How dark can cyberpunk roleplaying get? (Cy_Borg RPG Review) reviews

January 12, 2023

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  1. Get the exclusive NordVPN deal here: It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!
    Get Cy_Borg in PDF:
    Get Cy_Borg in Print:
    Augmented Reality in PDF:
    Augmented Reality in Print:

  2. @7:75 Well said! I completely agree with you on this point!

  3. The art is just gorgeous

  4. GNC, the glass cannon network, is doing an actual play of this in a couple of weeks. This game looks so cool. I love the cover!

  5. A problem with the wild graphical layout is that it’s even more inaccessible to the visually-impaired than most text.

  6. so, when are you going to make a sci-fi game?

  7. The strange fonts … I love it! But I can't use it because I'm legally blind and can't read that crazy shtuff. 😭 But the whole aesthetic they've got going on is just so much fun… Give me the printed book I can show off to people for being so insanely over the top it's just ridiculous, and give me a nice sans serif font PDF or better yet, ePub to actually play the game with. 😁

  8. Ben! You are awesome. Are you going to review all the new games that are rising to challenge the One Big Game owned by Was-Bro? You are the guy who knows what makes or breaks an indy game. Your voice on this will guide us through the smoke, fog and other confusion. If not, that is okay too – it might not be your thing? My thanks for your amazing stuff. I will always be a big fan of Knave. Knave 2 must rise to power! Perhaps call Knave 3 something like… Knave & Knights (K & K?). Ha! I know, i have been typing way too long, i will see myself out.

  9. I'm waiting on my shipment of this+MB from free league. Very excited to give it a go

  10. Reply
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    "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." -Colin R. Davis

  11. Yes! love CyBorg!

  12. I find funny how these "dark" games can be visually extremely garish and coloured.

    I don't find particularly funny the "we're in a simulation" headline. It's just a big, lame "gotcha!": "Surpriiise players, nothing you did here counts. … So… Wanna play Traveller next?"

  13. Unexpected "huh" moment in this vid–my first thought upon you reading Rule #00 was the same reaction. Didn't expect to hear it only seconds later.

    Anyway, thanks for the overview as always. Between you and PDM I feel well served by my subs. I don't like the messy random presentation, but I do like rule books and interesting settings. And dead-tree media. I think I may need to pick this up.

  14. Love your flip-through reviews and glad you do stuff other than fantasy. Now I want to buy this even though I'm not planning a cyberpunk game! Any chance you can do a review for Cyberpunk RED ?

  15. Theres a third party source that allows you to add fantasy races with stat bonuses. So if you wanted to run a grim dark shadowrun campaign you can

  16. The page about Rule 0 seems like it would have gone over better as a form of "Antagonists were designed as simplistic enemies. Keep this in mind if you're taking a different approach." instead of framing it as an unbreakable rule. I want suggestions, but like it says, all the rules are suggestions anyway.

  17. Just bought this rule book two weeks ago, dont know when ill be able to play but it was worth it just to read through it

  18. I have a big interest in this now. Thank you!

  19. I got the western on acid rules that you showed a while ago. I don’t play rpg’s any more, but I enjoy collecting and reading the rules and enjoying the quirky layouts, rules, and lore. I’ll be adding this to my list!

  20. Request: bloat games' "survive this!! " series , namely "Dark Places and Demogorgons " and "We die young "

  21. I just realized for these videos you could make a crossover with the lock picking lawyer

  22. I have a feeling that the Knave structure would work well in a cyberpunk setting. You are only as good as the chrome and apps you're carrying, after all.

  23. I'm not sure I'll ever understand the appeal of the Mork Borg art and layout style. Oh well. Have fun, people.

  24. While it's more crunchy than MB, I feel, it's still a much lighter system to run cyberpunk while still retaining the heavy themes. Don't get me wrong Cyberpunk RED and other rpgs of the genre are great (I like The Sprawl) but for something quick and to the point this fits the bill really well. If your table has played MB it's a delight to change gears to this very easily and my players really like all the winks and nods of story references to MB that have been transplanted into CY Borg.

  25. Geezer here…..
    Great video, as always. Personally I always loved cyberpunk. Of course back in the 80s I had a 14" mohawk in real life, so no surprise I guess. Yes it is the darkest possible setting ever.
    Gaming on.

  26. I heard Free League just acquired The Muppets IP from Disney. That means SMORGAS-BORG: The Swedish Chef Roleplaying Game can’t be far away… 😂 Nice review video. 👍🏽

  27. Wonderful review as per usual 🙂 keep up the great work

  28. 11:21

    How badly do they want their cash back? (d6)

    1-6: Very.

  29. This is actually talkin to me since i always wanted to play cyberpunk type RPG but Cyberpunk Red seemed very complicated

  30. I think the best way to do experience in a cyberpunk setting is one point per Credit of debt paid off.

  31. After two games, I'm thoroughly enjoying running this. Lots of flavor, just enough crunch.

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