May 18, 2022

Hawaiian Airlines First Class Review
Hawaiian Airlines Business Class Seat.
This is a look at the Hawaiian airlines Business class or First Class product that you can fly on the Airbus A330-200.

Hawaiian airlines A330 Business class seats are sold as business class on International routes, when flying Hawaiian airlines within the US the seats are sold as Hawaiian Airlines First Class Seats.

The services and amenities provided on longer routes with Hawaiian are a bit better when compared with what they offer on Domestic Flights, but how do they stack up.

Here is a look at Hawaiian airlines departing from Honolulu airport including the lounge access, a look at the flat bed seat and the food served on the flight to Japan.

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Hawaiian airlines flight 457
Depart: Honolulu (HNL)
Arrive: Tokyo (HND)
STD: 2:35pm (ADP: 2:44pm)
STA: 7:30pm (ATA: 6:36pm)
Aircraft: Airbus A330-200
Reg: N360HA
First Flight: 24th May 2016
Delivered to Airline: 4th Jun 2016
Seat: 3F
Flight Time: 8h 45M
Meal Service: Lunch

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  1. Just an FYI: Waikiki is the name of a beach (like a neighborhood), not a city. The city is Honolulu. Also, I've flown this wonderful service before but a word of caution- you must request "FIRST" class not business class, as some of their jets have both classes and business class alone does not necessarily get you a lie-flat seat.

  2. If I'm not mistaken, there is a separate Domestic First Class Lounge and the upgraded, International Business Class Lounge.

  3. 3 Mia Tai's and a glass of wine. I would be tore up stupid lit. I'll stick with coffe and water.

  4. I live in Hawaii, and am forced to fly them whenever I go anywhere. Their service to the other islands from Oahu STINKS. You are shoehorned in like cattle to sit on seats rejected by the school bus company when you were young.

  5. Did you find it difficult to get out from the Window seat? I'm taking this flight next year and would love to sit in the window but I don't want to climb over someone and I like to stand up.

  6. The guy next to you looks so innocent 😊

  7. I am going to fly Hawaiian air Lin’s FIRSTCLASS in a month

  8. what point did you refer to?

  9. Remember when tattoos weren’t gay?

  10. Just flew their first class product to the mainland. If you're on a domestic flight even though in first class, you don't have access to the Plumeria lounge that has food, but to a different one with no food, unless you are a Priority Pass holder. There won't be bedding or amenity kits for the mainland flights except to the East Coast, either.

  11. Awesome dude. Flew first class on the a321 to Maui back in December and it was solid though I do wish my seat could have reclined like this

  12. The review of the iPad entertainment was incorrect. There aren't 6 movies to choose from, those are categories which were clearly marked "Comedy", "Action", etc. Within each folder you would find many movies. There are at least 50 movies and many more TV shows to choose from. Other than that, great video!

  13. I am flying Hawaiian Business class SYD to HNL in August, and after watching this video, I am trying to work out exactly what TSA Fast Track is. Is it PreCheck, or is it something entirely different? Googling it comes up with nothing helpful either. Any chance you can shed some light on this?

  14. Insightful review…..but why the quirky hairstyle? 🤔

  15. I've not had the pleasure of flying Hawaiian airlines in first/business class. Looks a solid option. I hadn't realised also, how many flights/destinations they fly. A solid report as usual. 👍

  16. Did they change the policy at The Plumeria Lounge? As far as I know it is only used by international business class passengers; mainland destinations ticketed in first class may use the standard lounge in the intraisland terminal but not the Plumeria Lounge. It’s a shame because the regular lounge is almost not worth going to.

  17. Thanks for the great and honest commentary as always, sir.

  18. The only reservation (or two) I have about this Hawaiian Airlines flight is the IFE or lack thereof. For a 9 hour flight in Business Class, my expectation would be for a much wider selection of entertainment than what was provided. Additionally, the lack of a true entertainment monitor instead of an iPad is a negative for me. I also don't favor Business Class seating where you don't have complete unhindered access to the aisle for the price of that Business Class seat. Otherwise, it seemed like a pleasant flight on Hawaiian Airlines.
    Another great nice and short review. Thanks. Cheers. 🥂

  19. Nice video. Interesting that they don't have proper IFE though. And you really must stop sticking a finger in a plug socket before you make a video, it plays havoc with your fringe! 😉

  20. Good video but bad hairdressing:-)

  21. Hi James. Thank you for another very interesting review. Have not yet flown Hawaiian. Seems a pretty good airline. Like the hair.

  22. Reply
    The Renaissance Redneck May 18, 2022 at 4:16 am

    What a great video representing Hawaiian AL. I would venture to say, that most people on the mainland aren't aware of how many routes HA has. Great job James!

  23. Hawaiian is a bigger airline than Virgin Atlantic – interesting factoid ! Thanks for sharing – hope you had a blast in Tokyo ; -)

  24. Fairly average considering what they charge to /from Australia- no screen( ipads are crap) and having a seat partner – no good for solo

  25. A bit hard to believe Hawaiian is a US carrier 😀 Awesome video as always James!

  26. International Business Class guests will enjoy complimentary access to The Plumeria Lounge, our 3,000+-square-foot lounge at the Honolulu International Airport. https://www.hawaiianairlines.com/our-services/products-and-programs/premium-cabin

  27. Your incorrect about the Lounge, as it is only for International Business Class, the domestic First Class passengers have their own lessor lounge.

  28. Get your hair cut for heavens sake

  29. Why were you in such a rush?

  30. Cabin and food looked lovely. Thanks for the review.

  31. The inflight entertainment looks crap!

  32. Hawaiian offer a good one stop from service to JFK from Aus east coast. Any idea why they don’t do an LHR service from HNL. Seems logical for their 787-9 on order.

  33. Reply
    STAR ALLIANCE FLYER May 18, 2022 at 4:16 am

    Third Country Aviation… never travel inside U.S

  34. If only Hawaiian would add the island of Guam 🇬🇺 to their route network

  35. Great video sir! Thanks for sharing

  36. ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Thanks! I will be on a Hawaiian Airlines A330 flight from SFO to HNL in less than two weeks.

  38. Aloha! Wish I had known that you were in Honolulu! If you had time, I could have shown you some local sights outside the tourist area.

  39. Reply
    Andrea Giraldo MD, PhD. May 18, 2022 at 4:16 am

    Dear Sir,
    I was wondering if I might dare to ask you a question ? Only $8 to the Airport? Really ? Which company did you get to ?and kindly, where did you get it ? Thank you very much indeed. A

  40. Nice review. I understand that Hawaiian is the only U.S. carrier providing full meal service in Economy on their domestic flights from the mainland U.S. to Hawaii. That used to be the Royal Pacific service from ORD,SFO and LAX to HNL with free drinks, meals and a special Hawaiian feel in Economy on United. Now it's buy on demand food. PanAm had a great champagne service from SFO to HNL, Guam, Okinawa and Taipei. They stuffed you with meals and drinks in Economy Class. How I miss the, "good old days!" Sorry, but your review brought back great memories of flying to Asia in the '80's when it was a real treat!

  41. Another great video again

  42. I wonder if the pilots had to change their c of g calculations for that tomato travelling from the galley to your seat tray?

    Enjoyed the review; will be interesting to see if the new ANA A380 will effect their revenue going forwards on that route?

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