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October 25, 2022

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  1. SPOILER WARNING. Don’t read this comment if you haven’t seen the movie yet.

    After being disappointed by both Halloween 2018 and Halloween Kills last year, I had little faith in this movie being any different and decided to wait for a streaming release before seeing it. And good thing I watched this on Peacock, because if I had paid the extra money to see this in the theaters, I would have been f***ing PISSED! They completely mismarketed this movie in all the PR & trailers to make audiences think they were getting one type of movie when they were actually getting something they didn’t sign up for.

    Now, to be fair, I do think this is a much better written film than Halloween Kills. Halloween Kills didn’t have much of a story at all really. It was just “Michael and the Haddonfield mob pit against each other for one night. Kill, kill, F**ING KILL!!!” And that wasn’t interesting to me; the kills were entertaining, but I wanted a good story to go along with all that carnage, and Kills didn’t deliver on that. This film at least does have a *somewhat interesting narrative, and the cringy over-dramatic Shakespearean dialogue from the last film has been heavily toned down here, which I do appreciate. Laurie Strode also feels the most like a genuine relatable human character in this final film of the trilogy and the closest to the original Laurie Strode from 1978; I felt they went a little ham-fisted with the way they tried to make Laurie a Sarah Connor type character in the first two films of the trilogy.

    The problem: At its core, I think the story they wanted to tell in this film is admittedly a compelling idea that could have worked as it’s own standalone Halloween anthology film….but it has no place being in THIS movie that’s supposed to be the final film in a trilogy & marketed heavily as a Michael/Laurie centric story. This film takes some wild, bold, ballsy, risky decisions with the direction they take certain characters that is going to heavily divide Halloween fans, and ultimately I feel will earn this film the title of “The Last Jedi” of the Halloween franchise (And based on both my experiences with the Halloween Facebook groups I'm in and your rant on toxic fandoms, that notion seems to be being proven right). Some people I’ve seen have been praising the film for how unique and fresh and different it is. Others, like me, will be up in arms & bewildered by why they chose to take such wild swings with the story, when all they needed to do is deliver on the film they advertised to us. And they do give us that, but it doesn’t become the primary focus of the story until the last 15 or so minutes of the film, and even then, it feels like a rushed afterthought. This film is supposed to be about Michael and Laurie coming to blows one final time; it’s in the name of the movie even. Why are we sidelining that and focusing so much on Corey Cunningham, a seemingly random character we don’t give a shit about & have not met before in this trilogy up to this point. Why is he the central character of this final film (Which btw, his character arc in this film ultimately feels inconsequential with what they do with him by the end)?

    Also, because they focus so much on the Corey character, they REALLY neuter the character of Michael Myers to an almost insulting degree in this film, which is not gonna sit well with a lot of fans. Not only does it make no sense, nor is it ever properly explained, why Michael is so pathetically weak considering the way the last film ended, or why he would let Corey go instead of killing him outrighg & team up with him later to kill people & essentially become “Stabman & Robin” (Which was never his MO in any of the previous films), or how Corey, a 5 foot something kid who’s bullied by band class students, is able to overpower & beat the shit out of the 7 foot epitome of evil that is Michael later in the film, but he only gets three kills in this film. Let me repeat that: Michael Myers. The face of the Halloween franchise. The guy who we go to these movies to see in the first place. Is not only barely in the film, but also only gets three kills in the WHOLE movie. While the majority of the kills are committed by a nobody character we don’t give a crap about…WTF? (The kills themselves are also pretty weak and are a HUGE step down from Halloween Kills imo, with the exception of one or two standouts, neither of which are committed by Michael). This film basically tells Busta Rhymes from Halloween Resurrection to hold its beer with how much the character of Michael Myers is shit on in this movie. The ending does save the film somewhat from being a complete disaster, as it does have the integrity to definitively kill off Michael & END the story (Which is in the name of the movie) on a hopeful note for Laurie Strode, which considering this is Jamie Lee Curtis’s final outing as the character, I thought was a satisfying way to send her off from this franchise; They don’t cop out and tease the possibility of Michael returning for another movie or whatever. But the final fight between Laurie & Michael, the thing the entire movie was sold on & the thing we came to the movie to see in the first place, I felt was way too short & anticlimactic, and Laurie kicks Michael’s ass way too much. The fight imo should have been at least a few minutes longer/more drawn out & have Michael give Laurie a bit more of a beating, so as to really raise the stakes & tension about who’s gonna live and who’s gonna die.

    There are quite a few other issues I have with this film as well including logic issues, plot contrivances, missed opportunities in character development, etc. But I think I’ve been ranting long enough and don’t wanna spend another five hours in this comments section lol.

    TL,DR version: Halloween Ends is a huge disappointment, and is a weak conclusion to the Halloween H40 trilogy imo. It is a movie with a story that should have been its own standalone horror film; it should NOT have been shoehorned to be the central focus of this final Halloween film and distract/take precedence over the thing the film sold itself on & what we came to see: Michael and Laurie’s rivalry coming to an end.

    PSA: Really appreciate you calling out the toxic fandom in your review. One of the most annoying frustrating things I hear from people who are fans of the movie is "PeOpLe wHo HaTe oN ThIs mOvIe aRe NoT tRuE fAnS, aNd ThEy JuSt dIdN't gEt WhAt tHeY WeRe gOiNg FoR! REEEEE!!!!" I hate remarks like that because it is such a non-argument & a lazy dismissal/deflection of criticism trying to make it seem like it's the VIEWERS's fault that they didn't enjoy the movie, and ultimately it stems from a place of elitism (And anyone who saw the argument I had a couple years ago with another toxic YouTube commenter on my comment that got pinned by Kylie for her Halloween 2018 review will understand what that's like). This is a slasher film, not some high concept multilayered arthouse project. You shouldn't have to watch the film multiple times to "get it" per se and actually enjoy it. If my gut instinct tells me while watching a film like this that the movie sucks, I'm gonna trust that instinct.

  2. She is B E A UTIFUL!!!!!

  3. I think the trilogy as a whole fell short. 2018 was the best of the three IMO but even it has major flaws.

  4. 21:57 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Really now.

  5. I watched Halloween Ends and you have encouraged me to watch the first two movies. Cory worked for me but I haven't seen the other two films.

  6. Michael Myers has less than 10 mins screen time in this "FINAL" movie. I can understand the hate.

  7. As a horror movies fan I love this review just got yourself a new subscriber 👍🏿

  8. Halloween 2018 was a masterpiece with its pacing, music, kills, story, everything. Kills with its stupid mob mentality "EviL dIeS tOnIgHt!" was dumb as hell, and the only redeeming factor was the amount of kills and carnage we see with how powerful Michael Myers really is. Then Ends was total garbage, had barely any screen time with Michael along with stupid romance plots, and then a copycat killer like Scream. The only redeeming quality of Ends was the final fight with Michael and Laurie, and seeing Michael rip his own hand through the knife pinning him down was awesome. Still, I'm not going to buy Kills or Ends on Blu-Ray, they just kept getting worse and worse. Thank god it ENDed.

  9. Reply
    Jurassic Park #1 Fan October 25, 2022 at 9:47 pm

    The filmmakers had nothing to do with the advertisement. They made the film they wanted blame Universal for the advertisement.

  10. Reply
    Jurassic Park #1 Fan October 25, 2022 at 9:47 pm

    I personally like the David Gordon Green trilogy. Each have their own identity.

  11. The filmmakers had 1 job. And they failed. Hard. They marketed the film as some big saga ..it was dumb. They failed.

  12. Reply
    Maria Elizabeth Quade October 25, 2022 at 9:47 pm

    How have I just found your channel?! Not a fan of Ends, but JLC kicked ass as usual and the metal crusher scene was brilliantly gory.
    Your makeup is beautiful 😍 I still haven't figured out how to perfect my eye makeup, ends up looking like a toddler drew on my face with crayons x

  13. There's nothing wrong with criticism, it's definitely a good thing and can be constructive, but it's about when/where and the way in which you criticize something, especially of a fellow artist, that Flanagan and Whannell were saying, not that "criticism is bad." I'll listen to someones negative review of something if they have an opinion that's actually informed, thoughtful and offers value (aka yours), but if someone just makes a full on angry rant video or posts a 17 tweet thread about how much they hated something, that's a giant waste of time, energy, and lacks any thought or empathy for those behind the scenes (usually), and I couldn't care less about what that person has to say.

  14. Reply
    Smoke With Me In C.T. Dispensary Reviews October 25, 2022 at 9:47 pm

    Ur hOtt . And review! Love it

  15. Mehh, wonder how M3gan will be…🤔😏😂

  16. I really thought your opinions on the movie were well thought out and there is so much to be said about it.. but what if the movies/franchise isn't just about the movies and what you take from it but what if it's a representation of society at the separate decades and how people as a whole respond and acknowledge issues and negativity wether we choose to learn and change, or ignore them and twist things so the cycle is only reborn but in a different way.. its hard to explain fully but maybe you'll understand what I mean

  17. I was enjoying the movie until Corey first met Michael and was choked by him. I think the character of Corey "could" have been great if right after this moment, he went and told Alison and Laurie that he knows where Michael is! He could have teamed with them and redeemed himself by helping to end the threat of Michael Myers. I wasn't a fan of the entire "evil by psychoses'" thing they were trying to get at. As if being that evil is contagious or something.
    I also couldn't understand why the entire town was mad at Laurie for Michael's actions. She is/was the victim but in this movie everyone hates her because she "taunted" him? It made zero sense. In Kills the entire town was on her side.
    Lastly, Alison. My lord what wasted potential. I was unhappy with her arc from start to finish but she really pissed me off when she (just like the town) blamed Laurie for Michael's actions.
    Overall – It was just…..ok. A good majority of the movie was just filler. Why would you add a brand new key character in the final movie? This movie should have focused on the town along with Laurie and Alison finally taking Michael out as a team. Instead we get whatever the heck this mess is.

  18. Band Geek bullies?

  19. I honestly liked it. Sure it was nowhere near my top 5 favorite, but I still enjoyed watching it.

  20. I give this film two flaccid cocks and a half eaten tuna fish sandwich.

  21. First time seeing your content and I really enjoyed it. I too did not like the movie at all, I walked out out of the cinema on opening night bemused and angry that we didn’t get the movie that was marketed.

    In all honesty I don’t think it’s a bad movie, if it was released after ends as like a side story I think that would have been it’s place, but I’m with you, to have it as the ending to a trilogy you have built up over two movies was just really bizarrely out of place. They spent two movies building a narrative and characters only to push them to the side and focus on a new, unrelated character. I was so disappointed.

    Throughly enjoyed your very articulate and thorough review and look forward to more content.

  22. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9xGJHee8KyQ&t=771s Hi Haunted Hippie just watched this video essay on Halloween Ends gave me more of an appretiation of the movie thought you might like this

  23. i loved halloween ends, just didn’t like how they killed off cory and how weak they made micheal

  24. I agree that the best kill was the blowtorch kill! If not the best, it was definitely my favorite

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