How to Create a Google Review Link 2022

June 3, 2022

In this tutorial I show you how to create a Google Review Link that opens up to all reviews or creates a link that people can click to directly leave a Google Review!

Full the full post with links and resources at:

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  1. 2:14 How to create like that profile on the left side?

  2. didnt work !

  3. How to shorten that url?

  4. Do I have to have a Google Business Page in order to have a google review link?

  5. how do you do this without wordpress

  6. But the link doesn’t work on the mobile.

  7. Why not just take the get reviews link directly from your Google business listing.

  8. Thank you Josh, great tutorial. I followed your instructions, however, under 'Info' @ my short name appears but when I go to 'Home -Get more Reviews' the link shows the long link. Any idea's ?

  9. Hey there! thanks for this info, quick question; I've done this but does not work for mobile iPhone, could you please recommend any link to add reviews and works for mobile devices thanks!!!

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    Cortez Hustle aka Financial Health Mentor June 3, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    Perfect, exactly what I needed.

  11. Mobile never works and my website traffic is mostly mobile. Any tips? I went to a restaurant and I guess it was geofenced, I left and they sent me a link by TEXT that took me to a proper mobile link. My guess is they're using a software. Any info on this would be appreciated. I don't have a capability of having separate websites for desktop and mobile..yet

  12. Hi Josh, when I log in and copy the part for write a review, it looks like it is taking me to my own actual page and says edit review instead of write a review. Any ideas on what we are missing? thank you

  13. Exactly what I needed in a hurry. Straightforward and simple for my client. Thank you you so much. Earned yourself another subscriber.

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    PersonalDroneRepair June 3, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    Hey Josh! Thank you for this information! I use Divi but I am not proficient. Do you have a video on how to build the Google Reviews Logo along with the See Reviews and Write a Review Button. I have a module containing a jpeg (in the body of the page) that I would like to use. I plan on remove the jpeg and build the Google Reviews logo and call to action buttons in that module. The idea is that I will not create a layout shift and I would expect to lower my load times due to the fact that one of my jpegs does not have to be parsed by the browser.
    Thank You !!


  15. If anyone want Google Review then you can contact with me. I will provide real Google Review. My skype name: asit.mondal87

  16. Does the user need to have a Google account to leave a review?

  17. Why won't my Google review appear for public to see? I tried to change my name. Tried to shorten it. Tried to post it on other moments and days. And nothing works..

  18. The write a review button no longer changes the URL

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