GTA 5 Online – Air Freight Steal Mission (Hangar Business) Review 2022

October 31, 2022

Today on GTA 5, we are going to review the business from the hangar

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Fat Chinese plays Tom Clancy’s The Divison:

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  1. Wait so I just have to steal the supplies 15 times ?

  2. I’m trying to get the discount for the pyro by doing air freight mission but it’s not counting up, Why?

  3. Thanks bro I was wondering what this was

  4. how do you get the rouge trade price ?

  5. Chilese Chilese

  6. 4:38 How did you get the bandana or just the entire outfit

  7. this is a business with friends its only best profitable with friends or you use a lot of time if you are doing it for the money and not discounts most people do this solo for discounts not money

  8. i love your voice

  9. does it work from terrabyte?

  10. Can i do it with akula

  11. I need to do 15 misson for the starling and i did one but there stand 15 and not 14 is that normal?

  12. 2:11 San Andreas its los santos its gta5 bro

  13. This is gonna take so long to get the hunter trade price :/

  14. I hate this f img mission

  15. Is this guy gay or somthing?

  16. but what one is the easyest

  17. so 400 missions ito make 4M…yeah no wonder ppl buy shark cards or glitch

  18. Why do you keep calling the aircraft toy

  19. So if I steal one cargo will that count as one Freight mission?

  20. I did 18 and still haven’t gotten a discount on the V-65 MOLOTOK

  21. I’m Chinese but still find this accent funny

  22. I already did like 30 and still none have counted

  23. Do I have to steal cargo, or steal and sell cargo?

  24. Which plane is that at 1:44?

  25. it still says i need to do the missions when ive done the steal missions …

  26. The stock is now the discount in the coner it says the stock just leting you know

  27. This guy sounds like sernandoe using a fake channel since his other one is full of hate

  28. I have to do 6 more 🙁

  29. I did 30 to get the trade price on the mogul but it still says I have to do 30

  30. Do the airfreight vip missions count

  31. I can't get my discount for the Lf-22 starling and I did 15 air-freight steal missions what am i doing wrong Xbox Not TrapNation

  32. Shhhh (Secret) UNLIMITED MONEY-if you get the planes from Pegasus than bring them into your hangar they become yours then sell them in the workshop. But remember if you get them from Pegasus there free.

  33. how do you trigger the air freight missions?

  34. Hey bro quick question, if I help a friend steal source will I still get the trade price?

  35. Thank you! Everything clear!

  36. This guys voice is annoying

  37. 😗😋😋

  38. WHY do i feel like shrimp fried rice,?, fk me!! good video man.

  39. 4:58 did he say u don’t get boners

  40. You sound like fucking sernandoe

  41. In concrusion xD

  42. You sound like Kim jong il in team America

  43. Reply
    Caesar Divi Filius Augustus October 31, 2022 at 12:05 pm

    I've competed over 30 and still haven't got discount for bombushka

  44. For me, it is ok, I personally still prefer bunker business, but still I prefer this hanger business rather than MC business as well as CEO cargo business

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