how I make candles for my small business // makesy & brambleberry review reviews

March 12, 2023

finnally getting back into candle making for my small biz! I’m so excited to finally get some new raw materials in & upgrade my candle making process with a wax melter. Hope you enjoy:)

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  1. The $ store carries funnel pitchers. You can use this to put your wax in.

  2. Reply
    The Kocholate Journalist March 12, 2023 at 9:42 am

    Hi Monica, loved your vlog! New subscriber!!

  3. How much wax does the wax holder hold?

  4. What temp do you let your wax cool to before pouring ?

  5. Reply
    Cooper does it all March 12, 2023 at 9:42 am

    Try putting your melt pot on a riser and put your scale with the “pitcher” under the spout. Good luck!!! 😊

  6. First time coming across your channel. I like watching your process because I literally do exactly same things… lol
    I wanted to know if you would share the cricut settings you used? Type of paper? Printer ? Ink? And finally the wood wick size you used? I use all the same suppliers as you, Makesy is getting pricey……
    I only ask because I have spent weeks trying to figure out my labels and incorporating my cricut to help… anyhow I enjoyed your video look forward to seeing more:) oh btw they are called pouring pitchers….. lolol

  7. Love the bts of your business. It's so helpful to have general insight into your process 😊

  8. Hi Monica, gosh you are really throwing yourself in to this candle making. As a seasoned candle maker and like many who first start off, takes a lil while to figure out your system. Try not to get caught up in tooo many fragrances or overthink your candle jars. Testing is the key thing as fragrances can perform so differently depending on what wax, wicks you use etc. You doing well and enjoying watching your journey.

  9. Keep the faith girl. I think you can’t expect to have many items available at the same time. You maybe working yourself a bit too thin. You are trying to stock a shop by yourself technically, as you are manufacturing everything as well. It’s a lot to deal with on top of marketing and everything else. Pace yourself.

  10. Always watching your channel. Greethings from Holland.

  11. You should use your colored vessels for “holiday collections” or limited editions and once they are gone they are gone ✅💕

  12. Hi Monica, thank you for this video! Just a small tip when doing the smell test. I learned that smelling grounded coffee in between helps you reset your sense of smell. 😉 All the best!!

  13. I am a big fan. Sending best wishes from Trinidad and Tobago.

  14. First I’m your biggest fan!❤

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