How Qatar Bought the World Cup 2022

November 25, 2022

The REAL Reason Qatar is Hosting the World Cup
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We went deep to understand how Qatar won the bid to host the World Cup. What we found was a deep web of corruption and influence peddling. This video is our clearest explanation of how it all went down.

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Thank you to Dr. Paul Widdop and Bonita Mersiades for speaking to us for this video.

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  1. Wow all evidence comes from US sources who framed and invaded Iraq based on same sources and CIA, yup crossed all marks we should believe you. US source mount for nothing in most of world eyes except for blind wester countries

  2. You do know that qatar has 3m people not a couple hundred thousand people, right?

  3. Oh ! So this just happened in Qatar and this time never before any western country or US have done ever to any country before

  4. That sponsorship did not aged well lol, great video btw

  5. The world cup was being held in Christian countries for centuries and there was not a single word but first time in history it's opening in a Muslim country or Middle East. Everyone : "HOW DID QATAR BROUGHT THE WORLD CUP"

  6. Now do WHO. Same type of organization with tons of corruption and Big Pharma pouring money along with corporate individuals. The one many cheered and defended. Did way more damage to the world than FIFA ever will.

  7. Reply
    BarebackBarbarians FC November 25, 2022 at 8:41 pm

    People have no clue how corrupt fifa is.

  8. How can we trust your research into topics when you can't fact check the things you say for sponsors? The fee for changing the owner of a piece of land costs more than they claim to sell land for.

  9. I can’t believe I have wasted my time watching this. 🤦🏻

  10. Johnny, you're the best! You and your team. I love watching these videos and you inform me so well, I appreciate the unbias you bring to all the stories you cover and I know that I can trust you. Thank you for your journalism!

  11. and every other country was sooooo innocent. deal with america, canada, london, germany and other countries that have been picked.

  12. ohhhhhhhh ok i know xD

  13. Reply
    Yerlan Yar-Mukhamedov November 25, 2022 at 8:41 pm

    Love the storytelling

  14. Quatar: Let us host the next world cup!
    FIFA: Idk you dont have any infrastructure, you have low population and you are in a dessert.
    Quatar: Shows money 💰💰💰💰💰💰
    Quatar: Ok, now repeat after me: Quatar will host the next world cup
    FIFA: Quatar will host the next world cup 🤑
    Quatar: Quatar has the best football team
    FIFA: Quatar has the best football team 🤑
    Quatar: Quatar has the best football infrastructure
    FIFA: Quatar has best football infrastructure🤑

  15. He knew just what to say to creat universal loathing, I love it 😂❤

  16. Speaking of scams, Established Titles pays YouTubers to promote their Lord, Lady scam. It is not legit.

  17. All about the money

  18. The U.S are butthurt because they weren't selected to host 2022 Fifa, they should investigate Republican Party for fraud in the cayman island. Instead of this ridiculous game

  19. If journalism is an art, Johnny is the artist.
    Thank you for exposing Qatar. It's the Nazi of Middle East.

  20. Q. What other things that brings this much people together
    And. Cricket India vs Pakistan match 😏

  21. No one could have explained it better.Great work.

  22. Jealousy detected 😂 USA

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