GTA Online Drug Wars DLC How To Unlock The Mobile Acid Brickade Lab reviews

December 23, 2022

My video on how to get the new Brickade Mobile Acid Lab. This is a new vehicle that has been updated from the 2016 vehicle. This DLC is a bit strange in that you don’t need to buy the property but need to purchase the vehicle upgrades once the story missions are completed.
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  1. Do you have to host the first dose missions in order for it count as you completing it or no?

  2. What is this "fundraiser" for?

  3. Yes… RL 24hrs

  4. Freak shop doesn't work for ps4

  5. It’s $100,000 because it’s dubbled

  6. Wait, so you can now resupply on the phone ? ok this is really really cool

  7. THANK YOU, you are the only real reference to learn about additionnal content in details, even GTA Series dont do such a good job. I'm a heavy grinder and always run most of my businesses too and I must say that this business is odd and confusing at first. Was expecting to purchase, upgrade and run a building as usual, but you need to run all these missions. The "acid lab" menu is greyed out, they say you can buy theJourney RV at warstock but theres just a regular one that does NOTHING, then you enter the freaklab and theres nothing but a reduced weapon shop and some other Journey parked there that you cant access…anyway it works in the end.

  8. Every time I try to go into the freak shop I get stuck in an infinite black screen

  9. How do u check how many jobs you’ve done for dax?

  10. I got the bricksde then it started my missions from the very beginning bullcrap

  11. I haven't been in the new business,how do I unlock the new mobile drug lab? I've completed the mission at boat house gotta steal drugs and plane.

  12. The Acid Lab is actually $750,000 but it’s free for people with GTA+

  13. thanks for the heads up. that FOOLICAN JOBS I have to do 10 so i can upgrade the ACID LAB yes that 48 minute cool down time pissssssssssssssssssssed me offf hell of a lot its better then the PERICO. you finished heist the cool down time was 15 minutes however that SUMMER 2022v DLC that change to BLOODY RETARDED FOOLS If I want the PINK DIAMOND AGAUIN WAIT 48 HOURS there is the basic 3 hour cool down time however you end upo geting the endless BOTTLE LOOP

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    Rolando MrMadManhattan Syffrard December 23, 2022 at 6:23 am

    Can someone please tell me that finished all the missions and when I head back into the freak shop I get put into a infinite black screen, can someone help me out n yes I'm on old gen Xbox one 🙏🏾

  15. U make nonsense

  16. Fun fact, during some of the fetch quests, when there's green poison gas, if you equip the gas mask, it'll actually negate the effect of the gas.
    About time it did something lol

  17. I tried delivering to the acid and I’m stuck in a black screen

  18. What is the best location for an acid lab?

  19. Really appreciate u brother

  20. The dlc barely came out how is there a guide already..?

  21. Professional u should make a video of the most “innovated” cars in gta

  22. I can confirm that the per day cooldown to boost production speed is infact 1 real life day. I waited till every passive income business(arcade, nightclub, agency, etc.) started producing cash and I still couldn't do it again, but once the day after hit, I was able to do it.

    So it does mean real life days instead of in-game days.

  23. The business is ok. Not game changing, but still something extra. The only missions I liked were the acid trip and last mission, the rest weren't so great. Overall, this DLC is pretty meh. Better than the lost santos summer DLCs for sure.

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    Addinul Ihsan Maulana December 23, 2022 at 6:23 am

    breaking bad 😆

  25. I can’t go into the Freakshop it just gives mi a black screen every time no matter wat side I come in from

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    Dragon Knight Dragonborn December 23, 2022 at 6:23 am

    I meant to comment of this yesturday since that the "Juggalos" and the fraze saying as much the Juggalo symbole does remind me of ICP, Insane Clown Possy. How i know? I do have the hatchet man necklace that i still have when i was 18 and i did listen to their music. I was into the ban and became a Juggalo in highschool and meet up with a Juggalet as well through a friend. I use to own her hat and a belt hat had ICP logos of the cards as the albums of different cards which i lost. I grew out of it when i moved out to GA but i still have the Hatchet Man of ICP and i remember to see a person of the items we would say "Whoop Whoop" to remember those who are into the family. In my opinion is cool that R* has a parody of ICP members, i don't remember but i use to know someone who been a formal member and did "missions" like stole a bike. I am not really was into much of the Juggalo ICP group since i just listen to their music and loved their stuff but mostly of that stuff was when i was in highschool but i don't know if anyone who is still part of ICP who as more intel of ICP will tell ya more then i could. I thought the drug wars did remind me of my highschool year of being a starting Juggalo but over time i grew out of it, still cool that in my opinion was cool to see something a parody of ICP and the Juggalos and Juggalite as i may miss spell the female of a Juggalo. Sorry this went on but wanted to type this here and if you can google ICP Hatchet Man and find on Google as much do bit research to me just looked like R* did do a parody of ICP and the family. Cool design and cool to see a family member of ICP just parody of the real group. Also Dax more a mix of annoying but just cool dude.

  27. patrick it is 24 hours before u can use it again

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