Honda HR-V 2022 Review 2022

December 23, 2022

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This is the all-new Honda HR-V, and Mat’s about to find out if this is the best value-for-money family SUV you can buy in 2022!

So let’s take a look at the design. For starters, there’s no denying that the looks are much improved over the previous generation. From a full-length light bar at the rear to a body colour grille upfront, this is one seriously stylish family car.

Take a look at the inside and the high quality continues, with a smart-looking dash and a pretty good infotainment system. Honda has even retained some physical buttons so you don’t have to do everything through a touch screen!

You won’t have any trouble picking an engine either, as there’s only one – a 1.5-litre petrol coupled with two electric motors to put down 130hp. There are also three trims to pick from, but otherwise, that’s your lot!

So what do you think – is this the best family car you can buy for under £30,000? You’ll have to stick with Mat to see for yourself!

00:00 Intro
00:42 Exterior Design
01:40 Interior
02:53 Back Seats
04:13 Boot
05:33 5 Annoying Things
06:59 5 Cool Things
08:44 Engine
09:59 Driving
12:54 0-60mph
13:54 Verdict

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  1. The best Japanese car is… ?

  2. Why is this design not available to the rest of the world? The fucking kia-like model that is the current design is a disaster

  3. Sadly Honda has lost its way. Why not put the 1.5 turbo in.

  4. I hate big rims. so uncomfortable. give me 17 inch rims. I am happy

  5. isn't this the 2023 model?

  6. Honda need a good car designer…

  7. Under powered,, too plasticity, bad ride, noisy.
    Ahh no thanks. When will Honda wake up and address the above!

  8. Bit rough. Cars great tho.

  9. Big fan of honda, but this seems like a disappointment. Trying to replace my 2012 Jazz but this seems like a sidegrade rather than a upgrade it terms of practicability. This doesn't compare to the KIA NIRO or the upcoming Toyota Corolla Cross HEV. In fact I think even the Peugoet 2008 is better. (if they ever made a Hybrid verision of it).

  10. That Honda looks f n cheap

  11. I like how the host is ever so slightly over the whole thing.

  12. Does that acceleration sound persist if I go with a higher but constant speed, let's say 130 km/h?


  14. Good review as allways.! I know you reviewed the old one also, bud not the sport, with the civic motor in it, i would like to see a review of that, even if it is a bit old now..

  15. the car looks great but the proportion of body to wheels size just doesn't fit. you have a SUV with a small hatch back wheels which makes the profile look wired. I think the wheel size choice is based on the weak 1.5L engine which again is not suitable for this size of car and explains why the engine screams when you floor it. 
    I like economic clean cars but this body mass could've easily used a 2.0L engine with bigger wheels and I would've bought one no question.
    Thanks mat

  16. Buying a Civic makes far more sense

  17. Why does this 🤡 have to try and break every thing or scratch things 👎🤡

  18. '
    stop watch at 002…
    oh that is a so ugly car


  20. I believe the noise is generated as the electric motor drives the car ( Not a CVT I believe )

  21. Love the Alfa Romeo bottle

  22. Daf with a Honda badge.

  23. Boo! Kia Seltos over this car 😂

  24. There is no aitch at the start of the word aitch.

  25. Throwing things again, so f'ing annoying and NOT funny at all.

  26. I am 6ft tall and have owned my HR-Ve:EHV for 10 moths. I can rest my arm on the centre arm rest quite happily. How tall are you, shortarse! 😉
    NOISY! YUP! Come on Honda, can't you afford sound deadening.Tyre roar on tarmac is DREADFUL

  27. I live in Malaysia and I'm picking up my new HRV-E 1.5 Turbo today. Petrol not a hybrid. We are able to choose from 4 different models here. Mine is white and has black grill plus getting full leather seats. I loved the handling of it when test driving it.

  28. Why does this hr-v look different from the new hr-v in Canada

  29. Honda vezel has more features then hrv

  30. Has any one had trouble with the HrV losing its charge ?Mine has failed to start with a flat battery three times in 10 days

  31. HOW ABOUT HE BRV 2022

  32. In China 1.5 na version only costs abt 15000pounds, hybrid costs around 18000 pounds.

  33. What everyone seems to forget is that CVT gearboxes (ie, the belt) are inherently noisy & expensive to repair, usually requiring a new box, since spares & skill are not readily available; if you don't believe me, check/get a quote for your own benefit. Toyota`s e_CVT is the best/most reliable, currently. Manufacturers make CVT because they are cheaper (for them). When buying any car, always consider the total cost of ownership, meaning you need to factor in running cost, service costs, reliability, resale, dealership support, etc.

  34. Hi Mat. When you must have a decision between the HR-V and the Kia Niro HEV. What do you get? Greetings 😎😏


  36. Well this is awkward – the HRV compared to KIA Niro HEV – lower MPG despite it being a smaller car, smaller boot, droning CVT, higher price. On the plus side its got pretty exterior and "magic" seats. Overall this car gets a verdict of "shortlist", but the Niro on 2017 got the "consider". When you talk about fuel economy HRV got praise for 53MPG, and Niro got a bit flogged for reaching "only" 56MPG… Not cool! I voted with my money for a Niro (MY2020 – facelifted, but not the new 2022 one) and I don't regret it – super comfortable, loads of features, space and overall a very nice, user friendly car – it feels a bit posh for its price. It has an inverter so you can plug a laptop for charging, its decent on highway speed at 120-130kph and in the city – super economy. Sport mode is fantastic and the car doesn't get boring despite being a hybrid. 9/10 for me. HRV seems like a 6/10

  37. The US version is so ugly.

  38. How to make a carwow hybrid review:
    1. Complain about regenerative brake noises
    2. Complain about CVT gearbox sound
    3. Throw the boot accessories on the ground and scratch them up before giving the car back to whomever gave it.

    And there you go!

  39. I want to nissan patrol vrs Land cruiser

  40. I think Matt needs to rethink his definition of 'flat floor'. That is not flat in the rear.

  41. Honda and Toyota save money on quality interior and features, but that saved money they put on engine and drive components making the cars more reliable than competitors.

  42. Nice exterior, pretty cheap interior, especially in the back.

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