Growing Up Hip Hop Season 7 Ep. 3 "Family Business" (REVIEW) #GUHH reviews

March 1, 2023



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    Giving you tha REAL T March 1, 2023 at 6:26 am


  2. Eric's scene was definitely fake & phony because many reviewers of the show say the same thing about him that he's messy and brings nothing to the show but trying to revive his father's legacy with that tired azz rapping

  3. Sakoya needs to get over it. Ya father is a drunk! Cree is annoying & Brianna needs rehab. TeeTee & Shaun😴 they bore me lol! Twist always looks dirty to me, but I like his persona on the show

  4. Not Lazy BONING yo mama… 😂😂😂I just love the pun intended! But your right. Homegirl ( Wateva her name is) needs to stay out her mamas pum pum! Let yo mama get lazy BONED!

  5. How sakoya gonna tell her mom not to date a rapper and she's just 1 shot & a blunt away from givin it up to twist. She just salty that mama's tryna get her groove back.

  6. Sam had as many opportunities as Robyn from RHOP and failed at all of them

  7. Fren , you don’t look too happy, dang oops fren let one slip YouTube over her censoring er body , you still did good fren 😂❤

  8. Sakoya was mad rude and disrespectful to her mom. The fact she asked if they were gonna get back together is her holding onto something she has to move on from. Tiny living here life sakoya is letting her feeling about her parents split effect her in negative ways.

  9. If delusional was a person, it would be Egypt. Everybody on gods green earth sees that Sam is using her for a come up. He has tried to isolate her from everyone and those that he don’t isolate her from he entwined his self in between her and that person. Everything she wants to do. He feels like he should be involved and that is toxic and unhealthy. But she lives in Delusional land. Now her parents are starting to see him for what he really is. Pep aint gonna say anything because she don’t want to push Egypt away but her daddy is getting fed up. We have told them for years that this relationship between Sam and Egypt is unhealthy and toxic. I don’t understand how you could be head over heels in love with somebody who has nothing going for themselves and don’t take care of they children. You then have the bright idea to marry him and have a baby.

  10. Im surprised you didn't touch on sam showing his real self again by being rude to pepa about the song issue. The fact that he answered the phone saying o told yall you needed me there was just sending me off. Like no what they needed was for you to do what she clearly asked you to do the first time. I think he did it on purpose to seem needed.

  11. I’m with you, T. I’m not buying what Lil Eazy is trying to sell us. That scene with Jojo seemed so forced and scripted

  12. T I feel the same way lord thank you

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