Heatwaves across the world: BBC News Review 2022

January 25, 2023

Heatwaves are pushing temperatures to their highest levels ever recorded. It’s
reached over 40 degrees in parts of Europe, North America, Asia and the Middle
East. Wildfires have been burning out of control.

Experts say heatwaves like this have become more frequent because of climate
change caused by humans.

Video chapters:
0:00 – Introduction
0:21 – Story
1:06 – Headline 1: Earth Observatory, NASA: Heatwaves and Fires Scorch Europe, Africa, and Asia
3:03 – Headline 2: Standard: Hottest UK day ever predicted as London bakes in heatwave
4:46 – Headline 3: The Financial Times: ‘Climate change shoved in our face’ — Europe wrestles with heatwave and forest fires
6:17 – Language summary

Key words and phrases


damage with heat

• The heatwave scorched the grass.

• I scorched my shirt with an iron.


heats to an uncomfortable level

• Train passengers baked in the heat.

• It’s baking outside. Stay in the shade.


struggles with a difficult situation

• We are wrestling with climate change.
• He wrestled with his decision to quit university.

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  1. Thank you so much posted this ❤❤❤ love from Sindh.

  2. Why isn't that 'blue banner' classed as 'misinformation' since we know that these assertions have been proven to be completely erroneous.

  3. I love this kind of lessons! 🤗 Thanks!!

  4. Very useful thank very much 😊

  5. 균등
    극과극애기하지 마세요
    그것에 대하여는 이미 성경에서 언급하였던
    이 한국땅에서의 양극화현상
    그것은 비단 재력권력에 의해 나눠지는 것은

    예로 부부 남녀 육체적인
    힘만으로 따질때
    누가 월등히 우위라 말할수있나요?
    서로의 부족한점들 보완

    가진자 넘치는자는 나누고
    부족한자는 채워지고
    그것이 사회복지로도
    연결 이땅에서
    유토피아란 있을수는 없지만
    그러한 노력들

    윗층의 집에 🌳
    기둥이 썩어있는
    발판은 놓여져있으나 좁은
    외나무다리는 위험하죠
    넓게 ㅡ 건너다니기 쉽게
    계단은 그래서 놓죠

    부유에 대하여는
    내가 서른초 장사배우면서
    생각만 바꾸면

    애맡겨라 하루종일

    애보면서 자는시간에

    그녀는 왜 직접적인 부르심을 받았을까?
    스스로 걸어나가
    왕이 되었다

    그동안의 과정들은
    그녀는 어떻게 살았을까?
    그녀를 왜 완벽한 아름다움을
    이루었다 평가하셨을까?
    어디가 아름다운걸까?
    외모? 성격?
    그러나 이스라엘자손에게 그러지 말아라 ~ 사자의 내려오시오~~ 싫엉
    사람의 관점과는 다르다

  6. The nutty syrup primarily wreck because nancy significantly wipe during a strong cent. new, abaft chord

  7. Absolutely Nice

  8. Reply
    Gayathri Sri Kumari January 25, 2023 at 7:18 pm

    Superb… Nice and clear lesson.Thank you ❤

  9. Hello, can someone explains to me why they use "Train passengers baked in the heat" instead of " got baked in the heat" at 4:42?

  10. Finally, a cold wave will take place tomorrow in North Africa after wrestling with strong heat waves for couples of days

  11. Thank you BBC team

  12. Thanks. I always learn something new from you.

  13. I am an evolucionist. I am not worried. The evolution has created this marvelous earth. So the evolution will solve this tiny problem.

  14. Absolutely amazing lesson.
    I would like to request you to make many more videos like this one.

  15. how hot is hot in the uk?

  16. It’s baking here in Iraq. The highest temperature has just been recorded in Iraq this year

  17. Vocabulaires are .
    Scorch – damage with heat
    Scorching – very hot ground
    Bakes/ Roasting – hot weather.
    Boiling – very hot.
    Wrestle – struggle with difficult situations

  18. It's also baking in our place.

  19. Reply
    Егор Наумович. Гитара и аккордеон January 25, 2023 at 7:18 pm

    nice lesson, thanks guys

  20. No heatwaves in Scotland!

  21. i don’t “wrestle” with my english, because english isn’t difficult problem to solve😄

  22. BBC nonsense ..

  23. Stay tuned to the latest news. Thanks to you giving us the news.

  24. It could be a very cold Winter. The apparent turmoil in weather patterns is producing some heat spikes, but larger parts of the planet are experiencing exceptionally cold weather. This is not reported by the media.

    This happens as a planet cools. The current warming phase stopped some years ago. This is widely know by the scientific community. It's hard to not notice such things when sattellites are recording tempertaures all over the planet.

    The North Pole is experiencing it's coldest Summer on record.

    Amazingly, the BBC are not reporting this fact.

  25. what is her name?

  26. (1.35)what a quick talk for god's sake

  27. Every day it seems there a headlines and rumors talking about global warming. One newspaper will claim its hype, that the mainstream media is misreading scientific data and then using that information to mislead the public. On the same day, an internet media outlet will claim that there is new scientific “proof” that global warming is on the rise and the planet is doomed. The very next day there is a terrible cold front bringing record cold temperatures and people everywhere ask each other, “Global what?”
    Almost everything you have heard from the mainstream media about global warming, greenhouse gases, and carbon dioxide , has been misleading at best and plainly false at its worst.
    Al Gores and all his cronies have been shouting for years that the earth is heating up to the point of destruction when, in truth, those greenhouse gases are actually causing the earth to cool down.
    In a report made public in the Principia Scientific International (PSI) NASA tracked infrared emissions from the earth’s upper atmosphere during and after the solar storm that happened March 8-10th. They discovered that most of the energy released from the sun during this storm was reflected back into space, NOT dumped into earth’s atmosphere.

  28. The heatwaves have reached an all-time high here in my country,

  29. Hi BBC learning English. I'm currently in class with my 15 year old Spanish student here in Spain but am having difficulty finding your quizzes on your website. I'm specifically looking for the quiz on heatwaves?

  30. Reply
    Abdurahmon Kozimjonov January 25, 2023 at 7:18 pm

    I guess Sian didn't really sleep well
    She keeps closing her eyes

  31. Boil ,bake,roast yes
    Frying ,grilling not

  32. Bake baking roasting

  33. Great lesson,thx BBC LE!

  34. it's 44°C currently, and is ok to go outside in such numbers otherwise you will live at home. life is the same, beautiful.

  35. I'm really sick of seeing British people talking about the weather.

  36. why the example use bakes,not baked?thanks a lot

  37. It's the time of year and than night comes and it cools down get over it

  38. The lesson is so useful and i learn a lot from video. Thank you so much to make meaningful video ❤️

  39. Climate change is a serious problem. We must wrestle with it and save the Earth

  40. heatwave is caused by the 1% eating to much caviar, they spend all day farting and need to be culled

  41. Thank u guys so much useful ❤️❤️

  42. I'm wrestling with Ielts :))
    Today, it's absolutely boiling/ roasting

  43. A high temperature causes hallucinations

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