Hangers = Bangers? 2022 Absolute Football Hanger Pack Review! reviews

December 23, 2022

Once again testing the theory that hangers = bangers, this time with 2022 Absolute Football Hanger Packs! We are on the hunt for the ultra-rare Explosive inserts, as hanger packs do not include KABOOM! inserts. Hope you all enjoyed the video love ya! Like + Subscribe for more rips!

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  1. They have completely ruined retail football IMO. ALL of it!!!
    They need to get rid of ALL that TMALL/Hybrid CRAP & get back to pre covid invasion times/format (pre 20') and make QUALITY Hobby and Retail ONLY!!!!
    The products are getting waaaay too watered down and there's pretty much nothing to chase, esp for those who like to collect ink.
    I've watched a TON of the blasters, etc…opened. I've seen a couple autos, a handful of mems but not 1 single Kaboom!!!
    This is another one of those products that was better off hobby only.
    Thanks for sharing!
    Take Care/Stay Safe ✌
    Hope you and your family have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  2. Panini is trying to save as much money as they can before fanatics takes over

  3. Absolute retail is garbage this year.

  4. kabooms are in blasters. one blaster and i got a green wave jelani woods auto to 15

  5. The reason why the Kabooms ain't in the hanger packs is because panini wants you to buy the blasters and hobby boxes so panini can make a fortune off of junk it just ain't worth it I rather stick to buying Topps base ball blasters and mega boxes atleast you have more of a chance for chase cards

  6. No brock purdy

  7. Geez, I just bought 2 value packs and got better cards than this, Degen. It really is a boom or bust product.

  8. Rough!!! Damn.

  9. Got 3, ripped yesterday. Straight garbage…Panini money maker. If you’re buying this go hobby, at least you get numbered and autos with chances for big Kabooms

  10. I don’t get the hype around absolute

  11. I don't like Absolute for price , and hits tough to get

  12. I will spend it on college products

  13. Bangers now worth it

  14. Only product Purdy is in is draft picks chronicles and draft picks select so far

  15. Absolute sucks the only thing cool is the kabooms

  16. Average packs but great video. Merry Christmas

  17. I haven't seen any bangers pulled yet. I don't think I will be buying.

  18. hard pass on this. gonna buy singles for the next bit if anything.

  19. Absolute retail is just garbage this year

  20. Reply
    Nicholas Anderson-Glass December 23, 2022 at 9:23 am


  21. Holy crap those sucked hard

  22. Even the blasters are pretty bad lol I got 2 yesterday and got a Malik Willis fake patch card that was about it lol

  23. Definitely stay away lol.

  24. No kabooms or autos in the fat packs thanks panini I’ll go to dollar tree next time at least you get a yellow jeez

  25. Thanks man thanks for sharing man definitely not a fan of absolute haven't been I mean obviously I like the Kabooms but I will say the new explosive inserts look sick but I won't be buying these hanger packs

  26. Absolute retail seems like pure garbage this year. Haven’t seen a single Kaboom or Explosive opened by any of the YouTubers I watch either

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    Yukon Cornelius, The Legend Himself December 23, 2022 at 9:23 am

    stuff sucks. explosives aren't worth chasing for the price, and can't even get kabooms.
    avoid value packs and hangers folks!

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    Chance With Collectibles December 23, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Beware of people searching these packs by ripping them slightly. This is what people have been doing in my area with all these new hanger packs, since they aren't in Hanger boxes anymore. Sad.

  29. Saw these on the shelf today but I opted out for a blaster box instead. I hope Panini releases those Super Mario cards over here when the new movie comes out in 2023. There currently UK & Europe only atm.

  30. I passed on some value packs of these today. With bro k purdy not included in the absolute checklist. Plus I’d rather spend my money with topps baseball over panini

  31. I passed on some value packs of these today. With bro k purdy not included in the absolute checklist. Plus I’d rather spend my money with topps baseball over panini

  32. Reply
    The Amazing CardNinja December 23, 2022 at 9:23 am

    Avoid The Hangers… unless you can pull Glass… if not then… stay away!!!

  33. Last time I bought Absolute was in 2020. It's like Contenders, for me, so I'll pass. Ty for the rip!

  34. Mate come on open something better bud or we unsubbing

  35. Reply
    Joshua F in Mississippi December 23, 2022 at 9:23 am

    At least this product this year living up to the name – ABSOLUTE GARBAGE

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