company and have amazing customer support. I fully recommend that you check them out if you are looking to begin your first LLC! Hopefully, the information in this video helps you avoid a lot of first time mistakes new business owners make in their process while structuring their business!

  23. Great, short, and sweet video!

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