Half in the Bag: Halloween Ends 2022

October 22, 2022

It is time yet again for evil to die tonight! The online movie discussion world has turned into the angry town mob of Haddonfield with their pitchforks and irons in hand to take aim at Halloween Ends, the third and final film in the David Gordon Green trilogy of Michael Myers movies. Grab your candy corn and Activia and listen to Mike and Jay make you angry for 45 minutes!!!!

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  1. "This is the final chapter of a trilogy; why is it a trilogy?"

    Because people incompetent enough to be overpaid by Hollywood have heard of a Three Act Structure, but not actually learned what an Act is, and only know that counting to three is what they're supposed to be doing with their careers.

  2. This is a bad movie .

  3. I've heard the word Halloween so many times that it's lost all meaning. I legitimately wondered why these Halloween movies keep coming out just before Halloween.

  4. I was so drunk last night that I thought I was having a conversation with Mike and Jay 😅

  5. I love how Mike has apparently been dealing with the trauma of liking Jurassic world this whole time LOL. I still remember Dunkey commenting on that video taking a shot at him.

  6. I think one of my biggest gripes is Laurie’s character. The 40 years between the first movie and the 2018 one, she spends all the time preparing for Michael to come back. He is locked up in a maximum security asylum during that time, leaving her the opportunity to have peace of mind if she chose. He comes back and kills like 30 people between 2018 & Kills, then disappears. And THATS when she decides “you know what? Time to move on”. It literally makes absolutely no god damn sense.

  7. I give them props because they at least always admitted it wasn't planned, and if they made more it would be based on the performance of the first; I really liked this movie.

  8. so I ll be there in 30 years fighting for the truth saying David Gordon Green was an absolute asshole

  9. Haddonfield is Derry 10:00

  10. Reply
    SoanywayIstartedblastin' October 22, 2022 at 10:00 am

    How the actual fuck are Mike and Jay the same age???!?!

  11. I'm sure Mike's theory about some exec hijacking the movie is 100% true. I'm also sure that, out of spite, the director of Halloween Ends gave Mike Myers the most unambiguous, 100%-certain, hilarious death scene they possibly could.

  12. if they just made a sequel that just continues from an alternate ending where cory lives I'd be fine with that.

  13. 42:18 I'd say the 12 on the dice is more likely a reference to how this is the 12th Michael Myers movie (Halloween 3 doesn't count)

  14. I'm impressed that The Pit finally got a big budget remake.

  15. They think it's a meat grinder.

  16. I just like the idea of the scarecrow mask being used by the town's straw man for Myers' actions, I think it's neat.

  17. Fuck the cramps

  18. Rich Evans?

  19. So Cult of Thorn was terrible (it was) but magical transference of evil is not a problem? I liked the ideas at the beginning but again it's like they didn't know where to go so evil transference. lost me there.

  20. Agree with you two on this. I was shocked at how good it was, but yeah…the end.

  21. If you don't think they could have come up with something fresh to do with Laurie and Michael, without some out of no where character taking up the whole movie, then you lack an open mind and creativity

  22. Movie is fucking trash.

  23. I like the ideas in this film, but it was so clunky and disjointed (I’m mostly saying this in relation to the past two) that it didn’t work for me. I was laughing, but it felt like it was at the movie. I agree with Mike in that I think it would’ve worked if they had actually tried to implement these themes and characters into all of them instead of into whatever this finale was supposed to be. I kind of hate it right now, but whatever lol

  24. I’m still waiting for Dexter Jettster’s prequel and quick follow up review from Plinkett. He’ll be around 127 by then, he’s got some time, that’s considered young these days..

  25. I really liked the first movie where the doctor wears his mask and then starts being insane, this would make for a great myth that there is something else than the person, but then they discarted it like it was nothing… so sad… btw, having the protagonist bullied his whole life and then goes killing every bully out there sends a pretty nasty message to society, so I don't think they would've allowed him to live and become the new michael myers…

  26. Just finished it. Shit Sandwich

  27. Oh no Mike and Jay have finally completely lost it! DAMN YOU GLENVIZAAAAAAAA!

  28. Yeah! Who goes to see a Halloween movie for Michael Myers?!

  29. I’d love for Mr. Plinkett do a review of Halloween 3.

  30. They recreated the wtf last 10 minutes of the movie by adding the plinkett video here for no reason

  31. I don't think I've ever lost more respect for two human beings in my life. I'm not just throwing that out as an idle internet comment. I actually talked this over for a friend and really thought about it and yeah… this is the most precipitous drop in respect I've ever experienced.

    At this point I wish I could just subscribe to Best of the Worst because there's no way I can take their movie reviews seriously again.

  32. I can't believe I missed this upload! As soon as I saw the ads I couldn't wait to hear how evil hadn't died that night

  33. Hearing the real Plinkett stopped me in my tracks, good stuff!

  34. They pulled a friday the 13th part 4 or 5.

  35. This movie was actually good until Corey died then it became more of the stupidity of Halloween Kills. Lucky it wasn't that long but still shitted up a better movie's ending

  36. I'm not surprised they liked this movie 🍿 I loved it

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