HELLUVA BOSS 1X7 Reaction & Review S1E7 – "Ozzie's" – Finale Part 1 2022

November 23, 2022

This is my first time watching, reacting, and reviewing 1X7 of Helluva Boss “Ozzie’s” Finale Part. I hope you enjoy it!


Follow Blitz, a classic demon Imp who sets out to run his own small assassin business with his weapons specialist Moxxie, his bruiser Millie, and his receptionist hellhound Loona. Together they attempt to survive each other while running a startup in Hell.

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  2. NOTES in chronological order because I'm lazy putting in timestamps, maybe, idk:

    > This Fizzaroli is a cyborg, robotic limbs, organic body, and this Fizzaroli is the original, an actual person not a robot. The Robo-Fizz that we see in Ep.2 seems to be a replica of the original. The Robo-Fizz that is being sold seems to be an advanced sex toy, but as explained by the original Fizzaroli, the Robo-Fizz in Loo Loo Land seems to be placed there for children's entertainment

    > In my opinion, Asmodeus wasn't shaming Stolas for sleeping with Blitzo. As the embodiment of Lust, I would say that Asmodeus is quite ecstatic at the fact that a demon royalty would give in to carnal desire, that they were willing to throw away everything (Stola's wife, Stella, and Octavia) just to sate their Lust. At least, that's how Asmodeus would see things from his perspective.

    > Keep in mind that Asmodeus is Stolas's peer, as Asmodeus is one of the 7 deadly sins and the ruler of his respective Ring in Hell, obviously higher than Stolas. While Stolas for his part is a demon royalty with sufficient power.

    > Asmodeus, while the persona we've seen certainly comes off as prioritizing raw, physical lust over any other form of attachment, given his close affections when Fizzarolli is injured (and him having made no attempt to hide what he was doing while in full view of his entire club) and the fact that Ozzie's is a venue specifically tailored to couples (and probably polyamorous groups, but the main point is that one can't enter without at least one partner present), it's likely that persona, and the song was simply tailored to encourage lust first and foremost within the venue.

    Side Note: Asmodeus is higher in Hell's hierarchy than Stolas, as Asmodeus is one of the Seven Deadly Sins and is above the Ars Goetia


    The Hierarchy:

    – Lucifer Morningstar [King of Hell, Prince of Pride Ring]

    – Lilith Morningstar?? [Lucifer's wife] and Charlie Morningstar [Lucifer's Daughter]

    – The other 6 of the Seven Deadly Sins [Asmodeus is here]

    – Ars Goetia [Demon Royalty] [Stolas is here]

    – Overlords

    – Sinner Demons

    – Hellborn Demons

    – Imps [Blitzo is here]

    – Hellhounds


    > One reason as to why Blitzo "stalks" the imp couple is because he wants what they have, a functional working relationship, he wants love and affection from someone, like how the imp couple treat each other

    > Stolas' gray stip on his hair is the same as the gray strip that the female imp has on the Hell-a-Novela, apparently, she’s a comfort character for Stolas, or so people say

    > In Moxxie's song Belzebub is implied to be a woman, which means the “Prince” of the Ring of Gluttony might actually be a “Princess”. There are also speculations that lead to Belzebub being 2 different demons who are wed to each other as Moxxie says something on the lines of “Belze loves her Bub”

    > Octavia being with her mother, Stella, implies that a divorce happened, showing why Stolas was alone in his home in the first part and why no one seems to be home in the last part (not yet confirmed, but its what people believe)

    > The photos that Blitzo has on the background wall in his home suggest self-denial, he wants others to be happy, but he feels like they could be happier without him, thus him blotting out his face from the photos

    > The photos on Blitzo's phone are the important things that happened in his life. Let's observe. Stolas sleeping while Blitzo selfies, shows that Blitzo actually does love or at least care about Stolas, Blitzo has a small smile. Here we can definitely say that Blitzo wants to be affectionate with Stolas. But as previously stated in Ep.6, Blitzo has built a wall around himself to shove away the people who get too close, ie. Stolas. Next, we see Blitzo and the imp couple, he cares about his "family", that’s why he always wants to be part of whatever they want to do. Then the Blitzo and Moxxie picture, Moxxie's first day. The part where Blitzo was adopting Loona, again he values family. Blitzo and Verosika, these two had an actual functioning relationship, but then Blitzo dipped for some reason, what reason may I ask? He became an asshole and pushed her away, again being TOO CLOSE. The next 2 photos are of Fizzaroli and Blitzo, childhood best friends who turn into probable lovers but then a heavy crash and burn. And finally, Blitzo's twin sister Barbie Wire and their loving mother, probably "Tilla"

    > If you stop and analyze the photos on the phone more, you would see that there is no white scar on Blitzo’s face on the first photo of Blitzo and Fizzaroli, and just before that, the photo of Blitzo and Verosika, the scar is very much prominent. Now, we can take this 2 ways, 1st is that Blitzo got the scar from being with Verosika as Blitzo was a bodyguard for her. And the 2nd is that a very terrible accident happened between Blitzo and Fizzaroli that makes Blitzo have a scar on his face, and Fizzaroli have his limbs be replaced by robotic prosthetics [the second one is the most popular theory as of yet]


    > Stolas and Blitzo do care for each other, but they care more of how people look at them. Last episode, Blitzo confirms that Stolas is his safe space, his savior, hoping that he wouldn't just be a tool. But then Asmodeus comes along and points out things about Stolas. Stolas being the pampered rich kid doesn't really know how to handle the consequences of their actions, so when he gets called out, he gets embarrassed and caves into the judgment of other people. This action then affected Blitzo as it would confirm the fear in his head, he is just a tool, and Stolas is embarrassed to have a sexual relationship with him, further confirming his doubts and what do we see him do to Stolas at the end? He pushes the royal bird away

    If you want to feel even sadder than you are now, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you to react to PARANOiD DJ's song about Stolas. It's called " 'Just Look My Way' (Stolas' Lament)".

  3. Great reaction! What an episode!

  4. we will see the part 2 eventually however it isn't really continuing right after this they said it was just a little extra thing for fans

  5. I mean, you have stolas whose sexually repressed and finally has someone he is attracted to and likes but has a hard time expressing it without getting to a lustful place since he and blitzo got together for blitzo to get the book and it’s clear blitzo isn’t the type
    To Express his feelings as you’ll see why later in the series I’m

  6. I saw Alex brightman in beetlejuice just a few days ago! He’s so much fun to watch!

  7. Blitzo has no brother the person in the picture was his twin sister.

  8. I'm probably going to get flamed for this…but I don't quite feel sorry for Blitz here.

    Considering how much of an a-hole he's been towards Moxxie, how much of a creep he is with Loona, how horrible he is towards random others AND the fact he periodically stalks his co-workers; how am I supposed to empathize with him?

  9. Twin sister

  10. Keep in mind here, Asmodeus IS lust. He is one of the 7 deadly sins. Rulers of hell, 2nd only to Lucifer himself. This is literally one of the most powerful beings in all of Hell we're dealing with.
    This is the episode where a lot of the fandom seems to get really lost. From here on out people are extremely confused by Blitzo and Stolas' relationship and what is happening. You have to read between the lines and pay attention to multiple things. The talk at the van window here was both of them saying they want more from the relationship. Stolas got it. Blitzo was extremely wrapped up in the very personal attack he suffered extremely publicly to catch that Stolas is offering him what he most wants.

  11. I feel so bad for Stolas. He makes himself vulnerable for Blitzø, but Blitzø can't bring himself to reciprocate or be sincere because he's always guarded, and can't just admit he craves a more personal connection.

  12. Bro Blitzo and Stolas were f*cking each other before even dating lol

  13. From episode 6 we can find out that Blitz's afraid to love people, he craves for a healthy relationship, and that's why he wants to learn something from Millie and Moxxie. and that last picture is probably his mom and sis, cuz we knew from episode 3, Verosika said his sis was in rehab, so in that pic is more like his sis

  14. Helloooo off-topic but ur my favorite youtuber <3

  15. Having seen season 2 so far, not having the part 2 of this episode definitely feels like a bit of a jump, but its definitely manageable. That said I'm honestly not sure if they edited any of the season 2 episodes to account for the fact that episode 8 doesn't exist. Idk but it really does stink its stuck in whatever limbo it is because it feel like all the relationships for better or for worse came to a head here and the next episode was probably the resolution of all of it.

  16. wooo, love your reacts to this series. can't wait for the next episode!

  17. Ive used hallucinogens. Bad trips are representitive of your fears. Re-watch truth seekers and pray attention to the truth bomb scene. But I'll leave you with this.

    "why does it seem like a recurring theme, that you alienate with your toxic routine?"

  18. Viv said that we will get to see part 2 EVENTUALLY, but they're still experiencing issues with it that they can't disclose. She said it can work as a standalone, which is why they went forward with season 2! The plot for s1e8 revolves around Blitzø and Loona at the Hellhound party and that's all we really know.

  19. It's really easy to empathize with Stolas at first glance, but looking back over the episode, Stolas definitely messed up.

    First, go back to just before Ozzie and Fizz go to the table. Stolas start to walk away. He was absolutely going to bolt and leave Blitz alone. Then, he covers his face with the menu in embarrassment, rather than defend Blitz or their relationship. THEN he tries to get Blitz to hang out with him, to just cuddle to watch tv and it sounds really sweet, except he's now asking Blitz to spend romantic time together in private after publicly refusing to defend him.

    Stolas is not completely innocent and before this episode he's never really shown any romantic interest in Blitz at all, just sexual. Blitz is right about that. The messed up thing is, as we know from last episode, there's definitely a part of Blitz that wants a romantic relationship with Stolas, but he's too traumatized to recognize that Stolas is interested in pursuing the same thing and even if he could, he'd never be able to begin and maintain a healthy relationship. He sabotages any relationship that seems like it's getting too close.

    You asked why he's so into Moxxie and Millie and their relationship and it's because he's obsessed with what they have together and desperately wants it for himself. But he's also scared to pursue it for himself, so instead he fixates on them.

  20. I'm sure it's been said plenty of times already, but just to add to the pile: the second part isn't the conclusion to the story, just another side story related to the first part but not overall plot-relevant.

    And as far as Blitzø's obsessive fixation on Moxxie and Millie, if I had to guess it's because he subconsciously views them as 'relationship goals', but doesn't realize it because of how much he's walled himself off emotionally. He's obsessed with watching them but doesn't know why, then acts nauseated by them because he doesn't understand the horrible sensation he gets when he watches them is envy and not disgust. He absolutely wishes he had what they had, and I hope he figures it out someday.

    Also, I'm sure somebody has pointed this out too, but Asmodeus is one of the seven princes of Hell and the ruler of the Circle of Lust. I.e. he reports directly to Satan, making him one of the most powerful beings in Hell. Which would explain why his nightclub is so esteemed and exclusive. Also it was adorable that clearly he and Fizzarolli had something between them that went deeper than just lust. So he clearly doesn't have any beef with romance/love per se, it just wasn't appropriate for his club. He was actually pretty chill considering he's prince of Hell and Moxxie was a 'lowly' imp messing with his club's vibe.

  21. Vivziepop has confirmed that this episode is the True finale of season 1 and that not watching Part 2 doesn't affect things in season 2.

    From Vivzie's own words…. Part 2 is more like a celebration of how far the show has come, an episode that doesn't necessarily connect to the rest.

    Some people speculate that the reason why part 2 had legal problems was…. Either because it contained the song "Die Young" which Vivziepop previously used to do her first major hit animation. Or if that wasn't the case, because the episode could contain a cameo of one or multiple characters from Hazbin Hotel, characters that technically are not Vivziepop's property anymore.

  22. Sorry but Asmodeus is a hypocrite. He humiliated Stolas for dating an Imp while he himself is dating one too. Also, I dislike the fact that he was outed along with Blitzø and Verosika made it hard for me to sympathize her for being treat badly when she too outed Blitzø.

    Idk that’s just my perspective of things.

  23. I love the dynamic between stolas and blitzo in this episode. Stolas wants affection and to be more intimate emotionally. Blitzo thinks that stolas is using him and is embarrassed to be caught with an imp in public after being roasted when he stood up for moxie

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