Here's My 2023 Ford Super Duty Build!!! || My Truck Has A Job #1 Order… What Does This Mean? 2022

January 7, 2023

This is it, here is the build sheet for my 2023 Ford F350 Platinum!!! || Like || Subscribe || Share || #fordf350 #platinum #Lariat

Special thanks to Larry H Miller Ford Provo: || (801) 734-9796

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  1. I am excited for this!

  2. Let's see 👀 how you do. Booyah 👊 😁 👍 🇺🇲

  3. We actually ordered a 7.3 & let me say I’m really hoping it’s as powerful as they say, only reason why we did gas is cause #1 cheaper right now #2 certain power strokes have been notorious for problems #3 we don’t have to deal with def or emissions nothing better than a standard V8

  4. Anyone notice the clock the Roman numeral 4 is wrong. Great vid very helpful on the fence on getting a new one

  5. Your Job #1 order will turn into a Job #2, BUT your dealer must change your order code to '99', if not mistaken. Check w/ your dealer to make sure. I have the Zilla w/ 4.30s, and you will love it!

  6. You are going to be waiting quite a bit of time for yours with the options mine will be here by February

  7. What a moron you don't own anything and waste so much money!

  8. I recently ordered a 2023 Lariat with the ultimate package and a 6.7 L high output diesel. 7.3 fuel mileage is so bad.

  9. Welcome to Utah.. a great drive for you to consider is vernal Utah to Manila Utah. 8% grades switchbacks and a true test of power and brakes. It’s about 4 hours west of salt lake

  10. Reply
    Stephen SaintSauveur January 7, 2023 at 2:23 pm

    Why didn't you get a. HEMI 3500?

  11. This is great! I’ve been debating getting the 7.3. Just makes so much sense on paper, but hard to not get the diesel. Really excited for your upcoming impressions and content.

  12. This will be an awesome truck, JB, congrats! Good point with the fact that a very loaded lariat will be close in price to a platinum. FYI, the main reason to stay down at the lariat trim is that you can still get the 40/20/40 front seats, above lariat forces you into the five seat configuration. I actually seat six people in my truck frequently, so this is what I did and my 2022 F250 lariat with ultimate package plus a bunch of other options was nearly the same price as a platinum.

  13. JB let me in on your secret man. I’m trying to get like you!🤣😂 Glad you are able to do what you do and give us the reviews and your personal opinions on these trucks and r/v’s. Keep it up! God bless

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    Shepherd's Fleet Services LLC January 7, 2023 at 2:23 pm

    Nice. I hate it hard to get the 8 ft bed. I hate short beds

  15. That’s it I’m trading in my chevy😂

  16. I will be watching closely how these gas trucks do – might help me make a decision on gas vs diesel.

  17. I have an order build for a Platinum Tremor powerstroke with a listing saying job 1 also on the build sheet. I ordered it October 27, 10 minutes after the order banks opened. It will not be built until job 2. I'm thinking best case scenario, end of May?….Very hopeful thinking 🤞

  18. My 7.3. Was a good truck. I’m back in a Cummins now. I’m sure when my emissions go out. Ill go back to gas

  19. The 450 Lariat i have on order is $81k

    It may or may not replace my '22….depending on which I like better.

    Purely subjective in options I didn't get:

    I don't like moon roofs…any of them, but Ford's roofs seem to be problematic.

    I don't care if my running boards retract….think fixed boards prevent door dings.

    I envy you regarding those seats…..I will be on the lookout to see if they're swappable.

    Was bummed you can't get the locking rear on 450's……I actually used it on my 350.

    Your disdain for lack of cab running lights is the exact same disdain i have for HD short bed trucks……but the bed is more objective in that a LB is vastly more useful than a SB…….

    Again, on a subjective note, I wanted the B&O stereo and big screen….otherwise I would have gone XLT…..wish I wasn't forced into leather; they will have wet okole seat covers from the beginning.

    The stereo is not what I had hoped….drove in a friend's nissan frontier with a factory Rockford Fosgate……it blew my stereo away.

    So in hindsight, the only thing the Lariat gets me is the big screen……which I do like in spite of Ford's temperamental sync 4 (my 3 had the same problems)

    Oh, and I did delete the center console…..I have an occasional need to seat 6 people.

    The above truck has all the options my current '22 has…..and a couple standard features I don't have… the 360* camera.

    There was about a $4k differences.

    I wanted the HO PSD…..definitely didn't need it, but certainly didn't want to wait for it.

    In a weird way, I do want the gasser….which is not available in a 450.

    After owning multiple 350's, I can NEVER go back after having the '22 450 for 7 months….that front end should be available across the board on super duties.

    450's only have 4.30 rears, and I get the perceived advantage for towing, but except for initial roll out, I'm not convinced the 4.30's are needed because of the 10 speed.

    If you think you need lower gearing to climb grades, the transmission will oblige you……instead of being in 8th-10th, it'll drop you down to 6th-7th.

    With 4.30's you'll NEVER get the couple hundred lower RPM in 10th…..have to imagine that's worth some economy benefit.

    Hope you get you truck soon…mine was ordered the minute the banks opened up, and I'm just getting the Ford apology letters.

  20. Hey JB, am I the only one that is thinking that a HD truck will be used to work towing either a big camper or Hot shotting etc. Here is my concern, going to a gas station! Most gas stations don't accommodate huge RV's or big trailers without the danger of hitting pumps, yellow poles with tail swing, not to mention getting out with cars flying all around you. There is a reason why the big three put the larger fuel openings on the diesel pickups. Going into a truck stop for diesel fuel is not only easier and safer but can handle the high flow nozzles, and you can get EFS cards from a few sources tor diesel discounts as well. I'm just saying if I was towing a lot, just thinking about where I was going to fuel, the gas would not be an option. I really love this channel, keep up the wonderful job you're doing JB!

  21. I bought new a 2020 f250 lariat fully loaded with the 7.3 Godzilla. I came from a 2016 ram 2500 Cummins. I love my diesels, but I don’t tow enough to justify a diesel. My travel trailer is 8k pounds loaded and my dump trailer is 14ft 14k pound. The gasser does good for my needs. One thing I do like is the lower maintenance cost of the gasser and gas price’s. It definitely takes some time to get used to the gasser rpm range compared to the diesel. Looks like It is gonna be a good looking truck you ordered.

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