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November 7, 2022

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Hi, welcome to my channel let’s learn. In this video, I will be showing you my own account and will give you a quick review of the interface, and I will also share my own earning proof at Transcription jobs at GoTranscript are very flexible and the company offers audio and video Transcription services worldwide.

at the end of this video, You will be able to see a quick demo on How I work on Many YouTubers have shown Transcription as a data entry job, Please note transcription and data entry are entirely different things. there is no similarity at all.


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I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have any question Please let us know in the comment section.


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  1. is it work on mobile because I don't have computer/laptop

  2. bhi ap ka whtsapp number chaye send me dear

  3. aapka Jo payment tha woh kitna din ka tha

  4. What happens when the held time in overheld jobs reaches 5/5

  5. Can i use it on phone, do you use laptop computer?. Please tell me my answer. I am very poor

  6. I saw your brief introductory information about transcription and I am interested to start, as my English is quite perfect. It will be promising if tell me more about it. Arshad

  7. Boss can you plz share how your passed audio test?

  8. Full demo bro,

  9. How you will pass the transcription test ??

  10. Thank you ♡

  11. Dear I have completed go transcript test how many days my result will come?

  12. Bhai test kaise pass kre

  13. Bro demo vedio creating

  14. Thanks for this demo video…. Sir please do full demo transcription

  15. Sir do we have to turn on the option to merge same speaker segment while downloading text from otter

  16. Paypal k ikawa kisi or app py payment ky skty hain hm!??? Plzzzz btaaaa dain🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😔

  17. Wow.

  18. Please make a video on how to delete go transcript account if one can't continue the job

  19. copy pase is not working on gotranscript.

  20. Hi! How do you apply as a transcriptionist here? And how long did it take before your account was approved?

  21. yes sir please give the full demo

  22. Brother, GoTranscript k test me help karo thori pass nahi hua

  23. Hello sir how to pass this exam

  24. There is qsn ! Why did you remove speaker and all those stuffs..? Coz they do require into gotranscript editor while transcribing

  25. Hey could you let me know how many days or weeks does GoTranscript takes to review the transcription assessment? It says 60 days, is it that long day?

  26. PayPal account meri sister ka use kar sakti hu??

  27. Pay seems incredibly low

  28. yes we want

  29. Hi is the earning on the side of the Job for example 2$ the earning per minute or the whole audio? It would be nice if someone can give me a quick answer. Thank you

  30. How can you use ???? Doesn't that break any confidentiality agreement? Unless Otter is a part of gotranscript?

  31. helped a lot

  32. Sir, I'm trying for the gotranscript exam, and I have failed the test 3 times now, I have read all their guidelines very carefully and still I can't pass, can you please give me some tips for the exam, I really want this job..

  33. Pioneer avelebale?

  34. How much can we earn as beginner?

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