Harry and Meghan interview: BBC News Review 2022

September 12, 2022

The Duchess of Sussex has said she found life within the British Royal Family so difficult that at times she “didn’t want to be alive any more”.
In a deeply personal TV interview, Meghan told Oprah Winfrey that she did not get help when she asked for it.
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Video chapters:
0:00​​​​​​ – Introduction
0:35​​​ – Story
2:04​​​ – Headline 1: Meghan and Prince Harry interview with Oprah lays bare royal rift
4:30​ – Headline 2: Meghan and Harry on Oprah: All the key quotes from bombshell interview as couple discuss leaving royal life
7:35​​​​ – Headline 3: Harry and Meghan’s Oprah interview: Latest reaction after couple fire salvo of allegations at Royal family
10:00​​​​​​ – Language summary

The story:
The Duchess of Sussex has revealed that the pressure that she felt as a member of the royal family affected her mental health so badly that she considered taking her own life. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey on the US network CBS, Prince Harry said that they would not have stepped away from their senior roles if they had received more support.

Key words and phrases:

lays bare
reveals something previously not known
• He was devastated when she laid bare that her true feelings were for someone else.
• Scientific data about coronavirus laid bare the need for national lockdowns.

describes a shocking event or piece of news
• It was a bombshell moment when Kazuo told his boss he was quitting just one week before the project finished
• Jitka dropped a bombshell when she told her parents she was leaving the country forever.

sudden multiple releases
• The opposition leader fired a salvo of criticisms at the prime minister.
• The opening salvo of her speech really caught the audience’s attention.

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  1. 💧He felt bitter when his wife laid bare for him.
    💧Tina dropped a bombshell when announced she was leaving.
    💧Rajo faced a salvo of accusations. They thought he killed the vice.

  2. I love this language,..thanks for sharing this video,,,

  3. Thanks

  4. I want group verb links please?

  5. I love this language !! Thank you for sharing this !! It is easy to understand and i thank you to explain some particulars expressions ! Love you from France 🙂

  6. Lies lies lies ,
    1)Meghan literally blames those people whom she even met before marriage.. When she was invited for coffee with Queen Elizabeth II she literally got herself prepared on dinning manners from some expertise in China…
    2)She always wished to be like princess which she herself wrote in her blog …She wore Harry's mother Diana's perfume on their 1st blind date and tells she didn't know who was prince Harry before she met him and never goggled about the Royal Family before… While her friend shares a picture of Meghan and her friend posing out of the Royal Palace…
    3)Literally after the marriage worth of 56billion… Meghan and Harry are like we struggled???
    Simply trying to use these words like Racism, mental health and all to make people believe that they were tortured which isn't the case…
    Wait what 🙄🙄🙄
    She's narcissist trying to now earn from her victim card trying to make Harry and everyone feel that history is repeating type.. She's been facing same situation like Diana.. Which isn't true and then controlling /blackmailing Harry now through his 2 kids..
    Harry feel into trap of this narcissist 😐😐😐

  7. Moaning moaning…they can do the best.
    They have to be ignore.

  8. Fucking!! studyEnglish, that's a lot of ads.

  9. Great episode thank you! I'm Sheila Hunter @kittywaymo Twitter etc this is my husband's Channel Bruce Hunter MD we are 8th cousins via european royalty (direct descendants of King Henry the eighth and Catherine of Aragon and the plantagenet King Henry II Matilda Etc) so we're distantly related to HM Queen Elizabeth II because she goes back also to the plantagenets- that interview was crazy as she is and I'm not saying the suicidal part wasn't true however IMO then Harry should have got her help immediately if not within the system than out of the system that immediately they should have called 911 or by some kind of help she's not stupid she was 37 years old she knows how to get help and if she told her husband then he should have got help they were not tied up and held against their will and besides let's just say I know for a fact without a shadow of a doubt the family would have a hundred percent got her whatever mental help she needed are you kidding? after Princess Diana do you really think they take another chance? It was simply infuriating to watch and I think Oprah felt extremely intellectually offended because the girl was actually acting I know this because I'm a stand-in and an actress myself and I was a radio TV newscaster for 20 years for CNN Headline News before it turned fake news it's absolutely horrible now it was during the Gulf War when I was news director program director of one of there stations and for CBS and a bunch of others I'm from New York originally anyway great Channel thank you my mother said a lot of these words already because it's through her line that's the Royal line descends so I grew up with my mother using all these strange Words she also spoke both French and English her family was about 20 miles from the Canadian border in Upstate New York and Vermont her family was all over New England in Massachusetts exedra I'm from New York originally -when I took my DNA test of course all the regular Royal stuff came out I knew I was related to Tsar Nicholas II and the tsarina I two both in different ways I'm also related to Princess Alice this is all on my mom's side my friend's side came out 30% I was very surprised to see that it was so high and they tell you the region and they said Normandie France .they got all of my genealogy right because we've had our genealogy done and confirmed for years – but not so long ago genetically it's a very short hop skip and a jump as my Scottish English side would say 😎 I've used a lot of these phrases myself and people always ask me where am I from? Or they asked me what am I talking about lol I had to be careful as a journalist but I still put them in my headlines , especially when I was back in New York City in New York or in Orlando Florida no one seemed to have a problem understanding . Note: New Yorkers typically retire to Florida for the warmth) Thank you for having a channel that explains them😍

  10. I laid bare my need for more support

  11. Nice channel. Ty

  12. News review is my favorite video

  13. Hum.. why captain James Kirk never used salvo? The best moment on Star Trek movies were when he shouted : "fire at will" !!

  14. I wish they learn to stop throwing people under the bus. Humanitarians don’t burn bridges they connect the broken bridges together and clearly both of them loves to roast and bash if people don’t cater for their needs!

  15. I like the lesson a lot ,thanks

  16. Love this channel

  17. this reminds me of that scene in my favorite movie ‘fast times at ridgemont high’….brad is at work at all american burger…hes in front of a huge mirror…hes rehearsing his speech to break up with lisa…and what is spray painted in giant 12 inch lettering on the mirror?…..

  18. I believe every word Meghan markle and Harry said. Harry knows how things work , so if they felt treated differently with regard to Titles then they are correct. Am Harry and Meghan team all the way.

  19. lay bare: He was shocked when she laid bare that she wanted to split up wtih him.
    bombshell: He dropped a bombshell when he told her parents he was not going to university.
    salvo: Jose fired a salvo of the playes' lacking of energy , desire and fundemental respect of their job.
    versatile : having many diferent uses
    The potato is an extremely versatile vegetable.
    accusation /allegation a statement that someone has done something wrong or illeagal, (allegation has been approved)
    A committee will invesgate allegations of racial discrimination.

  20. Reply
    Посиделки у Лисы September 12, 2022 at 3:34 am

    Thank you 💝 very interesting.didnt know that

  21. Lays bare how badly Megan was treated because she had to learn the British anthem and on the bombshell when she found out that she only had 5 million pounds to spend on renovating the house she had been given.

  22. Lay bare: phơi bày phơi trần reveal

  23. They are just a distraction from the dictator ship

  24. Thank you for this informative video 🌷

  25. My ex boss like to fired a salvo of criticism to those making her angry.
    I got a bombshell news from my boss that I got promoted
    This interview lays bare about how she was discriminated

  26. Thank you very much

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