Greece wildfires – at least 24 dead: BBC News Review reviews

October 27, 2022

Emergency services in Greece are dealing with wildfires which have led to the deaths of at least 24 people. Some people have been evacuated from a beach near Athens where they went to escape the flames.

Learn about the language the world’s media is using to report this story.

Key words and phrases:

move quickly and powerfully
•Initial reports suggest the flood will sweep across the north of the country.
•Fidget spinners are a fad that recently swept the nation. Everyone had one.

escape from danger quickly
•People near the suspected bomb began to flee to the nearest place of safety.
•When the police attempted to arrest the criminal, he fled across the border.

destroy the inside of a building
•Now the house is mine, I’m going to gut it and completely redecorate it.
•I was gutted to find out that I hadn’t passed my driving test. I studied so hard!



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  1. Heatwave reached It's extreme stage

  2. Sweep+adv/prep (v):, Strong fire swept through the darkened building.
    Flee(v) :After Yigido had understood he would face threats, he fled to Jupiter.
    Gut(v) : Firefighters tried to rescue puppy despite detached house nearly gutted.

  3. I don´t find quitz

  4. I flee from danger several times. I think and I am sure 100%God always helps me.

  5. I liked Dan dancing style at last moment and he makes program interesting and understandable at funniest way
    Others be copied same

  6. Reply
    ᄃᄏᄃᄀᄃᄂᄃᄂᄃ October 27, 2022 at 9:08 pm

    my english teacher show this vidio when i was study english!

  7. Dan and katherine…super pair for news review. .. I eagerly wait for their combination video

  8. Enjoy BBC News Review ,and l have a full and happy day.

  9. The fire had gutted my bungalow. I was gutted .

  10. we also use gut felling for strong felling . Is it correct to use ?

  11. i sweeply flelt my house burnin now i am trying to gut it

  12. Great lesson.

  13. Reply
    اسلام أحمد October 27, 2022 at 9:08 pm

    Greetings from Iraq

  14. very helpful your BBC news mostly ielts studend

  15. refuge on a beach means small houses on a beach ?? that's right

  16. thanks bbc chanel

  17. Thank you all for the vocabulary

  18. Reply
    manolicoprofeinformatica October 27, 2022 at 9:08 pm

    This week I got my b1, hi from spain, I would like to get b2.

  19. Many thanks for as always BBC

  20. Dan u are amazing…your teaching is entertaining my entire video watching goes in laughing.and Katherine tells everything in a stylish way…I love your news reviews….

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