Grotti Visione Best Customization | GLITCH Paint Jobs | Aggressive Build | Review | GTA 5 Online 2022

June 17, 2022

Grotti Visione GTA 5 Best Customization Matte Pearlescent Repray Glitched Paint Jobs – Stock Wheels Respray Rims Paint Job Glitch – Grotti Visione Aggressive Drift Clean Build | Review | GTA 5 Online | Grotti Visione GTA 5 best Customization – Grotti Visione Super Luxury Drift Clean Build | Review & Test Drive | Clean Aggressive Build Paint jobs Glitch – Visione Customization GTA V – Full Respray Matte Pearlescent Paint Job | GTA V Online

In this video we’ll watch one of the best Paint Jobs Customization upgrade tuning – Review Livery and Testing Drive for the super Sports Ferrari LaFerrari Xezri Vehicle Grotti Visione in Grand Theft Auto V Online 2022 – Need For Speed Ferrari Xezri Competizione Edition – Visione has one of the best sounding cars in GTA Online as it’s engine have very cool sound especially when not putting it’s Turbo, and it have good handling for drift performance too.

It’s on Big Sale Discount this week!

Grotti Visione is a hypercar featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Smuggler’s Run update DLC event.

Grotti Visione Price: $2,250,000 Worth it
Where to buy Visione Location: Legendary Motorsport
Grotti Visione Top Speed: 125.25 MPH (201.57 KMPH) – Broughy1322
Similar vehicle(s) : Pariah – Krieger – Turismo R – T20 – X80 Proto – Vagner – Tezeract – Deveste Eight

The design of Visione is based irl in real life on the Ferrari Xezri Competizione Edition, seen in the overall profile and front fascia, with elements of the McLaren P1 for the headlamps, front bumper and rear fascia (especially the P1 GTR, shown by the visible belts and fans through the rear fascia). The sides of the car seem to be based on the Ferrari LaFerrari.

** – Also in the video there is Cinematic Review for first time ever in a Customization video, i hope my youtuber friends not steal same ideas after they already stole my expression words and similar builds too! XD – **

I hope you enjoy the video! 🙂

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Price & Intro 00:00
Customization 00:23
Respray Glitch 2:43
After Paint Jobs 4:30
Stock Wheels Glitch 6:04
Cinematic Review 6:47
#gta5 #gtacar

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  1. Stock Wheels Respray Glitch:

  2. The car look nice I really like it

  3. It would honestly be a lot better without that music

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